Vegetable Peeler

Essential Kids' Kitchen Tools for the Budding Chef

Want to raise a kid who knows his or her way around the kitchen—and actually likes to cook? One surefire way to set little ones up for success (and save moms and dads some stress) is to outfit them...

Anyone know what this is?

by CygnusX1 2 years ago

Trying to identify this for a friend. I feel like I should know what it is, but it's escaping me.

Slicer, ala a hand mandoline

by E_M 4 years ago

Occasionally, I want to thinly slice a zucchini length-wise. Is there a hand tool--like a peeler--that would do the trick? All the peelers I've found are to actually peel off the skin, which is not...

Which spiralizer to get?

by blustery 4 years ago

I have been using a vegetable peeler for zoodles for soups, salads, pasta dishes, and have just checked out the inspiralized cookbook from library which has been around for some time, the book tha...

Best automatic peeler

by imanewbie 5 years ago

Hi I bake a lot with fruits and recently realized I can purchase automatic peelers - some are hand cranked and others electric. Any recommendations for the best? I need something that can peel app...

Do you peel towards or away?

by CanadaGirl 10 years ago

I have always used vegetable peelers away from me, but I've noticed most cooking show folks go towards themselves with them. I find towards awkward, but that's probably due to my years of going awa...

Is there any way to sharpen a vegetable peeler?

by Spice_zing 9 years ago

I have three that have grown dull with use. Hate to get rid of them if there's a way to sharpen them. Any suggestions?

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