ISO Black Forest Cake in TO

by prima 8 months ago

Has anyone bought a good Black Forest Cake lately? I remember Fabian's being recommended years ago. Gerhard's sells one: https://gerhardscafe.ca/cakes/ols/products/black-forest-torte Thank...

Recipe search Gold Leaf Chocolate Torte

by beepbird 6 years ago

Years ago (pre 1995) Bon Appetite had a cover recipe for a chocolate torte featuring gold leaf. It was in their Cooking Lessons section and it was a recipe from the Rose Cafe in Venice, CA. I hav...

Prantls Burnt Almond Torte recipe?

by rainey 7 years ago

I just read an entry on the Huffington Post describing this as the best cake in the country. Could it be true? Anyone know how to make one as I don't really expect to find myself in Pittsburg...

Blitz torte, will it hold up over night?

by foxspirit 6 years ago

Hello. I'd like to bring this in for an office party: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/berry-blitz-torte-recipe The party is in the afternoon. I'd like to assemble it the night before to s...

Help please! Grinding nut flours (question regarding making almond torte)

by shoshanad 12 years ago

I posted a flourless almond torte recipe to my blog (http://www.naturalchefshoshana.blogspot.com/) and had a friend ask me a question I don't know the answer to, so thought I'd query fellow Chowhou...

Truffles and Tortes in Plymouth closing on the 27th.

by kuan 7 years ago

Yes, the 27th will be the final day at Truffles and Tortes in Plymouth. The Anoka store will still be open. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news.

ISO Chocolate Hazelnut Torte????

by NYCYummy 7 years ago

Hello All, I am looking for a chocolate Hazelnut Torte or opera cake. They type I am looking for is made by Chocolada at Yonge and Steeles but I am hoping to find one in central Toronto. Any id...

What to do with a dry Sacher torte?

by Thanks4Food 8 years ago

Since my sister who lives in Rome told me she gets one every Christmas, I thought I'd try one from Cost Plus. Glad I got it half price because it seemed a bit like a glorified Ding Dong. My husband...

Linzer torte in the Bay Area?

by coffeekitty 7 years ago

My sweetie has been craving linzer torte. Does anyone know a bakery that sells a good one?

Chez Michel's Unforgettable Chocolate Torte

by LRicardo 9 years ago

When I was a child in the seventies, I remember being taken to Chez Michel on occasion. I loved their food, but more than anything, I have never been able to forget their chocolate torte! It was ...

European torte wafer sheets - how to use these things?

by Nyleve 7 years ago

So I found these wafer sheets - rectangular, about 8 in a package - in a Russian/Eastern European supermarket and, of course, I bought them. I know they are used to make some kind of layered torte ...

Dobos Torte in Toronto?

by Otonabee 10 years ago

So a Hungarian friend of mine is always looking for a good spot to get Dobos Torte (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dobos_torte) So far I have found it at the Coffee Mill but I am trying to see wh...

Sacher torte

by DeisCane 8 years ago

Finally. Sorry for the delay. Here is a KP-friendly recipe for sacher torte. We make it this way all year round. Melt together in the microwave (for about 4 minutes): 16 dkg ground walnuts 16 ...

Lost recipe: Bon Appetit "Apricot Almond Torte"

by Margaret B. 12 years ago

I lost this recipe ages ago and have been looking for it for several years now! It must have been published in Bon Apetit, somewhere between the late 80s and early 90s. The recipe was amazing; butt...

Sacher torte from Hotel Sacher in Vienna

by Darlene 16 years ago

Has anybody ever tried to bring one of these back to the US? On the website it looks as if they are packaged well but I was wondering how it would survive the plane ride.

Any Torta Basilica/Basil Torte Cheese Sightings in OC?

by torta basilica 14 years ago

Usually both Gelson's and Bristol Farms have it around the Holidays. Just getting blank stares when we ask this year... It's the multi-layered cheese with Mascarpone, a thin layer of harder c...

Sacher torte - best recipe (parve)

by AdinaA 8 years ago

Tried to bake one, dissatisfied with recipe. Cake (raised with egg whites, using flour) seemed dry. Plus it called for a frosting made by thinning melted chocolate with cream. I want to try ag...

Tried and True (and pretty authentic) Sacher Torte Recipe

by burgeoningfoodie 11 years ago

Hello Hounds, I tried my hand at making a Sacher Torte from a Wolfgang Puck recipe the other night only to see my cake rise and then spectacularly fall after I took it out of the oven. Followed...