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BBQ - OK City/Tulsa/LittleRock

by Chad 15 years ago

Taking a road trip between Denver and Memphis in search of the best BBQ. No sides just meat and sauce. Have KC and ...


FriendOfTheDevil commented 2 years ago

Calaveras Grill - 2326 East Admiral Blvd - Tulsa

by kagemusha49 2 years ago

I started looking for this place after Brian Schwartz wrote it up. It is next to the Circle 2 cinema and on one of t...


tiomano commented 2 years ago

TULSA -- New restaurants offer totally authentic Asian dining experiences

by Brian S 2 years ago

I never thought I'd see the day when Tulsa would be graced by Asian restaurants so authentic that you'd be hard press...


kagemusha49 commented 2 years ago

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Johnny Rockets - River Spirit Casino - Tulsa

by kagemusha49 3 years ago

I may owe everyone in Tulsa an apology. Over a year ago I was paid $100 to be in a focus group of customers of River...

Tulsa Must-Eats (and shirts!)

by zammdogg 3 years ago

So, I'm doing a feature- 12 hours in x, while I'm working in Arkansas and next week I'm hauling out to Tulsa! I have ...


kagemusha49 commented 3 years ago

27 foods you can find in Tulsa but NOT New York. Am I wrong?

by Brian S 3 years ago

Someone dared me to come up with any Tulsa food, dish or restaurant that you can't also find in New York. After a bit...

TroyTempest commented 3 years ago

Best Mexican restaurants in Tulsa? Authentic or Tex

by FreelanceCook 3 years ago

I know that is a very wide question. I'm looking for that food spot that still heats your corn tortillas up with hot ...

Brian S commented 3 years ago

TULSA now has 2 Chinese restaurants to be proud of

by Brian S 4 years ago

Tulsa, for far too long a city where Chinese food meant gloppy sweet sauce with bits of chicken floating in it, now h...

Brian S commented 3 years ago

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TULSA Tallgrass Prairie Table: fresh from the farm, cooked with gourmet flair

by Brian S 3 years ago

Hope Egan, owner of Tulsa's newest hotspot, Tallgrass Prairie Table, is a restaurant veteran. She's spent 26 years in...

tulsa - coney island connection

by bothrops_asper 13 years ago

brooklyn chowhound possibly visiting tulsa & surrounding areas in the near future. my early research has me scratchin...


jkruck commented 4 years ago

Recs for Tulsa and Oklahoma City?

by ChristieP 9 years ago

My job is sending me to Tulsa and Oklahoma City pretty frequently, and I am looking for good places for dinner. I'd l...

Brian S commented 4 years ago

Tulsa Rib Co.

by kevin 4 years ago

Anyone like it ? I haven't been in years upon years.


kevin commented 4 years ago

Tulsa, OK Restaurants

by EBetsyMeyer 4 years ago

I'll be traveling with 6 others in Tulsa. What do you recommend for restaurants?

Brian S commented 4 years ago

Juniper, a fine new Tulsa restaurant

by Brian S 5 years ago

Some great food is coming out of Tulsa kitchens. There's Marcus Vause's sophisticated creations at the Brasserie, and...

Brian S commented 4 years ago

Prhyme TULSA -- the most delicious steak money can buy

by Brian S 4 years ago

Growing up on the East Coast, if you wanted the best steaks you went to a steakhouse. Crusty waiters, scary macho woo...

Brian S commented 4 years ago

Gluten Free in Tulsa

by blakelyann 5 years ago

We're traveling to Tulsa, OK for a wedding this weekend, staying downtown. We both have to eat gluten free. We'll...

Brian S commented 5 years ago

Five Guys Tulsa

by kagemusha49 5 years ago

Opened yesterday to huge first day business. OK it's not fine or gourmet dining. But they do a pretty good burger a...

Brian S commented 5 years ago

Mi Tierra in Tulsa. (Peruvian)

by tiomano 7 years ago

On the recommendation of a poster at Tulsafood.org I went for lunch today. Mi Tierra is a little restaurant and groc...


kagemusha49 commented 5 years ago

Oui3, new upscale dining in Tulsa

by tiomano 5 years ago

I had the pleasure of having dinner the other night at a new restaurant here in Tulsa. Oui3 is owned by Chef Ouida ...

Brian S commented 5 years ago

Tulsa Foundations restaurant at Platt College

by kagemusha49 5 years ago

This teaching restaurant is an incredible gem for value and quality. 4 course dinner is $20 and we got a foie gras a...


tiomano commented 5 years ago