Get Cozy with Crock-Pot Cocktails This Holiday Season

Crock-Pot cocktails lie at the ideal intersection between festive and no-fuss, and there are so many options for slow cooker drinks. Mulled wine, spiced cider, and wassail—oh, my. Eggnog lattes, gingerbread...

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Toddy Cold Drip Coffee Maker [Moved from General Topics board]

by Mother of four 14 years ago

Has anyone heard of this coffee system? I was just talking to my son and he mentioned it, as I was talking to him I Googled it. Sort'a strange, but people seem to like it. Love to hear from anyo...

Toddy coffee in Edmonton

by inuksuk 14 years ago

The long weekend and iced coffee season are rapidly approaching. I've got to get my equipment in gear and I particularly need a filter for my Toddy Coffee maker ( http://www.toddycafe.com/ if you ...

What is a Hot Toddy? How is it made? [moved from Boston board]

by sharpless 15 years ago

There's been some debate amongst my friends, so I thought I would settle the question with some debate amongst you all.

Hot toddy?

Bob Dobalina
by Bob Dobalina 15 years ago

With the single digits approaching tomorrow, it was suggested that we co-workers grab hot toddies after work - we're downtown but I would love to get a catalog of places that serve good-to-great ho...

Warm or hot Toddy anyone?

by marlie202 15 years ago

What to drink for those cold winter days?? recipes please- My old one: a bit of butter, strong coffee, whiskey and add whipped cream on top-I need more

New Hot Toddy Recipe

by marlie202 15 years ago

It is 17 degrees today--need a toddy--here it is: I made hot green tea, added some sugar and a shot of cachaca- pretty nice-enjoy

favorite hot toddy recipe, or other cold remedy food/beverage

by lauracohenromano 15 years ago

Ok, it's finally (after November days in the 60s) that season, and I already seem to have a cold. Would love to hear your favorite hot toddy recipe, or anything else to eat or drink that you fee...

Mulled Wine/Hot Toddies in LA

by Aimee Lind 18 years ago

Anyone know of any restaurants/bars serving hot alcoholic beverages for the holidays? Mulled wine, in particular, would be nice. Thanks!

Hot toddy or buttered rum or winter beverage treats...

by Michelle 18 years ago

Where does one go for one of these? Bonus points if there is a fire place. The only one I know about is the Tabard Inn on Dupont Circle. Thank you!

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