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Tokyo Chowhound Dinner? (Long)

by Andy P. 19 years ago

Konbonwa Tokyo Chowhounds, After reading about the successes of other Chowhound get-togethers, I'm just wondering if us Chowhounds here in Tokyo would like to arrange such a thing? Is anybody int...

Tokyo Recommendations

by Andrew 19 years ago

Hello chowhounds! I'm travelling to Tokyo (and Kyoto) in a couple weeks and am looking for delicious japanese places that won't leave me broke. I'm looking for great value sushi, tempura, unagi, ...

Tokyo - Kushi-ie...it's something

by Andy P. 20 years ago

Konbonwa y'all, Last Friday, my department had a welcoming dinner for two new staff members. It was held at Kushi-ie, in Shibuya, and the whole experience falls into my "Only in Japan" file. Ba...


by fusilli 19 years ago

just came back from a 3 week trip to all these places. i mayt eventually get around to writing what i found-after the jet lag from that 20 hour flight home wears off. but 1st.... i ate at india...

Tokyo - Yokohama Curry Museum

by Andy P. 19 years ago

Hi everybody, Well, if you are ever in Tokyo, and get tired of looking at the shrines and temples, and Tokyo Disneyland isn't your cup of green tea, you just might want to take a trip down to Yok...

Tokyo - Tonki branch closes - devestated

by Andy P. 19 years ago

Hi everybody, As I cry into my beer, I am heartbroken to tell you that the branch of Tonki on the east side of Meguro station, (the one that served lunch), has shut it's doors. Please disrega...

Ninnikuya in Tokyo

by Deb H. 19 years ago

Went to Ninnikuya restaurant (Tokyo's original garlic restaurant, I think) in Ebisu a couple of weeks ago on a Friday night during peak hours, and was shocked to find that we could get a table with...

Report: Chicken dinner in Tokyo

by Michael L. 19 years ago

Fellow Chowhounds: My brother is on a business trip in Tokyo and emailed me about his dinner in a place that specializes in chicken. He doesn't know the name of the restaurant because it was in J...

Bagels in Tokyo?

by Rachel M. 19 years ago

Thought I'd see if any of the Tokyo chowhounds had any recommendations for bagels that I hadn't tried yet. I have been a big fan of Little Tribeca, but it seems like when I go lately the selection...

Tokyo - German Farm Grill

by Andy P. 20 years ago

Hi everybody - A couple of weeks ago, I went to a function held at the German Farm Grill (Shibuya, 8-1 Shinsen-cho. Phone 03-5457-2871). What a fantastic meal! The restaurant is presided over ...

Tokyo: Great Sukiyaki and Sushi (long)

by BlueNY 20 years ago

Okay i want to admit something first. i should kick myself in the butt for not reading the international board before i left for tokyo for two weeks. I had to do my own research using Zagats (doe...

Need Tokyo Tips

by Jeff90212 20 years ago

I'm going to Tokyo for the first time and I'm looking for some fun and offbeat food ideas. I'm only interested in Japanese food and I'm especially interested in any yakitori-ya recommendations. ...

Tokyo - Lunch at Shinya Hanten

by Andy P. 20 years ago

I've just returned from an outstanding lunch at Shinya Hanten (on Deb H.'s recommendation). Deb, you are a very, very good person. I had the xaio long bao, and fried rice. The xaio long bao trul...

Tokyo Food site

by magnolia 20 years ago

I saw this written up somewhere though I can't recall where... it has sound files! Andy P, have you seen it? What do you think? Link: http://www.bento.com/tokyofood.html:

Tokyo - BM Steakhouse - Not good

by Andy P. 20 years ago

Friday night, 3 buddies and I went to the BM Steakhouse, in Meguro. What a disappointment! BTW, we comprised of 2 Canadians, and 2 Americans, all beef lovers. One member of our party ordered the...

Great soup buns in Tokyo

by Deb H. 20 years ago

Recent posts about soup buns (Xiao Long Bao) on the New York & General Topics boards reminded me of one of the best places I've had soup buns so far: Shinya Hanten in Shiba-Daimon (used to be my o...

Tokyo - Tonki v. Katsuyoshi. And the winner is...

by Andy P. 20 years ago

Tonki. I'd been told by a few people that Katsuyoshi (at Ebisu Garden Place, BF2) actually serves better tonkatsu than my beloved Tonki. So, with an open mind, I went to Katsuyoshi this evening. ...

Great robata-yaki place in Tokyo

by Andy P. 20 years ago

Greetings- Wednesday night, for a business dinner, I went, with 5 co-workers, to a fantastic robata-yaki style restaurant in Roppongi. The name of the restaurant is Inakaya. (7-8-4 Roppongi, nex...

Tokyo, Saigon, Vung Tau

by Anthony Bourdain 20 years ago

I'm headed East for some serious food-related adventures and would love to hear some suggestions (with addresses) of remarkable restaurants/food stalls/eateries in Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City or Vung T...

Great Hamburgers in Tokyo

by Andy P. 20 years ago

Hi y'all, While Mos Burger (see thread below) is good comfort food (great for hangovers, and they are EVERYWHERE), for a great burger in Tokyo - the kind of burger that you actually plan your eve...

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