A ‘Top Chef’s’ Favorite Tool Is Actually a Camping Necessity

Welcome to “Kitchen Essentials,” a new series from Chowhound where chefs and bartenders from around the country invite viewers into their kitchens and bars, unveiling the five tools that are simply...

Utensils that wont scratch my cookware

by iamreptar 9 years ago

After much frustration, I finally found my first tin-lined copper pan (3mm and HUGE) as well as a pre-logo Griswold #12 cast iron skillet all on the same day. Im excited to use them but I want to m...

Asparagus serving/cooking utensil help?

by ThomasGault 5 years ago

Hi, What utensil do people use to serve or cook asparagus? Special tongs? A fork? Fingers? There don't seem to be many made any more.

Anyone own a SNAPI?

by DuffyH 7 years ago

It's this, used to serve salads, pasta, veggies.... Apparently it's been around for a few years. http://smile.amazon.com/Snapi-Single-Handed-Server-Watermelon/dp/B000WTT2VW/ref=pd_sim_k_1?ie=UTF...

Strong tongs with silicon grippy thingies

by Hiracer 7 years ago

I bent a pair of Good Cooks tonight fiddling with leftovers. I want something better. Any recommendations?

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