13 Healthy Turkey Burgers That Will Make You Forget About Beef

We constantly find ourselves asking the question why no love for turkey burgers? They're cheap, lean, and far healthier than their bovine equivalent. Unfortunately, everyone has probably had at least...

Santa Rosa: Changes for Willie Bird Restaurant

by tre2012 7 months ago

Joe Castro, who bought the iconic Willie Bird Turkey in 2020 when owner Willie Benedetti died, is moving the restaurant – not the retail store – to a new location. The restaurant-bar will shift to ...

Turkey Jook Hints

by Steve 11 months ago

Now that we have come full circle on this thread, do you have a turkey jook recipe/hints I can follow? I am so ready for this.

Thanksgiving leftovers: what's your favorite?

by gutreactions 2 years ago

Haven't had the main meal yet, but I am already thinking about the leftovers. How about a fresh turkey sandwich with Russian dressing, along with a side of stuffing? What's your favorite leftov...

Low and Slow Thanksgiving Turkey

by walker 11 months ago

I've never tried the low and slow method, have you? Any advice? I love the Petrini roasted turkey recipe I've posted here before. (At the beginning, you make a paste of butter, white pepper,...

Salt turkey after wet brine?

by IamLaura 11 months ago

I got a turkey breast for Thanksgiving. It turned out to be frozen, though I called the butcher, who assured me that it is not frozen all the way through. I had intended to do a dry brine, but that...

Roasting a bone-in turkey breast

by sophia519 11 months ago

I have a 7 lb bone-in turkey breast I am planning to roast in the oven on Thanksgiving. However, I don’t have a roasting pan and am confused about what to cook it in. Should I use a disposable foil...

My turkey's missing its giblets!

by spkspk 13 years ago

I'm making my turkey stock tonight and went to pull the neck and giblets from my turkey. I was up to my elbow in the turkey, but no giblets to be found. Aside from being bummed that I won't be abl...

Slow roasting the turkey: a homily

by jvanderh 10 years ago

I slow roast my turkeys, and I think you should, too. Especially if you're cooking a big one. It all started with chickens. Why, I wondered, are rotisserie chickens so much better than the ones ...

Help! I think I put too much salt on the turkey

by Bradley2815 11 months ago

I'm dry brining my turkey for the first time and misread my notes...I ended up putting 8 Tablespoons of salt on the 12lb turkey. Should I take some of it off? For next time...How much should I ha...

Turkey scum at bottom of pan, how to prevent this?

by mushroomaffairs 11 months ago

Was chatting with my mother and aunt last night and this never occurred as far as any of us can remember until maybe 10 years ago? When roasting a turkey instead of getting the brown fond at the b...

Poaching a whole turkey

by Amandarama 11 months ago

I am only cooking for two and the turkey I ordered is still probably too large for us to reasonably deal will, so I was thinking about cooking it this weekend, portioning it for the freezer, and th...

REMINDER - Put that frozen turkey on a tray or extra bag to thaw

by MidwesternerTT 11 months ago

I knew this, but forgot (again) this year. Don't count on your frozen turkey's wrapping to hold all moisture as it thaws. Put the wrapped bird on a rimmed tray, in a roaster or in a second sturdy...

Tommy's Joynt to re-open Oct. 29

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

Yes, it's true! Tommy's Joynt is getting ready to re-open. Talked to the manager yesterday and the target opening date is Thursday, Oct. 29. Its boarded up, graffiti'd doors have been one of the sa...

230mm custom sword-tip sujihiki

by Eiron 11 months ago

I’m working on multiple projects and multiple knives right now, but I’ve finally finished this! Since this isn’t a knife you’d typically pinch grip, I moved the balance a bit back into the front of...

Turkey slow roast - how to improve?

by FrznrthS 1 year ago

Hi I tried “low and slow” with a 20lb turkey that I brined and stuffed. I cooked 20 min at 475 then 7 more at 250. It was cooking much too quickly so it spent a few hours at 225 then the last co...

Fresh Turkey for Thanksgiving - How Long in Frig?

by eldogg 11 months ago

I went to Whole Foods today (Nov 11). They have fresh whole turkeys. But they are dated "Sell of Freeze by Nov 30". This is almost 19 days. How can this be? When I googled this, many sites say not ...

Temperature/Cover for baked poultry breast?

by lisaleira 1 year ago

This is unfortunately not a deep cooking question, but more of a cheap and easy approach question. If I’m rushing and want to prepare some protein that I don’t have to watch or stir, so I decide to...

Turkey time

by idtoca 8 years ago

In the past, have used Empire, Mary's, Diestal, etc. Read up about Branigan's & others - worth the price? Organic worth the price? Also, anyone know where to get excellent homemade-like gravy ...

Needing roasting time for turkey

by FrznrthS 1 year ago

Hi I don’t roast turkey that often. I have a 20lb fresh turkey that I’m going to brine and stuff. I plan to cook uncovered at 500 for 30 min and then at 325 for??? Google is saying anywhere fro...

Turkey Bolognese is too watery

by lizberg310 1 year ago

HI - i tried this recipe twice and both times it came out too watery. Any ideas of why this would happen? Thank you!