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These Are the 5 Best Cold Brew Coffees You Can Buy

Looking for the best cold brew coffee you can buy? These five brands rose to the top in one writer's taste test. I’m not proud to admit that when I heard the words “stay at home order,” one of my first...

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Hom Bow?

by lmcsherr 9 years ago

I love Meesum Pastry in the Market . . . is this the best Hom Bow in the city?

Best fried chicken in Durham and Chapel Hill NC

by boaviagem 8 years ago

We were discussing various Durham and Chapel Hill restaurants at dinner tonight. Someone asked about where to get the best fried chicken. I recall having some really good fried chicken at Bullock...

Best sashimi (not sushi) - price/location no object?

by ribonucleic 5 years ago

As a finicky eater, I find something objectionable in most sushi roll combinations. (Avocado??) So I'm looking for sashimi, in particular. It doesn't have to be exotic, but it does need to be fresh...

The Munchies People's Choice Awards: Minnesota

by foreverhungry 5 years ago

I think this is recent news? There were four local winners in the Andrew Zimmern hosted "Munchies" awards. 20 categories. Local winners were: Best Donuts: Glam Doll Donuts, on Minneapolis’s famous...

The Daily Meal: 101 best restaurants in the US (NYC Edition)

by deepfry7 5 years ago

FYI, the 2015 list just came out recently. http://www.thedailymeal.com/101-best-restaurants-america?page=1 These are the NYC-area based restaurants. All 26 of them (including Blue Hill Stone...

Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine Best Restaurants 2015

by american_idle 5 years ago

http://mspmag.com/Eat-And-Drink/Articles/Best-Restaurants/Best-Restaurants-2015/ Is it me, or besides Saffron, are all of these places doing effectively the same thing? It's 14 variations of th...

Where are the best wings in NYC

by Jacob Labendz 15 years ago

If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be wings. My brother agrees. We are new in the city and looking for the best of the best. Wings should be hot, but we are looking fo...

Best Instant Ramen? (please do not mock me, pretty please)

by small h 11 years ago

I love ramen, but I'm feeling lazy & poor, plus, it's cold out. This thread is helpful, but it's over a year old, so I wonder if anyone has anything new to suggest. http://chowhound.chow.com/to...

Best hot dog?

by sgwood415 13 years ago

I think there are two types of foodies. People who live to experience the highest forms of cuisine. And people who live to experience every form of cuisine. The former will spare no expense in the ...

A Quest for Burger Greatness

by chartreauxx 7 years ago

I'm a Seattle dweller normally, but my boyfriend lives in the Twin Cities, so I'm out here visiting pretty often. He and I are on a quest to have (find? whatever) the best burgers the Twin Cities h...

Who has the best mussels in Seattle ?

by Bethwick 10 years ago

Looking for Seattle restaurant recommendations of your favorite mussel dish.

Challenge: Slice of Heaven

by cappucino 5 years ago

I had a little slice of heaven the other day when I had fresh garlic knots at Naomi's Pizza in Kew Gardens Hills, Queens, NY. I do believe they are the best I've ever had. They made my day. It...

best coffee brand, period!

by nix 14 years ago

My husband and I are tired of bitter, bland, strong icky coffee. What do you use and WHY?

Best Sandwhich in Asheville

by caiogirl 11 years ago

Hi Hounds! My boyfriend and I have been wanting sandwhiches lately. They can be fancy shmancy, deli type or any variation that can be put between two slices of bread. So tell me, what is yo...

Best Sandwich in the World

by Soop 11 years ago

Howdy folks. A couple of months ago I stumbled across the Reubens sandwich, which is probably my favorite sandwich now. I just wondered if there were any other top-grade sandwiches I didn't know ...

Best Place to Get an Eggplant Sub?

by hiddenboston 13 years ago

Not to paraphrase Christopher Walken, but I got a fever, and the only prescription is a good eggplant sub. I realize there are hundreds of sub shops around Boston (as well as many pubs and full-ser...

Chowhound's top 10 in GTA- 2015 version

by akhorasanee 5 years ago

Each poster may submit 1 reply containing a list of up to 10 restaurants they consider to be the best in the GTA. Nothing else, no comments, no meta discussions, just a list, in order of preference...

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