Your Guide to the Restaurant Tipping Debate

Tipping is optional, but opponents of this deeply embedded American practice say it shouldn't be. Some of the country's top restaurateurs are exploring new tipping and payment structures...

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How do you split the bill and tip evenly?

by emglow101 4 years ago

Inspired from another post. You asked your friends, family, co workers, or other to join you for dinner. Without having separate checks do you have the others guess what their amount to be paid and...

Biggest Tip Ever?

by jbsiegel 4 years ago

So...this got me thinking (other than that I should have been a waitress!)... What's the biggest tip you ever left? Any particular reason? If you are or ever were a server/bartender/etc., wha...

"Can I transfer these drinks to my table"?

by e_bone 4 years ago

It seems to me that while I run up a bill in the bar waiting for my table it would be really nice, when my buzzer buzzed, that I could just go to my table and open the menu. "We'd prefer you clo...

Mandatory 20% at Select?

by Carty 4 years ago

Yelpers reporting 20% service charge added to all checks at Serpa's Select. What do you think? Me? Bold move, my initial reaction is negative, although maybe I am just resisting change. I tip...

Another tipping question?

by josephnl 4 years ago

I essentially always tip 20% on the full bill (including tax), but for very special service, I adjust the tip up to as much as 25%. Recently, at several very upscale restaurants in Los Angeles, a...

Growing to hate Sonic. (Tipping, etc.)

by ronaldpedwards 8 years ago

I moved to the Dallas area a few years ago and was happy to discover the Sonic franchises having never lived within their areas before. I really enjoy their breakfasts, tater tots and their drinks...

Tipping at NJ Banquet Halls

by jsfein 8 years ago

(I am hopeful that the admins will keep this on the NJ Board as my question is unique to our local market) Question for those that have thrown events (weddings, parties, etc.) at NJ Banquet Hall...

Cash only gratuity allowed ... you may NOT charge the TIP to your CC.

Cheese Boy
by Cheese Boy 6 years ago

Why is this even a practice at certain restaurants? Cash only tip?? Certainly it's one more reason to always carry ca$h on your person, but come on now. I'm especially thankful that none of us ...

How much should I tip per bottle of beer? How long does a bottle of beer allow me to sit at the bar?

by john333 9 years ago

Just wanted to know the basic etiquette. This is assuming I order only beer and nothing else. Maybe this has been asked before...if I order one beer and the total with tax comes to $5.30 what is ...

Tipping at Starbucks when buying bananas

by Bottomless_Pit 4 years ago

I buy bananas from time to time from Starbucks for $1+sales tax each. How much tip should I leave?

Is tipping in cash better for the server?

by piwakawaka 8 years ago

My father (from NZ where tipping is *NOT* the norm) is insistent on leaving the tip in cash when on holiday in N Am so that it can't be pocketed by management (he usually pays by credit card). But ...

Should you tip the owner?

by Raffles 4 years ago

With the discussion about tipping going on as far as a living wage is concerned.... We frequent a local bar/restaurant and often times the owner is both bartender and waitress. Other times there...

Billing issue... what would you do?

by rmanrman 5 years ago

I dined at a restaurant last Wednesday with a few friends and ordered a couple of entrees and a bottle of wine (which was 1/2 off due to a promotion). Throughout the meal, the manager of the resta...

Home Delivery - what do you tip$? (moved from Ontario board)

dinin and dishin
by dinin and dishin 12 years ago

As someone who used to work in the restaurant biz, I tend to be a generous tipper. But I always struggle with what to give the guy at the door. Especially since I don't find out that the order is s...

Tip On Expensive Meal

by JayDK 5 years ago

If a tip for very good food and service deserves 20% (table of 3 including a few drinks) a $150 check would result in a $30 tip. But what if the check was $450? Everything the same except more ...

Tipping a Caterer?

by marycarol 10 years ago

A neighbor/friend loves to cook and caters parties occasionally for friends, etc. We had her help with a party for us. Do we add a tip on to the bill?

Room Service Tipping Question

by jrvedivici 6 years ago

Seeing the tipping on delivery or take out thread made me think about an experience I had over this past weekend. We were away visiting my daughter in college and stayed in a Marriott Hotel. (I’m s...

How much do you tip when at a buffet?

by sarahbeth 12 years ago

We had a great buffet brunch at the Joseph Ambler Inn outside of Philadelphia. It was a little pricey at $35 per person which includes all of what you would expect on an Easter Sunday meal includi...

Should I Tip on bill amount without tax or total inclusive of tax?

by creamy 11 years ago

A friend of mine only tips on the full amount for food and beverages. He says the "tip" is for services rendered and should not cover what goes to Uncle Sam. Still, several times when leaving a res...

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