7 Reasons Why Tri-Tip Is a Steak Worth Knowing

Tri-tip steak is trending, according to Google. And it's no wonder, because this meaty cut is versatile and delicious—but it's been hard to find in many places until fairly recently. If you've never...

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12$ bourbon glazed tri-tip at zanzabelle this friday

by plivnik 10 years ago

I'm a big fan of Zanzabelle's freight by night prix fixe dinners: very economical, well-crafted food, super-nice hosts. This Friday, they're having a special 3rd of July barbeque. 12 bucks gets y...

Tri-tip: beef only?

by tatamagouche 11 years ago

I thought it was reserved for cow meat only, but am I incorrect? Can it be used for any animal with what you might call a sirloin (lamb/mutton, buffalo, etc.)? Thx!

Tri-tip roast?

by gsElsbeth 11 years ago

I bought one yesterday, although it looks more like a flank steak than a roast. How should I cook it? Should I treat it like a flank steak? I don't have a good marinade for flank steak, so would...

I-5 Greater Patterson … more than apricots? Sausages, coffee, jam, cinnamon rolls, eggs over easy, BBQ chicken, tri-tip … and Caribbean?

by rworange 12 years ago

Someone mentioned a restaurant in Patterson yesterday. Has anyone tried the food in this area and nearby towns of Gustine, Newman, Vernalis and Wesley? Is it possible that one of these joints se...

Urgent Tri-Tip question: should i trim the fat?

by balabanian 11 years ago

i'm new to tri tip roasts- i'm about to put it in the marinade and there's a lot of thick fat on one side- should i trim this or leave it. I'm not concerned about the healthiness, just deliciousnes...

Tri-Tip and Bacon?

by vtecrcr4 11 years ago

I have an interesting idea of incorporating Bacon into a Tri-Tip somehow, similiar to how a Filet Mignon is cooked with Bacon. Not sure if this has been done, if so, I'd like some ideas on how to ...

What to serve with a Chimichurri marinated Tri-Tip?

by Mushroom 11 years ago

We're having two couples over this weekend and my husband has decided he wants to grill a Chimichurri marinated Tri-Tip. I plan to make empanadas w/ lamb (because I love lamb more than anything ...

Spring Street Smoke House Tri-tip on a roll: another downtown gem!

by RicRios 14 years ago

A new addition to my beloved gallery of downtown gastronomical marvels. Inner sanctum consists so far of: (by order of incorporation) 1) Langers pastrami on rye (hold the cheese & sauces) 2) Dino...

West Side Tri-Tip Butcher/Meat Market

by ElJeffe 12 years ago

Haven't had much luck finding quality, affordable Tri-Tip cut beef in local markets. Any suggestions? I know London Broil is very similar but its not cut as well for marinating/group meals. ...


by berna 12 years ago

Is there another name for this cut of meat? I live in the northeast and have never seen this cut. My brother (from the west coast) talks about marinating and grilling this steak. I would love to...

Santa Maria- where to get tri-tip?

by ochound 12 years ago

we'll be driving through Santa Maria tomorrow- where can we stop for a tri-tip sandwich for lunch?

Richmond - Alvarado Bar & Grill – Basic bar food & a few twists – Tri-tip, hot roast beef sandwich w/gravy, brownie sundae

by rworange 12 years ago

Yes, I ate here finally. - Tri-tip sandwich with fries (good) - buffalo wings (ok) - brownie sundae (who doesn’t like a brownie sundae?) It’s along the lines of place like Tommy’s Joint an...

Tri-Tip in SLO?

by Matt 14 years ago

Anyone know where I can find the best traditional Santa Maria tri-tip in San Luis Obispo? I'm talking BBQ stands set up on weekends, not Far Western Tavern or Hitching Post. We're looking to hit it...

Is "Beef Round Tip" on the East Coast = to "Tri-Tip" on the West Coast?

by Ida Red 12 years ago

I have a 9 lb. Beef Round Tip to roast today. Is this a big mistake? Should I start thinking about a pot roast? We all want thin slices of tender and flavorful meat... what is the best recomenda...

Need sauce idea for tri-tip.

by AstrosDad 13 years ago

I will be hosting a dinner party and will be smoking a couple tri-tips. I would like to offer a couple sauces that would compliment the tri-tip. I am thinking about a horseradish sauce and a hone...

Cast iron grill made tri-tip roast spectacular!

by EclecticEater 13 years ago

I own a Weber Silver B grill and have stainless steel grates. Because they are spaced widely and don't have the same qualities as cast iron, I bought a Sunbeam Grill Topper on eBay which is made o...

Old Oakland Farmers Market Redux – wilder & more organic ... tri-tip from Los Banos?

by rworange 13 years ago

http://www.urbanvillageonline.com/oldoakland/oaklandview.jpg If redux can mean three years since my last visit. The market has changed very little ... thank heavens. Chowhound posts written i...

tri-tip vs. london broil

by kevine 13 years ago

Can anyone definitively describe the difference between these two terms for beef? I have seen two different descriptions of them (tri-tip being one of two cuts from the front of the round, london b...

Trader Joe's Santa Maria Tri-tip help

by bisou 13 years ago

I recall seeing a post on the board about someone who cooked their tri-tip in a slow cooker, can someone please link me to that since I'm not able to find it at all. Thanks for your help!