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Breakfast in Toledo?

by Brad Ballinger 11 years ago

Okay, I tried this several years ago, and came up empty. Ended up at a Bob Evans further south on I-75. Hoping for new places or new posters... I'll be in the Toledo area (Rossford Courtyard M...

Toledo Restaurant Recommendations

by fensterz 12 years ago

I'll be relocating to Toledo and I'm already on the lookout for places to check out. Recommendations/suggestions? Spew them out. I'm open to all types of cuisines :)

Best restaurants in Toledo Ohio area?

by cheri 13 years ago

Looking for great restaurants of any kind, mostly casual dining and absolutely need to know the best pizza places. Wondering about Italian, any great places for soups, or any other great places fo...

Sylvania/Toledo Ohio & Ann Arbor Mich Chinese food best places

by cheri 11 years ago

I am 15 mins from Sylvania Ohio in one direction and 20 mins from Ann Arbor Michigan in the other direction. My dad recently just moved in with me and is craving some good Chinese, specifically W...

Best Restaurant in Toledo

by appolonia 12 years ago

Or around there. I'm passing through on the 24th. Doesn't have to be fancy, just delicious. Thanks.

nice resturants in toledo ohio suburbs

by jezwitz 12 years ago

I travel to Toledo often and I've tried alot of places in the city how about any suggestions for places in the outskirts?


by rtv 12 years ago

Weds. I visited Mancy's in Toledo....a place that is well known and i have visited before but it's been a while. I ordered a NY Strip (rare) which includes B.potato and salad (24.95) the salad is ...

Great restaurants in Toledo, OH area

by Cmvramirez 12 years ago

I would like to purchase a gift certificate to a quality restaurant in Toledo for an older couple that is getting married in a couple weeks. However, I'm not having too much luck finding something...

Toledo Area Restaraunts

by travisbickle 12 years ago

What has happened to good, quality dinning in Toledo? Anyone who has lived around the area or grown up here, knows that over the last twenty years, we've been over-taken by mediocre chains appealin...

Toledo hounds -- Shawn's Back Door?

by SLOLindsay 12 years ago

Ever been there? Food worthy of a trip for dinner? I am in town visiting my parents, who live over by Levis Commons. Recommendations for a drink in that plaza? I'm a wine geek.

Staying at the Hilton Toledo on Glendale

by BigSpur1972 12 years ago

on Wednesday night. Anyone know of some good eats in that area, or generally? Looks like most of the good places I've read about on here (Divas, Georgios) are about 5 miles away. The hotel has a...

Source for duck (to cook) around Toledo?

by Seldomsated 12 years ago

My friend in Ohio claims that he cannot find duck in the area around Toledo - and I contend he is just not looking hard enough! He can find it on restaurant menus, but says it is not in any of the...

Organic Bliss - Toledo OH

by mchan02 13 years ago

So I recently took a roadtrip over to Ohio, where my boyfriend just moved for grad school. Living in San Francisco, we've become complete food snobs and we were happy to find a yummy, healthy, vege...

Toledo Food Rec needed

by wohbobo 13 years ago

Hello, I will be in Toledo next week with my 4 year old daughter. She eats everything; Salsa, Ribs, pizza, hot sauce, Mexican. I am looking for interesting ethnic foods. My daughter is from Chin...

Anything new in Toledo?

by travisleroy 13 years ago

Especially on the west side?

Good places to eat in Toledo, especially need a good pizza place

by cheri 13 years ago

Recently moved to the Toledo area, need recommendations for good food of any type. Not a seafood fan, but would love recommendations for anything else that comes to mind. I love great home-cookin...

Great food for road trip: I-90 between Toledo and South Bend?

by nadiafromboston 13 years ago

On the first night of my cross country sojourn, I'll be stopping someplace between the 2 cities, probably after 7 p.m. I've been going over the midwest chowhound board to see where I should eat, ...

Driving trip - Ann Arbor to Toledo - Ethnic Food?

by cafemonamie 13 years ago

Are there any good ethnic places to eat on this route? Mexican, Asian? I know there's supposed to be good Middle-Eastern but what about Asian or Mexican food? Looking for more "mom & pop" authentic...

Brunch in Toledo?

by SharonOhio 13 years ago

We have a full day planned next Sunday which involves driving from Columbus to Toledo to see Phantom of the Opera, then to Cleveland to drop oldest son at Case and then back to Columbus. Phantom i...

Road trip meals for Toledo OH

by checkman 14 years ago

We are planning a road trip in August that will take us through northern Ohio on the way to Chicago. Would appreciate any suggestions for dinner in the Toledo area. We prefer places where casual dr...