What Is the Difference Between Tofu and Tempeh?

Even if you lust for a bloody burger once in a while, you've likely dipped a toe into the world of meat alternatives and plant-based protein, including these two popular soy products. But what is the...


pistachio peas
by pistachio peas 2 years ago

Use this thread to post reports on the following chapters from DINNER: PASTA & NOODLES (p. 175-205); and TOFU (& A TOUCH OF SEITAN) (p. 209-228) If you are the first to report on a recipe, pl...

Where to find Burmese tofu in Orange County CA?

by theschles 7 months ago

I have to gluten digestive intolerance and have to avoid soy and sesame due to allergies. I recently stumbled across Burmese tofu while googling; apparently it is made with chickpeas and yellow pea...

Request: Looking for Mock Duck and Scallion Pancake

by lkscheng 8 months ago

I am looking for Mock Duck and Scallion Pancake in the NYC area. Specifics: For Mock Duck, the closest one that i found and like is at Vegetarian Dim Sum House (24 Pell St). I am looking for an...

Favorite Tofu Recipe (with caveats)

by BethNH 11 months ago

My son's girlfriend has recently gone vegetarian. She claims to like tofu and I'd like to cook dinner for her before she returns to college in a week. She is lactose intolerant and does not like ...

Choudoufu/Stinky Tofu in Memphis

by Todou 11 months ago

Looking for a place to try stinky tofu, but it's not on any of the menus I've checked. Anyone know where it's sold in Memphis?

Fermented tofu — white blemishes appearing

by Ali23 1 year ago

Hi all, I have two jars of fermented tofu — one open, one closed — both of them have started to develop white blemishes in the liquid and on the tofu cubes. If this was just in the open one, I wou...

Pre "broiled" packaged Tofu - What do I do with it?

by sarahbeths 1 year ago

Last time I was at the Japanese Supermarket I somehow bought this "broiled" packaged tofu. It's got black markings on it as to show how "broiled" it is. I'm not sure what I bought it for.... It loo...

Cookbook of the Month March 2013 EVERY GRAIN OF RICE: Cold dishes, Tofu, Meat, Chicken and Eggs, Fish and Seafood

by greedygirl 7 years ago

Welcome to Cookbook of the Month for March 2013, which is Every Grain of Rice by Fuchsia Dunlop. Please post your full-length reviews of recipes for cold dishes, tofu, meat, chicken and eggs...

Homemade tofu?

by MadameC 2 years ago

Bonjour ! Has anyone ever tried this? I've found some nice locally grown organic soya beans and have a new power blender :)

5 easy steps to make the best ma po tofu recipe you can find

by Thebest12345 2 years ago

Ingredients: 1 block of extra firm tofu ( about one pound ) 4 baby leeks or 2 regular leeks ( scallions can also be used ) 1/2 cup of peanut oil 6 ounces of ground beef ( or turkey ) 2 1/2 c...

Tofu 2 Days Past Expiration Date -- Okay to use?

by NShewmaker 2 years ago

Hey Guys, I am making a marinated tofu recipe (I have a brand new package, but found one hidden in the fridge that I thought had gotten left at the store last time I went shopping) and the packa...

Cooking tofu

by crn 2 years ago

When I go to an Asian resto & order something with tofu in it & I don't specifically ask for it steamed, the tofu comes out looking brown/gray (like it has a light breading on it). What is it coate...

DUNLOP March Cookbooks of Month: Vegetables and Bean Curd

by oakjoan 12 years ago

Land of Plenty has a chapter combining Vegetables and Bean Curd. Revolutionary Chinese just has Bean Curd. All discussion of both should be here.

Tofu press in Montreal?

by stak 3 years ago

Anyone know where I could find a tofu press in Montreal? I've called a few places and nobody seems to have even heard of them. I admit I hadn't either, until my SIL requested one for Christmas.

Name of Chewy Tofu in Japan?

by Vancity8 5 years ago

Tried a type of tofu in Japan that I can't seem to google. The two times I had it, it was a tiny small square as an appetizer in a Kaiseki meal and a Tappan yaki meal. It's very chewy. Almost like...

Fresh tofu in Montréal?

by lagatta 3 years ago

I remember getting some wonderful freshly made tofu on Parc at a small locale between Laurier and Fairmont, but they have moved on (think they were grad students, and have made their way in life). ...

Deep fried tofu?

by fm1963 3 years ago

Is there a store or market where can I buy deep fried tofu? I like to use it for homecooking but would rather not deal with the deep frying. Thanks!

Always boil tofu first..?

by youareabunny 7 years ago

Just wanted to share what I learned at a Vietnamese vegan class at the library once. The cook always boiled tofu for 15 minutes. Doesn't matter if she was baking, grilling, or frying it. She sa...

Huge Chowfind: Chodang Soon Tofu

by acd123 12 years ago

I was in between meetings last week and I was driving along Dundas West in Etobicoke looking for lunch. I noticed a place called Chodang Soon Tofu on Dundas Street West between Burnhamthorpe and K...