Your definitive guide to Thanksgiving: Chowhounds ask and answer all the burning questions, from turkey temperatures to what makes the perfect pumpkin pie.

The Ultimate Guide to Thanksgiving

The best way to cook a stress-free dinner is to think ahead, which is why we've created this comprehensive Thanksgiving guide with tips, techniques, and game plans that will help you host your best...

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Recommendation for Thanksgiving Dinner in Las Vegas

by Bob Rabinoff 20 years ago

I will be in Las Vegas on Thanksgiving day with a friend and we are looking for a restaurant located on or near the Stip that will serve a tradtional Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. We ...

Thanksgiving Dinner

by Duane Rice 20 years ago

My wife and I will be visiting NYC for Thanksgiving. Of course we'll have to try and see the parade on Thanksgiving then we have tickets for the 8:00 Rockettes show. Any ideas for a nice Thanks...

Danvers Area - Thanksgiving

by James 20 years ago

Does anyone know of any restaurants in the Danvers area that might be open on Thanksgiving? Thank you very much.

thanksgiving on upper east side

by Meist 20 years ago

i know someone asks this every year, but does anyone know a good restaurant for thanksgiving among (what i consider to be) the slim pickings of the upper east side? it's a family tradition to go ou...

Vegetarian options for THANKSGIVING DINNER

by nickypat 20 years ago

Here's the problem: Several friends of mine and I would like to dine out for Thanksgiving dinner, however I am a vegetarian (I don't eat any meat, poultry, fish or seafood but dairy is okay) and w...

Thanksgiving in Baltimore

by richard 20 years ago

My family and I (adults only) need to be in Baltimore for Thanksgiving and will be having dinner in a restaurant. Any recommendations for places that would include regional foods on their menu and ...

thanksgiving res questions

by mrnyc 20 years ago

i made reservations for four @ YE WAVERLY INN and am wondering if i did good --ok i admit since i'm paying. anyone eat there before for the holiday? if so, i'd like to hear your experiences. i have...

Thanksgiving Dinner in Pa Dutch Country

by Grannypnuts 20 years ago

Family coming from New England for Thanksgiving. They are looking for a real feast in Amish/Mennonite territory, but we have been told nothing will be open on Thanksgiving. Some of us don't particu...

Thanksgiving Weekend in NYC

by GregJ 20 years ago

On September 12th our 16-year old daughter announced that "we should spend Thanksgiving in New York!" And so we shall. The only place I'm set on (for lunch on Saturday, assuming it's open) is Uni...

Thanksgiving Dinner Downtown Chicago

by GLucas 20 years ago

My family plans to spend the Thanksgiving holiday in Chicago. We will be staying at The Delaware Towers. Does anyone have any suggestions about where we can have Thanksgiving dinner? We would pre...

Thanksgiving Dinner

by TexasTurkey 20 years ago

I am going to be in the South Florida area this Thanksgiving to take my grandmother to dinner. I need to know if there are any really good restaurants that will be serving on Thanksgiving. Can an...

Thanksgiving weekend - La Jolla

by brian 20 years ago

Any suggestions for a group of about 20 for dinner Friday night in or around La Jolla? We are in a soccer tournament (17 year-old boys, thus it doesn't have to be "kid-friendly")at UCSD that weeke...

thanksgiving dinner

by maggie 20 years ago

Will be visiting New Orleans for the week surrounding Thanksgiving. Any recommendations for a fabulous (doesn't have to be traditional) Thanksgiving meal?

Best place to take the family from Wisconsin to Thanksgiving dinner

by Amy 20 years ago

My parents are coming for Thanksgiving from Wisconsin. We will be a party of 6 and their tastes run toward the traditional (although in this case they could be convinced to be slightly experimental...

Thanksgiving day Restaurant suggestions

by Paulo Costa 20 years ago

We are looking for a restaurant in Manhattan to hold a party for 16 people on Thanksgiving day. The group ranges in age from 10 to 75. What we are looking for is: good food and service nice ambienc...

middle eastern for thanksgiving

by Wendy 20 years ago

Looking for a middle eastern restaurant in lower Manhattan with cozy atmosphere for thanksgiving dinner(not turkey) for 4. Any suggestions?

Thanksgiving Dinner in New Orleans

by skyler 20 years ago

We are looking to do dinner for thanksgiving out in New orleans this year. Any ideas/recommendations/ open restaurants?? Thanks!!

thanksgiving hits

by emily 21 years ago

my favorite dishes from this thanksgiving: -star anise-infused yams (is there nothing star anise can't do?) -sweet potato cake with white chocolate mousse frosting i'd like to hear what everyo...

Peking duck for Thanksgiving

by smidgemao 21 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good place for Peking duck for Thanksgiving dinner? (My family hates turkey.) A place in Oakland would be ideal! Thanks!

AndyP - tell us about your Thanksgiving

by bryan 21 years ago

Hey Andy: Hope you're still making my pizza recipe. On another board you mentioned your Thanksgiving ritual and I'm wondering how it went and what was consumed at the feast. Let us know please...

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