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Trader Joe's Truffle Oil

by Bert 15 years ago

They have both white and black. Anyone tried it? Any good?

amazing mac & cheese using parmesan and truffle oil - anyone?

by yfoodie 15 years ago

i was at a steak restaurant and they had what they called a mac and cheese but really is not anything like a normal mac and cheese. it was made with parmesan reggiano and white truffle oil and it w...

truffle oil

by Aimee 15 years ago

So I got a couple of "foodie" gifts...here's the first post regarding use of these items. What is your favorite recipe utilizing truffle oil? No scrambled egg/omlette dishes, please. Something othe...

truffle oil recommendations?

by Rachel 15 years ago

hello there, can anyone recommend a white truffle oil that they adore? i've used the Trader Joe's brand before, and while it's tasty, it isn't giving me the kind of truffle love I'm looki...

white truffle oil in manhattan- recommendations?

by Rachel 15 years ago

hello there, can anyone recommend a white truffle oil that they adore and can purchase in Manhattan? i've used the Trader Joe's brand before, and while it's tasty, it isn't giving me ...

TJ's Truffle Oil - Uses?

by Niki Rothman 15 years ago

I just bought my very first bottle of truffle oil. TJ's $8.99 - seemed a bargain since truffles are often described as being the most valuable substance short of diamonds. They had black and white,...

Good source for Truffle Oil?

by MV 15 years ago

Im looking to purchase a bottle of truffle oil. Does anyone know of a source for great tasting truffle oil at a good price? Does Trader joes carry it?

White truffle oil

by jeff 15 years ago

I have a bottle of white truffle oil from TJ’s that I bought a few months ago. I’ve used a little bit and it’s stored in a cool dark place. Is it still good? Should I store it in the fridge? How lo...

Truffle Oil Pasta

by peenut freak 15 years ago

My girlfriend went to Vegas and has been raving about this pasta she had there with truffle oil. Is there a restaurant around Toronto that has good truffle oil pasta?

High end olive oils and truffle oils

by bernie 16 years ago

Where is the best place to buy giftable oils, truffle and olive -- and maybe some great aged balsamic?

What do you do with truffle oil?

by Michelle 16 years ago

OK, so I was at Trader Joe's today and somwhat impulsively purchased a bottle of white truffle oil and a bottle of black truffle oil. I've never used these before and was wondering if anyone would...

Truffle oil ideas

by jeff 16 years ago

I'm going to trader joes this weekend and will be buying my first bottle of Truffle oil. Any ideas on how to use it? I have never tasted truffles (on my list of must eat foods before I die) What is...

truffle oil search, or a wierd request

by Wendy Lai 16 years ago

I just need a teaspoon or two of stuff. Where is the most "economical" source in the Bay Area for this? I don't want to buy online. Anybody have some in their kitchen that they can part with a ...

Davinia Truffle Oil at Whole Foods

by nikki 16 years ago

Are they any good? If yes, do you prefer black or white?

Black and white truffle oil?

by Sarah 16 years ago

Can anyone tell me what the difference between black and white truffle oil is? I've had white truffle oil before and it's nice. Is black truffle oil similar or does it have a stronger flavor and/...

What can we do with black truffle oil?

by Richie 16 years ago

Morning, I am giving my boyfriend a small bottle of black truffle oil as one of many stocking stuffer gifts. What can we use it in? Thanks,Richie

White truffle oil

by Hugh Lipton 16 years ago

I have a small bottle of white truffle oil that I opened at least two years ago. Does this stuff go bad?

Trader Joe's Truffle Oil: A black or white issue

by Carb Lover 16 years ago

All this talk of truffles on the SF board has me longing for truffle oil. Called my local TJ's (Capitola, CA) and they said that they currently sell black and white truffle oils for $8.99 (not sure...

White Truffle Oil

by Yodbug 17 years ago

does anyone know of any Dallas restaurants that have white truffle oil on their menus??? I love it!! White truffle oil on beef carpaccio??? thanks, brooke

Good meal at Shiro last night but what's with the truffle oil

by coastal 17 years ago

Had an excellent meal at Shiro last night. One of us decided to get the lobster salad appetizer. It was beautifully arranged and sat on a pile of green beans. It got passed around for nibblin...

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