Your Guide to the Restaurant Tipping Debate

Tipping is optional, but opponents of this deeply embedded American practice say it shouldn't be. Some of the country's top restaurateurs are exploring new tipping and payment structures...

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...and here's another reason to get rid of tipping!!

by ChefMikeinBurlington 1 year ago

It's almost as bad in Canada too, except of our higher minimum wages

Tips posting to credit card later?

by EWSflash 5 years ago

My beloved cousin was in town a couple of months back, and took several of us out to Fleming's for dinner. She paid and tipped with a credit card. In checking the next day, she saw that the tip had...

I'm Sick and Tired of Tipping!

by ChefMikeinBurlington 2 years ago

You walk into a pub and order a $7.00 Guinness, add tax and it becomes $8.00, but you're expected to add another 15% tip to that for a $9.00 pint! I didn't mind it when the person pulling my pint ...

Personal Chef tipping?

by Runnergirl7 2 years ago

Hi all. We bid on and won at a charity fundraiser-- dinner for 8 in our home put on by a personal chef. Here's my question, we bid $850 and paid the money to the charity. Do we tip the chef on top ...

Tipping before or after added tax?

by marymac 8 years ago

When we go to a restaurant, I always tip on the whole amount. My friend says you should tip only for the food, not the tax. Which is correct?

Alinea gratuity question

by crunchbury 2 years ago

Hi, I have a question for those who have dined at Alinea before. I've been myself a couple times. Each time, I've enjoyed getting most payment done up front via Tock and not worrying about it at th...

Tipping for Catering Drop-Off?

by Jacquilynne 3 years ago

A caterer is dropping off a buffet dinner in chafing dishes for a party and then picking up the chafing dishes the next day. Other than the set-up, they aren't providing service. How much would you...

Tips and expensive restaurants

by Scharn 6 years ago

Normally I tend to tip about 20%, so for a bill of $49 I would probably pay $60 and for a bill of $79 I would give $100. Lately I have been wondering how tipping should be handled for larger bi...

Susur Lee and sons ripping off employees

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 2 years ago

From an original report by blog.to, this has mushroomed into a movement!! https://www.change.org/p/levi-lee-lee-restaurants-short-changed-employee-fund/nftexp4/control/127875635?recruiter=127875...

How much should I tip the delivery guy?

by juice 11 years ago

Ordered Chinese the other day and had it delivered because I was too lazy to pick it up. The order was around $40. As the guy showed up, I realized I had not had anything delivered to the house i...

Can't Afford To Dine Out In Seattle

by JayDK 2 years ago

With $15 minimum wage why should we tip? Mandatory 20% tip plus tax! One Seattle restaurant even adds a 4% surcharge. These restaurants are like politicians - so out of touch.

Tipping for BBQ

by dblairx 2 years ago

Hi, I am hosting a BBQ at my house for a large group (150 people). We hired a BBQ truck with a pit crew, including the owner, to cook the food. Guests will come to the BBQ area to pickup their foo...

Bug in Food - Should I Have Tipped?

by Philly Ray 3 years ago

Stopped in a local bar for a quick dinner. I sat at the bar, ordered a beer and some food. Halfway through eating, I found a bug in the plate. I discreetly called the bartender over and showed hi...

Sign at register: Please refrain from putting tips on credit card to keep prices reasonable

by ebchower 3 years ago

This was at a New Jersey diner. My first thought was "how tacky." But if somebody has already decided to pay by credit card, is it really costing the diner more if they put the tip on it as well? ...

Tipping and confronting

by Kidco 3 years ago

Regular non tipping husband and wife. Non tippers. Bill comes to approximately $50. Finally, decided to say something. First, let me say all servers who wait on them are very good and very attenti...

Gratuity/hospitality-included restaurants

by Multifoiled 3 years ago

I'm curious to hear from people as to what they are doing at their favorite restaurants that have adopted the no-tipping policy when they have been given comped drinks, dessert, etc. Since there is...

Are credit card payments cheating waitstaff?

by Howard_2 3 years ago

I have a message I would like to post on some forum frequented by restaurant waitstaff. I have not yet been able to find a good forum. I would appreciate any tips anyone might have on where to po...

Should you tip on tax?

by josephnl 11 years ago

I have always been, I think, a reasonably generous tipper. I almost always leave 20% of the total (including tax) in nice restaurants, and often push it up to 23-25% in places where I am a "regula...

What Should Be on the Food Policy Agenda

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Eater has updated its look at Trump's possible food policy agenda, last discussed here, https://www.chowhound.com/post/trump-food-policy-1043549 . The new piece asked thought leaders what could and...

Foreigners Not Tipping

by Motosport 3 years ago

We had Sunday brunch at Maison Kayser. It's a semi upscale French bakery and café, moderately expensive but not over the top. Brunch for two $30-40 before tip. The late 20's couple sitting nex...