Traveling to Tulsa? Find restaurants, bars, and coffee shops for every craving, from morning to night.


Best Dinner in Tulsa

by sigil 2 months ago

In a few weeks I'm going to be in Tulsa with friends for one night and wanted to see what my best option for dinner is. Between our group we have a short list, but since we are all coming from o...

Looking for Copycat Recipe for Tulsa's RON'S CHILI

by FoodTrekkie 2 years ago

Big fan of the chili at Ron's Chili & Hamburgers in Tulsa Ok (and about a dozen other cities these days). Ive made thousands of pots of chili.... but cant for the life of me figure out his meat se...

The Cherokee Chefs Bringing Back North America’s Lost Cuisine

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" . . . Barton wasn’t just learning about a few forgotten ingredients—she was rediscovering an entire food culture. When ancient Greeks and people around the Mediterranean were pressing olives into...

BBQ - OK City/Tulsa/LittleRock

by Chad 19 years ago

Taking a road trip between Denver and Memphis in search of the best BBQ. No sides just meat and sauce. Have KC and Memphis all set with previous trips, but this time dipping down to Oklahoma City...

Calaveras Grill - 2326 East Admiral Blvd - Tulsa

by kagemusha49 6 years ago

I started looking for this place after Brian Schwartz wrote it up. It is next to the Circle 2 cinema and on one of the many parts of Admiral - specifically a part that runs South of 244. (I don't...

TULSA -- New restaurants offer totally authentic Asian dining experiences

Brian S
by Brian S 7 years ago

I never thought I'd see the day when Tulsa would be graced by Asian restaurants so authentic that you'd be hard pressed to find dishes like those outside Asia. But now this day has come. Recent imm...

Johnny Rockets - River Spirit Casino - Tulsa

by kagemusha49 7 years ago

I may owe everyone in Tulsa an apology. Over a year ago I was paid $100 to be in a focus group of customers of River Spirit Casino. I remember being quite vocal that the casino should not run mos...

Tulsa Must-Eats (and shirts!)

by zammdogg 7 years ago

So, I'm doing a feature- 12 hours in x, while I'm working in Arkansas and next week I'm hauling out to Tulsa! I have two things in mind: excellent, reasonably priced food (coffee/donuts/road food) ...

27 foods you can find in Tulsa but NOT New York. Am I wrong?

Brian S
by Brian S 7 years ago

Someone dared me to come up with any Tulsa food, dish or restaurant that you can't also find in New York. After a bit of thought I came up with 27 food things we have in Tulsa that New Yorkers can ...

Best Mexican restaurants in Tulsa? Authentic or Tex

by FreelanceCook 7 years ago

I know that is a very wide question. I'm looking for that food spot that still heats your corn tortillas up with hot oil on the top of the stove before slathering on carne asada. Or nachos made wit...

TULSA now has 2 Chinese restaurants to be proud of

Brian S
by Brian S 8 years ago

Tulsa, for far too long a city where Chinese food meant gloppy sweet sauce with bits of chicken floating in it, now has a Chinese restaurant to be proud of. In fact, we have two. You might find a f...

TULSA Tallgrass Prairie Table: fresh from the farm, cooked with gourmet flair

Brian S
by Brian S 8 years ago

Hope Egan, owner of Tulsa's newest hotspot, Tallgrass Prairie Table, is a restaurant veteran. She's spent 26 years in the business. But it was her childhood that shaped her new restaurant concept. ...

tulsa - coney island connection

by bothrops_asper 17 years ago

brooklyn chowhound possibly visiting tulsa & surrounding areas in the near future. my early research has me scratching my head at the number of 'coney island' named restaurants...pardon my ignoranc...

Recs for Tulsa and Oklahoma City?

by ChristieP 13 years ago

My job is sending me to Tulsa and Oklahoma City pretty frequently, and I am looking for good places for dinner. I'd like to stay under $30 per person and I really like HEALTHY food, although I can ...

Tulsa Rib Co.

by kevin 8 years ago

Anyone like it ? I haven't been in years upon years.

Tulsa, OK Restaurants

by EBetsyMeyer 8 years ago

I'll be traveling with 6 others in Tulsa. What do you recommend for restaurants?

Juniper, a fine new Tulsa restaurant

Brian S
by Brian S 9 years ago

Some great food is coming out of Tulsa kitchens. There's Marcus Vause's sophisticated creations at the Brasserie, and Ian van Anglen pushing the envelope weekly with his innovative weekend specials...

Prhyme TULSA -- the most delicious steak money can buy

Brian S
by Brian S 9 years ago

Growing up on the East Coast, if you wanted the best steaks you went to a steakhouse. Crusty waiters, scary macho wood-paneled aging decor, sawdust on the floor. Moving to Tulsa, you went to a chai...

Gluten Free in Tulsa

by blakelyann 9 years ago

We're traveling to Tulsa, OK for a wedding this weekend, staying downtown. We both have to eat gluten free. We'll be eating the following meals: Dinner Friday night Breakfast and lunch (or b...

Five Guys Tulsa

by kagemusha49 9 years ago

Opened yesterday to huge first day business. OK it's not fine or gourmet dining. But they do a pretty good burger and the fries are outstanding. Located off Riverside at 96th Street - next to th...