13 Healthy Turkey Burgers That Will Make You Forget About Beef

We constantly find ourselves asking the question why no love for turkey burgers? They're cheap, lean, and far healthier than their bovine equivalent. Unfortunately, everyone has probably had at least...

Thaw, cut up and refreeze turkey?

by MazDee 5 years ago

Recent talk about turkey reminded me I have one in my freezer purchased (frozen) last winter. I know I don't want to roast the whole thing, so I would like to thaw it in the fridge long enough to c...

Deer Valley Black bean turkey chili recipe

by awondrousthing 4 months ago

Searching for recipe from Bon Appetit for early 1990 for Deer Valley black bean turkey chili

Perfect Turkey... Finally!

by walker 6 months ago

I've always loved the Petrini's Roasted Turkey recipe I posted here a long time ago but this year I decided to try the Serious Eats Spatchcocked turkey: https://www.seriouseats.com/2012/11/how-to-s...

How long to smoke an 18 pound turkey?

by redbird 10 years ago

For Thanksgiving, I plan to use a recipe I clipped years ago -- John Ash's maple and soy-brined turkey that is smoked over an indirect fire on a covered grill. My question is how long to smoke the ...

Has my turkey gone bad?

by xyz01 6 months ago

I bought my turkey crown on the 22nd.On the bag the use by date is 27th.The turkey was int the fridge,but it was very cold half frozen.I want to cook it today,but as i took it out of the fridge,the...

Turkey brine help!

by britvarama 6 months ago

Hi everybody, I'm new here. Hoping I can get some quick help. Today I prepared Alton Brown's turkey brine recipe. 4 quarts veggie stock, 1 cup salt, half cup brown sugar, and tbsp peppercor...

Slow roasting the turkey: a homily

by jvanderh 7 years ago

I slow roast my turkeys, and I think you should, too. Especially if you're cooking a big one. It all started with chickens. Why, I wondered, are rotisserie chickens so much better than the ones ...

Ina's Turkey Roulade Question

by DaisyM 10 years ago

I made this tonight and it was terrific! The only problem...I needed an extra set of hands to tie it. So my question is, can this be stuffed and tied in the am and cooked for dinner the same day...

Greenberg Turkeys

by Naomi 15 years ago

Has anyone tried Greenberg Smoked Turkeys? Recently I've come across a few rave reviews but only found 1 reference on chowhound. Is it the best smoked turkey ever? Worth every penny? Opinions, ple...

My turkey's missing its giblets!

by spkspk 10 years ago

I'm making my turkey stock tonight and went to pull the neck and giblets from my turkey. I was up to my elbow in the turkey, but no giblets to be found. Aside from being bummed that I won't be abl...

Turkey leftovers and alternative turkey mains?

The Dairy Queen
by The Dairy Queen 7 months ago

I'm not in charge of the main event for Thanksgiving this year--We're (luckily!) going to a family member's home for that meal. But, I couldn't pass up the amazing bargains on whole turkey at the g...

My Turkey Was Incomplete

by therealdoctorlew 7 months ago

My Thanksgiving turkey was Incomplete. I bought a frozen Aaron's Best turkey at Best Market. When I opened the package after thawing for roasting, I discovered there were no giblets inside, and, ...

Turkey Left Out Overnight or Longer - Would YOU Eat It?

by DarkRose 8 years ago

We spent Thanksgiving at my in-law's, with the usual spread prepared in the usual ways, and ate at about 3pm. Later that night, I noticed the turkey was still sitting on the stove, covered in foil....

Bell & Evans Turkeys--better than Butterball?

by whs 12 years ago

The lady in front of me last night at the supermarket was buying a Bell & Evans turkey. She commented that she bought it because she couldn't find a 26 lb. Butterball. She had never heard of Bell...

How long can a thawed turkey sit in the fridge?

by jnk 6 years ago

The title says it all. I ended up with a turkey that couldn't be donated. It went into the fridge frozen on Wednesday and I'm guessing it's been completely thawed since Sunday. Thanks for your help.

Roasting a turkey and turkey breast

by vanessa7 7 months ago

We are hosting Thanksgiving for the first time for a group of 12 adults. I saw this post from Bon Appetit that suggested having a turkey and a turkey breast. I am thinking about ordering a 10-12 lb...

Heritage Turkeys for Sale! [Sebastopol, Sonoma County]

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

A few heritage birds raised by 4-H kids still left from Slow Food Russian River's annual sale.

stuffing a turkey with raw sausage...

by rayrayray 11 years ago

...food safety be damned! My Auntie used to make a stuffing where she put raw sausage into the bird...you know the kind you have to slice up to serve. I believe it was plain old pork saugase she...

Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Tips for Newbies

by dave_c 7 months ago

My Annual Turkey Cooking Tips for Newbies. 1) If you buy a frozen bird, the bird should be defrosting in your fridge today (3 days before cooking) 2) Check the neck cavity and the body cavity for...

Spatchcocked turkey roasted on bed of stuffing--anyone done this?

by nofunlatte 6 years ago

I'm planning to this for Thanksgiving, but would like any advice from people who might have done this in the past. I've looked at some websites and one suggests placing the turkey on a sheet of al...