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World Vegan Day Cookbooks That Will Make You Love Plant-Based Cuisine

In honor of World Vegan Day, we're proving a payload of plant-based inspiration in the form of six incredible vegan cookbooks to keep your vegan routine fresh, fab, and fun. Looking to transition to...

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What if a vegan goes to La Super-Rica?

by Samo 16 years ago

What does La Super-Rica have to offer vegans? Are there nearby food places where a vegan can be happy?

Vegan Desserts??

by Montrose 16 years ago

I've volunteered to bring dessert (as usual) to a potluck this weekend. Usually, I forget all about the one vegan in the crowd, and the poor guy has to watch the rest of chow down on the usual ...

Vegan Desserts: Redux (long)

by Montrose 16 years ago

First off, thanks to everyone for the many wonderful ideas about vegan desserts - I now have a list of things to try out for my many non-dairy-eating friends as well. For the potluck in question ...

Hell's Kitchen Vegetarian (vegan??)

by Becca Benghiat 16 years ago

I've got some family coming into town - mostly all vegetarians and a vegan. they want an early dinner and to stay walking distance from times sq. Didn't find anything on a search - any ideas? ...

Seeking Veggie or Vegan on the Penninsula

by eel 17 years ago

I'm trying to enjoy dining with a (mostly) vegan. Help! What restaurants serve good vegetarian and/or vegan food on the mid-Peninsula (say, San Mateo to Mountain View)? Need not be fancy, necess...

XOX new flavor and vegan truffles

by Stanley Stephan 16 years ago

I was buying some gift boxes, and diet or not, I was going to eat my free truffle. XOX has a green tea flavor now. It has a beautiful celadon colored powdered sugar. I don't think everyone will ...

vegan restaurant recs...

by bob in queens 16 years ago

ok you guys, i really need some help with this one... my big brother will be visiting in may (from portland) and he is a vegan...the only (vegan? macro?) place i ever went to was about 15 years ago...

philly meal with vegan eater?

by jen kalb 16 years ago

We will be getting together in Philly with my vegan daughter in a few weeks - any recommendations for places which both a vegan and a bunch of omnivores will enjoy?

Vegan Desserts

by billp 16 years ago

Does anyone know a bakery close to Boston that sells vegan desserts? I'm looking for a cake or pie. I did a quick google search and only came up with the Hippie Chick Bakery in Amesbury. Their stuf...

Vegan Jews??

by cheesecake 16 years ago

Hello. I have a very specific, and a little odd, question. I am starting to think about my Passover Sedar this year and have just found out that one of my non-Jewish guests has decided to become ...

upscale vegan?

by megan 17 years ago

My friend is getting married and I want to take him out to a fancy pants place. He's vegan and I'm coming down from San Francisco -- any LA equivalents to Millenium or Roxanne's? Thanks!

Vegan-friendly brunch in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill

by Elizabeth 17 years ago

I want to have brunch in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill with a vegan friend. Any suggestions for restaurants that have good brunch options (such as a veggie burger)? Thanks - Elizabeth

(Vegetarian/vegan): Good experience at Au Lac in Fountain Valley

by Ravi Narasimhan 17 years ago

Appetizer: Spring rolls (4). Large, well-stuffed with many contrasting ingredients; carrots, cabbage, some kind of faux meat. Generous helpings of peanut and tangy/hot dipping sauce Soup: Saute...

Looking for vegan Indian restaurants

by SAW 17 years ago

Anyone know of a vegan Indian restaurant somewhere in the L.A. Megalopolis? North, South, Tandoori, anything... I frequent Paru's on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, but even they use dairy in some of ...

Vegan/Vegetarian in Vegas?

by BrooklynGirl 17 years ago

Hi- I'm going to Vegas next week & I'm looking for vegan or vegetarian-friendly places to eat. Can anyone recommend anything? I'm staying on the Strip, but I can "cab it" to another area for chow...

Vegan/Vegetarian in Las Vegas?

by BrooklynGirl 17 years ago

Hi- I'm going to Vegas next week- does anybody know of any vegan or vegetarian- friendly restaurants? I'm staying on the Strip, but can always "cab it" to some other area for chow. Thanks!!!!

Vegan menu help!

by Kass 17 years ago

I need to plan a festive vegan meal for over the holidays and I would like it to be as yummy as possible. The guests have requested that I make baked beans (they really like the way I make them)and...

vegan latke recipe?

by Ruth Lafler 17 years ago

My sister would like to make latkes, but has a vegan house guest. Does anyone have a really good recipe for latkes without eggs? I found a few on the web, but I'm a little dubious as to whether t...

Good vegan food in San Diego area?

by ruthie 17 years ago

We've got vegans coming to visit. Are there any good vegan restaurants in the San Diego area? Thanks. Ruthie

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