Become a Master of Enchiladas with These Easy Tips and Tricks

Enchiladas are one of those foods that, when done correctly, you can’t stop thinking about (what’s better than a spicy, saucy, cheesy tortilla filled with meat or veggies?). But when you make a bad...

Making enchiladas with flour tortillas

by Gracemama 7 years ago

I was born in the US, and grew up in a low-income neighborhood, surrounded by Mexican families, where our next door neighbors sometimes sent over a steaming stack of fresh tortillas (and where hunc...

How to make soft tortillas?

by Chandler114 8 months ago

I like making everything from scratch and I have tried and tried to make my tortillas soft and pliable like they are at the store. I understand often when you make stuff at home it tastes different...

Is lard traditional in corn tortillas?

by Aromatherapy 4 years ago

There's a lively thread on the Boston board about a new Mexican restaurant that brags about using lard in its corn tortillas, with a lot of comments that lard is traditional. I'd always thought tha...

Paco's Tacos in Harvard Square

by kvmax2 8 years ago

Does anyone remember Paco's Tacos that was in Harvard Square? I lived out of state for a while and when I came back they were gone. Their tortillas were different and I haven't been able to find...

Actual Shelf Life of Tortillas?

by zackly 8 months ago

I frequently buy commercially prepared tortillas (corn and flour), use a few, then store the remaining in the refrigerator. Yesterday, I used flour tortillas with an expiration date of 2/22/19 with...

Bacon fat for flour tortillas?

by ricepad 1 year ago

I normally use shortening to make flour tortillas, but on the advice of several friends who know better, I recently purchased some real manteca expressly for torts. As I was putting the lard away, ...

Three Sisters Nixtamal Tortillas @ Portland Farmers Market @ PSU

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Continuing our rounds of the Saturday morning Portland Farmers Market, https://www.chowhound.com/post/boyco-foods-buckwheat-honey-portland-farmers-market-psu-1076079, I was happy to see that the mo...

Alma Semillera Tortillas de Maiz Azul (blue corn tortillas)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Picked up a pack of Tortillas de Maiz Azul from Alma Semillera's booth at the Saturday morning Healdsburg farmers market. The ingredients are simply water, organic corn masa harina and lime. They'r...

QUESADILLAS - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, February 2017

by herby 3 years ago

This is the thread to report on Quesadillas that you make in February 2017 and beyond. We got here by nominating a bunch of dishes https://www.chowhound.com/post/home-cooking-dish-month-february...

Shrinking tortillas

by redbourn 3 years ago

Made flour tortillas today and the taste and look are fine. My fifth attempt and they are getting better ;-) They were bigger when I took them out of the tortilla press but the moment that I ...

Slippery tortillas

by jimbob54 2 years ago

Hi I want to use corn tortillas as a base for turn-ins at a BBQ competition The required container is a styrofoam clamshell container, with limited garnish Wondering if anyone might have a...

What are the best store bought flour tortillas?

by nosey 4 years ago

There are so many brands. I am having a fajita party and want to get good, soft tortillas. Any suggestions?

Home made Corn Tortilla..Can't get em to puff up?

by tunapet 8 years ago

Just started making them and am having a problem with them puffing up..I have used both a cast iron skillet and a big non stick griddle. Out of the 16 made only ONE puffed.. and that was one in the...

Flour Tortillas - What do You do With Them ?

by hannaone 4 years ago

In the "Whats for Dinner" thread, I posted about a couple of the things I have done with flour tortillas. Cherry Tortilla Pie - Cherry pie with flour tortillas for the crust. Buttered flour tor...

Cooking Homemade Corn Tortillas Ruins Cast Iron Seasoning

by Modoc 2 years ago

I made homemade corn tortillas for the first time last week. The tortillas themselves turned out just fine, but I destroyed the seasoning on my cast iron pan in the process. The recipe calls for...

Homemade corn tortillas

by palomalou 2 years ago

I just made corn tortillas for the first time, and they taste like tortillas. If you do this authentically, do you fry yours in oil or dry pan? Thanks!

Chancho Tortilleria, Vancouver

by grayelf 2 years ago

I'm not much of an early adopter and I don't think I've ever been to a restaurant on its first day of service, let alone its first hour open, but on Thursday, it happened. I landed at Chancho, in t...

Birriería Doña Tita | Obrera - Ensenada

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Bierriería Doña Tita was recommended to us by one local and one frequent visitor from Ensenada. So off we went after our middling breakfast at Casa Marcelo.

Birriería El Cora | Ampliación Buenaventura - Ensenada

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

After topping off with fish tacos https://www.chowhound.com/post/ensenada-fish-tacos-tacos-floresta-tacos-lulu-1059257 , we continued to the other side of Avenida Reforma to follow up a tip for Bir...