The Cheesecake Factory

Do you love the Cheesecake Factory? Talk about new and old locations, the cheesecake itself, and more, and find out what Chowhounds think about the chain.

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pf changs & cheesecake factory

by tuxedo 15 years ago

Just found out that we are getting both of these places locally - should I be thrilled?

Cheesecake Factory and the Downside of Gargantuan Portion Sizes

by rjw_lgb_ca 15 years ago

So yesterday we went to the Newport Beach outpost of the Cheesecake Factory chain with my cranky 70-year-old MIL ("Broccoli Cheese Soup?! No, I don't want THAT, my stomach can't handle that, now I ...

Why all the anti-Cheesecake Factory vitriol???

by sunnygordy 14 years ago

It seems as though there's more negative exchange on this chain than any other & I just don't understand why. First, people complain of the wait & then they complain that the food sucks. If the f...

Review of Cheesecake Factory & PF Changs … Chains take Stoneridge by storm

by rworange 15 years ago

This SF Bay Area review of these restaurants talks about why these places are so popular that people will wait 90 minutes to get in. The reviewer says his dinner for two at Cheesecake Factory for $...

Cheesecake Factory

by pikawicca 14 years ago

I have to say it: I was Christmas shopping today and stopped in at the CF for lunch. Had the Vietnamese Summer Rolls, and they were delicious! A perfect light lunch. Authentic? Probably not....

Cheesecake Factory, Blue Back Square--CT

masha bousha
by masha bousha 14 years ago

Ok...who has been there yet? give us the skinny. Is the food terrible? How's the service? How long is it worth waiting for a table there?

We have been invited to...Cheesecake Factory

by chelleyd01 14 years ago

What's the word on Cheesecake Factory? The menu looks ginormous, which makes me a little leery right off the bat. Any rec's out there?

Cheesecake Factory, can't defend it anymore

by GDSinPA 14 years ago

After 2 excellent meals to start off, my last 2 experiences at the cheesecake factory have been quite mediocre and I just can't defend it any more. I had been arguing (no just on chowhound) that i...

Ever try these dishes at Cheesecake Factory?

by steakrules85 14 years ago

Wanted some input on the ribeye steak (is it bone-in), chicken and biscuits, ranch house burger. I am going there tonight and am considering ordering one of these.

Central Review: Fancy Cheesecake Factory for People with Food Pretensions

by afrench 14 years ago

Finally went to Central to see what all the buzz was about. Turned out to be about nothing at all. First the dining room-not particularly warm, inviting or interesting. The noise level is so gre...

Brunch/Lunch in Old Town that isn't Cheesecake Factory

by Just One Bite 15 years ago

I'm looking for somewhere in Old Town that has a decent lunch/brunch on Saturdays. We're celebrating 2 birthdays, and they also want to shop at H&M. We'd like champagne to be on the menu! Scarlett ...

Warning from Cheesecake Factory ex-Virgin

Morticia Addams 7
by Morticia Addams 7 15 years ago

Well, folks, I told you Atlanta is mediocre as a food town. Sure it's big, but it is dominated by average chain restaurants and expensive linked restaurants (meaning local chains of 5 or more resta...

PF Chang's/Cheesecake Factory (split from FM & N)

by Phaedrus 15 years ago

PF Chang really grates on me more than the Cheesecake Factory. Mainly because I am Chinese and it pisses me off that this is what my friends and acquaintances think Chinese food is all about. Lie...

Cheesecake Factory in Buffalo

by FresserGuy 15 years ago

I know this is the Toronto/Ontario board, but I can't seem to find any other board to cover Buffalo NY, and I assume half the people eating at popular Buffalo spots on weekends are Ontarians. An...

Coerced into Cheesecake Factory

by inmybackpages 15 years ago

So I'm already set against this place based on knowing a couple of the waiters there, but I'm being forced to go as a group outing... Are there any decent menu items that aren't 1. Substitu...

Cheesecake Factory French Toast

by AlwayzHungry 15 years ago

Has anyone tried Cheesecake Factory's French Toast? Or have a suggestion on a good brunch alternative (limited to Cheesecake Factory items)? Thanks!

Good portion w. Desserts (similar to Cheesecake Factory)?

by carbonxiv 15 years ago

Thinking of a place to eat with a group of 6 this Sunday night for a girl friend's birthday. Recently went to Cheesecake Factory in the States, and I think that's what they all like. - Good port...

The new Cheesecake Factory Asian Concept...?

by Rina 15 years ago

Any word on the new Cheesecake Factory Southeast Asian concept? I am not sure if its rumors or there is some degree of truth to it? If yes, they may be competing with Pf Chang's new Japanese Tav...

OK...So, it was the Cheesecake Factory....

Kitchen Queen
by Kitchen Queen 15 years ago

that had the better meal. I understand that Cheesecake is NOT among the chowhound favorites but, let me tell you of my little story... Last night I was at a fancy wedding at the Nixon Librar...

Cheesecake factory - sweet pasta?

by calabasas_trafalgar 15 years ago

Yesterday my wife ordered some angel hair pasta at CF. They normally make it with tomato, basil, garlic, olive oil, and the pasta. She took a bite and said "this is kinda sweet", another bite, "thi...