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Pescatarian/vegetarian romantic dinner

by Magelet 6 days ago

Looking for somewhere special for an anniversary dinner on a weeknight. In SF, Oakland, Berkeley, Tiburon or Sausalit...

"The Sad, Sexist Past of Bengali Cuisine"

by Melanie Wong 17 days ago

" . . . A 19th century adage contends that one cannot taste Bengali vegetarian cooking’s full glory unless your own w...


beevod commented 14 days ago


by ronojo 15 days ago

We are looking for a restaurant to take 10 people for dinner. The problem is 1 is vegetarian, 1 is gluten free and ...


cstr commented 14 days ago

Pescatarian or Vegetarian Main for 8 people

by pistachio peas 20 days ago

I'm having a few close friends over as an early, casual birthday celebration for my husband. All are omnivores except...


masha commented 15 days ago

Favorite Summer Squash recipes

by cheeseisheaven 2 months ago

My CSA is starting to give us lots of summer squash...what are your fave recipes, veggie and vegan are good, just no ...


cheeseisheaven commented 26 days ago

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Hortus Cuisine -- an Italian website worth getting to know

by jnwall 1 month ago

Hortus Cuisine is a stunningly beautiful blog on Italian cooking created by Valentina Solfrini, go here: http://h...

Favorite Vegetarian Cookbooks

by Felliott 8 months ago

I am a little strapped for cash this holiday season, and am trying to get creative with my Christmas gifts. I have fi...


ChowJon99x commented 1 month ago

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Vegetarian, Vegan Recipes, Info

by ChowJon99x 1 month ago

Some links with good info for vegetarians and vegans: Healthy Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes https://www.happycow...

Vegetarian Rome

by ksydney 1 month ago

My husband and I are headed to Rome at the end of June for a birthday get away. Both of us are vegetarians and are lo...

Multifoiled commented 1 month ago

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Vegan, Vegetarian delivery in Toronto

by JustBooked 1 month ago

Hello, fellow foodies of Toronto! I'm launching a Healthy, vegan/vegetarian delivery service in Toronto/GTA and we're...

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Lentil Soup

by ilogic450 1 month ago

Recently, I was checking the following link, I liked the simple Indian lentil soup. Good Protein for the vegans, a...

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Ardennes/Wallonia, Belgium/France Help? Veggie-friendly

by amela892 1 month ago

Hello! My partner and I are spending a week in Southern Belgium/Northern France in September. We're staying in Dinant...

Nee Hee's in Troy MI (DTW)

by coney with everything 2 months ago

Finally got a chance to try NeeHee's in Troy with a couple of co-workers this week. Awesome! The menu is overwhelming...


boagman commented 2 months ago

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Restaurants in Quebec City

by lizberg310 2 months ago

HI - We are taking a family cruise and will have one day in Quebec City for lunch. We have kids and a vegetarian in t...

Something Uniquely San Fran

by Acahay 3 months ago

We are going to be in San Fran next week and want to find some places for lunch/dinner that we wouldn't find in Wash ...


ML8000 commented 2 months ago

Vegetarians and Weight Gain?

by NicoleFriedman 6 years ago

I am not a vegetarian myself but I am curious; is there anyone on CH who found that when they switched to a vegetaria...


ElizaBlaze commented 2 months ago

Recipes/Uses for *fresh* oregano

by sweetTooth 2 months ago

I picked up a bunch of fresh oregano from the farmer's market to use in place of dried in Mexican-style recipes. Will...


sweetTooth commented 2 months ago

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