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World Vegan Day Cookbooks That Will Make You Love Plant-Based Cuisine

In honor of World Vegan Day, we're proving a payload of plant-based inspiration in the form of six incredible vegan cookbooks to keep your vegan routine fresh, fab, and fun. Looking to transition to...

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Quick Vegan

by Kass 17 years ago

Hi - I am stummped. I need a quick vegan menu for Friday night. It doesn't have to be overly fancy but nice would be good. I won't have much time to cook and I have to do the shopping tonight. Any ...

vegan mashed potatoes?

by JessicaKlonsky 17 years ago

I've been assigned to make vegan mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving (we have a lot of pwas (people with allergies) in my family). Any tips for making them as rich and creamy as possible without butt...

Thanksgiving w Vegan and others

by Mike in Methuen 17 years ago

Does anyone know of a greater boston restaurant serving traditional Thanksgiving dinner along with choices for a Vegan? This is an annual problem as the vegan places in Boston are closed on Thanksg...

Lettuce recommendations for a vegan?

by atomly 17 years ago

I just got two $25 LYE gift cards from my boss and I'm wondering what a good place to go would be-- the one thing is that I eat vegan. I just went to Vong's last week, so I'd prefer to go somewhe...

vegan branching out

by AmyM 17 years ago

If you were a vegan of the past 18 years and decided to try seafood, as in scallops and mussels, where in brooklyn or manhattan would you go? The cost doesn't matter as much as the quality- this be...

Romantic vegan restaurant in Southern Westchester

by Ron 17 years ago

Looking for a cozy place. objective, romance.

Place for dinner that's vegan friendly

by Sonia 17 years ago

Help! I'd like to take my parents out to dinner tonight but I'm a vegan & they're meat-eaters. Can anyone suggest a place that is vegan friendly yet can satisfy my carnivour parents. Thanks a bun...

Recipe for no carb vegan?

by ED 17 years ago

I am cooking dinner for a group-they don't eat carbs and no seafood or meat either. I am really stumped-any suggestions? Thanks

Difara's question? What's a vegan to do?

by kellyc96 17 years ago

OK, reading the latest DiFara's thread has inspired me to take some friends. I have only been once but that was enough to earn my loyalty. But, one friend invited is vegan...we all have one don't...

vegan restaurants?

by rebs 17 years ago

a friend of mine is looking for a nice vegan restaurant to take the girl he's dating out for her birthday. any suggestions in the boston/cambridge area? thanks!

Vegan/Vegetarian eats in Portland?

by BrooklynGirl 17 years ago

Hi all- I have to go to Portland in a few weeks for a wedding. I was wondering if anyone knows of good vegan or vegetarian restaurants in the area. I'm staying downtown, but I also have car so I ...

Vegan Restaurants in San Diego

by Toby 17 years ago

Need your help locating vegan restaurants in San Diego.

Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurants in Bloomington, Minnesota

by Toby 17 years ago

HELP...Does anyone know of any vegetarian restaurants in Bloomington or close to Bloomington (near the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport)? Thanks for your help

Vegan Gourmet

by galleygirl 17 years ago

Okay, kids, I thought I was the quasi-vegetarian who knew it all. But now, i find myself in the position of trying to impress a strict vegan... "Easy," you say, "That galleygirl is a vegetarian, ...

Vegetarian (not vegan) Guests. Recommendations?

by myst 17 years ago

I have some friends coming who tolerate some seafood and wondered if anyone had favorite restaurants with some veggie options. Italian is usually a safe bet... They will be staying in San Jose an...

Vegetarian/vegan food in Newport

by LisaH 17 years ago

Looking for a restaurant that offers one or two vegetarian/vegan options (I know the latter might be a long shot), but is not exclusively vegetarian. Any thoughts?

vegan milkshake

by Norah Van Dusen 17 years ago

I know, it sounds like a contradiction, but has anyone ever found a good soy milkshake?

vegan friendly restaurant choice for party of 8 including 2 kids?

by sondra 17 years ago

looking for recommendations here... my family is taking me out to dinner on thursday night for a belated birthday celebration. i would prefer vegan food, but no one else is vegan. so... i need a pl...

vegan brunch

by Norah Van Dusen 17 years ago

I'm tired of eating dry toast and black coffee - what are the best spots for a vegan to enjoy brunch in manhattan??? I've tried the veg city diner, and the bright food restaurant.

vegan bakeries

by patti 17 years ago

i'm looking for a bakery (possible around the downtown area) that provides cakes (think birhtday) that everyone can enjoy (including animal loving vegans). doesw anyone have any good suggestions......

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