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Buying Truffle Oil in San Diego

by MrKrispy 8 years ago

Anyone have a source for decent truffle oil in San Diego for some truffley home cooking? I don't have a pig so I can't find and make my own :(

Best White Truffle Oil?

by Nunzio 8 years ago

I want to purchase a nice bottle of white truffle oil. What are your favorites? Thanks!!

kosher truffle oil

by deejw 13 years ago

I would love to use truffle oil. Does anyone know of a kosher brand?

Truffle Oil Smells Like Gasoline

by tldmatrix 10 years ago

Does anyone else agree with me that truffle oil smells like gasoline? http://teenchefteddy.blogspot.com/

Your ideas for using truffle oil?

by bonbon35 8 years ago

I was recently given some white truffle oil (which I've never experimented with before) and I'm keen to start using it in the kitch. Wondering how other chowhounds like to use this? Also, c...

Truffle oil

by AlkieGourmand 8 years ago

I think it tastes great--like truffle-infused oil--and all you haters talking about synthetic tastes are being snobby!

I think im getting truffle oil for christmas! What should i make?

by ashaleenicole 8 years ago

Pretty sure its white truffle oil. In the past I've really enjoyed it in potato salad and aioli on burgers, but I've never cooked with it myself.

Pasta w/ truffle oil. Wine pairing?

by 914NYC 12 years ago

At the wine expo, I had pasta w/ truffle oil. Would this go with an oaky/buttery Chard?

Truffle Oil and Salt Set and World of Salt Set at CostCo Toronto

by elvisahmed 8 years ago

The following two item caught my eye on my last trip. I picked up the truffle oil and salt set for 24$ Salt Set is $ 14.89 Quite a steal at this price. Now to attempt some of Gunther's Singap...

Issues with truffle oil on Chopped?!?

by silence9 9 years ago

At least once, but likely more often, I've witnessed a collective and dramatic groan from the Chppoed judges when a contestant 'ruins' their creation by a last minute addition of truffle oil. Which...

Is this truffle oil?

by Puffin3 9 years ago

Just bought a small bottle of 'Quintessence' truffle oil with ceps'. It's got not smell and no flavor. It's only a 80 ml bottle which cost about five bucks. I thought the smell and flavor would be ...

Need Recipe for Mac and Cheese with truffle/truffle oil

by superluckycat 10 years ago

I searched chow.com and epicurious and didn't find anything. I need a recipe to make a pan of this as a surprise for my husband. I am not looking for a complex pasta recipe, just a macaroni and che...

Truffle Oil in Toronto?

by Poorboy 9 years ago

I heard that President's Choice has this out on the market. Is it decent compared to the others out there? I am finding a lot of ways to add this to my recipes.....

Trader Joe's Truffle Oil

by jrmd 14 years ago

Is this any good? Thinking of making some popcorn and sprinkling it on. Any thoughts?

truffle oil/salt [dtw]

by gan911 9 years ago

i'm trying to make some mushroom riosotto...trying to put some truffle flavor into it... 1. what truffle product should i choose? 2. where to get it in the dtw area? if no consensus is reached...

Ideas for cooking with white truffle oil

by gbque 9 years ago

Received some white truffle oil of mediocre quality. Not terrible, just now what I'd prefer to use. Now the question is how to put it to best use. Since I also received some handmade pasta I'll ...

olive oil and truffle oil

by Quill 9 years ago

I love Stonehouse olive oil from CA, especially the blood orange but also the plain, very fruity. Order on the web.. Can anyone tell me about the best tasting truffle oil you have found? I used ...

Truffle Oil & Heat

by dcole 9 years ago

I am making a Beef Wellington on Christmas. Pretty classic preparation: very quickly seared tenderloin, then a small amout of mustard spread over it. I let it cool, then wrap it in mushroom duxel...

Good Truffle Oil in New Castle Co De

by Fiona 9 years ago

I want to make the lasagna recipe from Mark Bittman's column in the Sunday Times magazine. Does anyone know where to get decent truffle oil in the Wilmington/Newark area? I am looking for an oil t...

Truffle Oil Use

by Vee7 13 years ago

I received a gift basket full of goodies, extra virgin olive oil, great balsamic vinegar, marinating sauces and truffle oil. I have experience with everything except the truffle oil. Any suggestions?