Your Guide to the Restaurant Tipping Debate

Tipping is optional, but opponents of this deeply embedded American practice say it shouldn't be. Some of the country's top restaurateurs are exploring new tipping and payment structures...

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Is it illegal for me to serve and accept tips as an owner??

by dineanddrink 3 years ago

Hello folks, I own a small restaurant in California where I serve up front and my husband runs the kitchen and brother helps wherever is needed. We have been opened for a year and we do accept tips...

Deceptive Tipping Practices at Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns in Hell's Kitchen

by lisaberger 4 years ago

I would live to bring your attention to what I consider to be deceptive and misleading tipping practices at this popular Hell's Kitchen shop. Although the food at Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns and...

Oy, the tipping epidemic...

by skidmarkjones 4 years ago

Think it's time we start the revolution. Tip jars at coffee bars, sandwich counters...beyond absurd. Next it'll be a tip jar at the 7-11. Here's how it works kids: 1. A tip is for table ser...

Fair amount of tip at a restaurant

by FoodieDan 9 years ago

I went yesterday at Vino restaurant in NDG. Excellent Italian food. But when I paid my bill, I was surprise that the preselected amount of tip on the credit card machine was 17% (after taxes)! So, ...

Ever tip the bagger who helps you out to your car?

by emglow101 4 years ago

I always get asked If I need help with my groceries out to the car . I decline . Someday I will need help . I think it's great the baggers ask . When the time comes and I need help out I'm probably...

Maude is really special!

by josephnl 4 years ago

We finally got to Maude last evening, and it was really special. Reservations are very difficult to snag. The restaurant is tiny, seats only 24, and they do 2 full seatings a night for a total of...

Odys & Penelope - Outragous Service Charge

by Thor123 4 years ago

Buddy just told me that he was at O & P last night. Had a nice meal and noticed the bill included 18% service charge. When he asked if that was gratuity the waiter said no, that it all goes to th...

Tip jars - love 'em? Hate 'em?

by lynnlato 11 years ago

I think counter service has gone crazy out of control with these tip jars showing up everywhere. The dry cleaner, coffee shop, ice cream parlor, etc. Hell, I'm expecting to find a jar strategicly...

T.I.P.S.= To Insure Proper/Prompt Service?

by invinotheresverde 11 years ago

I stand by the fact that "tips" has no hidden meaning, since people frequently confuse "insure" and "ensure". insure: 1. to guarantee against loss or harm. 2. to secure indemnity to or on, ...

Is not tipping illegal?

by gryphonskeeper 11 years ago

I was out last night at a restro with my family, and the table next to us was a large family of 12. The service they had was horrid. Missing sides, a missing entree, they waited , and waited and ...

Question Please

by Querencia 4 years ago

I'm not sure if this question is naive, stupid, or oafish, or all three, but here it is. Expecting guests, I made a reservation at a nice restaurant where some seating areas are more desirable than...

Finally !!! The formula for proper tipping ........

by LotusRapper 4 years ago

Funny: http://ak-hdl.buzzfed.com/static/2015-07/28/14/enhanced/webdr01/enhanced-8058-1438108534-14.png The rest here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/lyapalater/im-good-with-words?bffb&utm_ter...

Tipping in Amsterdam and Copenhagen restaurants

by Ffromsaopaulo 4 years ago

I'll be in those cities in a few weeks and was wondering if tipping is customary in Amsterdam and Copenhagen restaurants. If yes, how much should I give? Thanks.

Do you tip your butcher?

by PaulF 4 years ago

In addition to some nice beef and chicken, the butcher shop I go to also has a selection of hot sandwiches and sides -- so you can buy meat to take home and cook or buy your lunch and take it to go...

Another tipping question... buffet/brazilian steakhouse

by AmblerGirl 11 years ago

What is the appropriate tip % at a brazilian steakhouse? We recently went to a loca brazilian steakhouse, similar to a Fogo de Chao but much more casual. I tipped aropund 10% which is what I usua...

Ka Chi Korean Restaurant- Shocking, unbelievably rude service!

by ApolloCVermouth 9 years ago

Let me preface story this with a few points: 1) I like the food at Ka Chi. I've eaten at many of the Korean eateries around Christie and I think that it stands up pretty well. 2) I don't par...

"Is the tip okay?"

by wildphoenix 11 years ago

Have you ever asked your server if the tip you left him/her was okay? I served a table tonight and the woman who paid asked me that flat out but I didn't feel that it was right to say "No, $2...

Arrrgh! Please help settle tipping argument!!!

by onthelam 4 years ago

My husband and I just came from a terrific dinner in a local place that only accepts cash. We dine out a lot, but usually use a credit card, so when it came time to pay the check we got into a dis...

How do you split the bill and tip evenly?

by emglow101 4 years ago

Inspired from another post. You asked your friends, family, co workers, or other to join you for dinner. Without having separate checks do you have the others guess what their amount to be paid and...