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Before you travel, dig into our Chowhound trip reports to get the insider information on where to go, what to do, and—most importantly—what to eat. And don't forget to post your own trip report when you return!

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P is for Paris, Day 0-1 [trip report][x-post][wine-rel content][long]

by Jake Parrott 19 years ago

P IS FOR PARIS; THAT'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME Paris, November 7-14, 2001 This trip resulted from the confluence of several factors--shockingly low airfares and hotel rates, total blahs about the st...

SF Trip Report

by Jim Leff 21 years ago

I've just uploaded a couple of articles detailing my recent trip to the Bay Area (I found tons of great chow!). Take a look. If your opinions differ, feel free to chime in on this board! Likewis...

Trip report from Paris (VERY LONG)

by mdibiaso 19 years ago

I had the pleasure of being in Paris on my own at the end of September so I could do some serious eating without being distracted by a business conversation. I had Guy Savoy (because of the recent ...

Las Vegas Trip Report (long)

by Mike C 19 years ago

I just returned from my semi-annual business trip to Las Vegas. This trip was seven days, which is longer than usual. It seemed like Mother Nature wasn’t pleased with Las Vegas while I was there....

CT to Charleston - Trip Report (long)

by wendy jackson 19 years ago

Left CT for Charleston mid-day on Sunday. I had decided to take the inland route south – I95 is not a civilized road to travel, imho. Left I81 at Winchester, VA and wound my way down the back road...

Portland trip report

by Jeff Shore 19 years ago

Thanks to all who posted responses to my request for breakfast locations! I had a very short time in Portland, just enough to determine that my wife and I are ready to move up there. "Dinner" at...

Bill Coleman's Belgium Trip Report

by Jim Leff 19 years ago

Bill Coleman's a Belgian beer expert/fanatic. We link to his "Beer Alert!" page (see our "Other Sites" page), and he's just produced some detailed notes from his trip to Belgium last fall, with det...

Dayton-Columbus Roadtrip Report--Young's Jersey Farm

by steve drucker 19 years ago

For a Saturday night wedding in Columbus, we flew into Dayton Sat morning and drove on to Columbus. Just east of Springfield--about 30 miles east of Dayton, we stopped for breakfast at Young's Jers...

trip report

by tom 19 years ago

Well I went to your town this weekend, got into some good bars and pubs. I ate at Legal Seafood and it was very good - fresh fish, Lobsters, Steamers and Belly clams. Also Italian - Giacamos(sp?...

trip report! LONG

by pam 19 years ago

Thanks to everyone who helped plan my gastronomic survey of New Orleans. Just back from 3 days there and only missed one place I really had my heart set on -- Jacques Imos cafe... We arrived late...

Philadelphia Trip Report

by Dave Feldman 19 years ago

I just came back from the annual Popular Culture Assn. convention, this year in Philadelphia. I printed out scores of posts and made it an all-Chowhound trip. I was always under the gun for ti...

Las Vegas Trip Report (Many thanks to Dave Feldman)

by Mike C 19 years ago

It was time for the semi-annual weeklong business trip to Las Vegas. This time Allison was tagging along for part of the trip. We arrived before noon on Saturday. It’s always amusing to witness ...

Trip Report - 1/19 to 1/21 (Long)

by Jeff Shore 19 years ago

(Thanks to everyone for all of their suggestions!...) Neither my wife, nor I, had ever been to New Orleans. When a confluence of wonderful events presented itself – along with an unbeatable deal...

Albuquerque Trip Report

by george osner 20 years ago

We went to the Balloon Fiest this year for the first time. From a ballooning point of view, the weather was highly uncooperative; we only got to fly once in the 6 days we were there due to rain an...

maine trip report

by pat hammond 20 years ago

It rained every blessed day (8) but it didn't slow us down. The chow scene was peculiar. My sister is on the Atkins Diet and I decided to keep her company by going on it for just the week. Eati...

Trip Report

by David Russinoff 22 years ago

I happened to discover this web site last week while preparing for my annual weekend pilgrimmage to New York, a tradition established twenty years ago when I left the city for parts unknown. My or...

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