13 Healthy Turkey Burgers That Will Make You Forget About Beef

We constantly find ourselves asking the question why no love for turkey burgers? They're cheap, lean, and far healthier than their bovine equivalent. Unfortunately, everyone has probably had at least...

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Brining a Kosher turkey?

by Suzanne Fass 20 years ago

I'm convinced: I should brine my turkey. But since I'm starting with a Kosher one (Empire), shouldn't I cut down on the salt in the brine? Help!

Oyster Dressing for Turkey

by Tom Meg 20 years ago

I'm thinking about attempting an oyster dressing for this week's turkey. I've never made it or eaten it before, and I'm a bit hesitant--I love oysters, but they aren't cheap (at least not here in N...

A Virgin Turkey!!

by galleygirl 20 years ago

This should follow the vegetarian Chowhound thread!! I've actually cooked meat for up to 40 people, but I've never cooked a turkey..I'm considering doing it for the beloved next Thursday, but since...

Urgent! Fresh Kosher Turkey!

by Miriam G. 20 years ago

Where to order fresh kosher turkey in Brooklyn before the sun goes down tonight? I just read in Fine Cooking that ordering kosher means I don't have to brine (why didn't I think of that?) But if I ...

Rotisserie Turkey

by Jacqui 20 years ago

Has anybody ever done a Thanksgiving turkey on their bbq rotisserie. We have done tons of chickens that way and think it is the best way to do whole chickens. We were hoping to make a moist, flavo...

Turkey products for the kinda kosher

by Deborah Pastor 20 years ago

I don't know how many of you fall into the kinda kosher category, but here goes. For those of you who do not eat pork, but will eat turkey from a non-kosher butcher, I have the following find. At t...

Deep Fried Turkey- Now I have seen everything

by Simon Majumdar 20 years ago

I have just been invited by an American friend ( if Brits and Americans can ever be friends after Mel " who cares if it's true" Gibson's crimes against historical accuracy in Braveheart and The Pat...

Turkey stuffing

by pat hammond 21 years ago

Did I just dream it (nightmare?) or is there a recipe for stuffing a turkey with White Castle belly bombers? Anybody? pat

fresh vs. frozen turkeys

by patricia 21 years ago

It's almost Thanksgiving - and I want to learn your opinion. Is it worth searching out a fresh - that is, from the farm, never frozen, but not necessarily organic -turkey for the Thanksgiving feas...

Turkey Stuffed with a Rabbit and Steak Smothered with Chops

by Pete Balestrieri 21 years ago

I have discovered two food items that are referred to in a number of Hollywood films of the Thirties and Forties that don't seem to exist today. They are: a turkey stuffed with a rabbit and steak s...

Turkey Drippings

by efdee 22 years ago

How much liquid does roasting a fresh turkey usually produce? I've had dramatically different results over the years, ranging from a tablespoon (!) to several cups, and I'd love to hear what other...

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