What Is the Difference Between Radishes and Turnips?

Radishes come in many shapes and sizes. Some favorites include the French Breakfast radish, long and thin and often served with salted butter, the daikon (also known as a Japanese radish) which is pale...

Earthy Flavors?

by ___f 1 year ago

Does anyone have any ideas for earthy flavors besides root vegetables and mushrooms?

turnip v. rutabaga - what do you call it?

by danieljdwyer 12 years ago

I know that the word rutabaga is the correct term for what I have always called a turnip - a fairly large root vegetable with yellow flesh, a dark purple and tan exterior, which is usually sold wax...

Help! Difference in taste between Parsnips & Turnips

by rachel12 14 years ago

For Thanksgiving I want to make a gratin with shaved truffles. I know I need to use a mild vegetable and cheese so as not to overwhelm the yummy truffles, but I have very little experience with cel...

Hakurei, or Tokyo Turnips?

by Ilaine 5 years ago

Has anybody seen Hakurei, or Tokyo turnips with greens for sale? Or any smallish white turnips with greens? Preferably in the NoVA area? Thanks in advance

Does anyone know what this vegetable is?

by herHiGHness 6 years ago

My husband went to the grocery store and randomly brought these guys home, but I have no clue what they are or what to do with them. Help! Thanks!

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