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Seattle Recs for 1st timer

by Vadapao 9 days ago

We're coming in from the greater NY metro area with a seven year old kid to Seattle (and Portland) for the July 4th w...

EatFoodGetMoney commented 5 days ago

Sticky rice - short or long grain?

by HaveSpoonWillCook 6 days ago

I have just seen two (wow!) types of white "sweet rice" at my local asian food store .. leaving me wondering if they ...


HaveSpoonWillCook commented 6 days ago

Good Thai restaurant in Frederick?

by Mallomar 14 days ago

The Thai restaurant I was planning to visit apparently closed last year. I'm looking for a casual (jeans & sneakers),...


abigail99 commented 8 days ago

SriPraPhai watercress salad at other restaurants?

by vinouspleasure 15 days ago

we always start with SriPraPhai's fried watercress salad. It's one of their most popular dishes, not sure why I've no...

jen kalb commented 11 days ago

Delicious and Quick (lunch)

by Puddi 16 days ago

We had tasty pad Thai, tad mun fish cakes (with kaffir lime leaves - getting harder to find!), green curry, and soup ...


hungry_pangolin commented 15 days ago

Thai basil, kaffir lime leaves, Thai eggplant in bay area

by learntocookchinese 2 months ago

I think I've seen Thai basil and kaffir lime leaves before at Ranch 99 in Mountain View, but they aren't there now. A...


davidg1 commented 15 days ago

Fresh rice noodles, wok fried, browned but not forgotten

by silsurf 22 days ago

This will be my second attempt at making Pad See Ew. My first was OK< but what is really lacking is the slight browne...


silsurf commented 20 days ago

Gin U Dee - Thai in Stoneham

by davis_sq_pro 2 years ago

This place seems to have opened sometime in the past few weeks. Tiny place on Main Street (intersection of Franklin) ...

davis_sq_pro commented 22 days ago

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Great Thai in Fort Lauderdale at Thai Spice

by edberliner 24 days ago

Thai Spice was excellent! We have been meaning to try it for a while now but things never worked out until last nigh...

Daughter Thai in Montclair [Oakland]

by Sablehart 1 month ago

Had a great dinner at Daughter Thai in Oakland--got the 24-hour beef noodle soup recommended in Luke Tsai's review, a...


tre2012 commented 25 days ago

Kin Khao | Union Square - San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

During Kin Khao's first year, I visited three times, each meal progressing in quality over the previous one. But some...


tre2012 commented 1 month ago

Tried and True Recipes from David Thompson's "Thai Food"

by CoconutMilk 7 years ago

I'm intimiated to invest in the complicated recipes from this book just to come up empty. Anyone cooked from it exte...


ARenko commented 1 month ago

Destination Dining: Thip Khao vs Bangkok Golden

by Steve 2 years ago

The pendulum has swung. Thip Khao is now certainly the latest destination dining spot of DC. Worth a special trip...


Foodgeek commented 1 month ago


by Obsession2013 2 months ago

I'll be in Chicago with a friend in September 2017, coming from the Bay Area. Please send recommendations for restaur...


Querencia commented 2 months ago

Finding Thai ingredients in the Pittsburgh area

by ayerarcturus 6 years ago

Hey all, I was reading the It Rains Fishes cookbook by Kasma Loha-Unchit and figure it's time to try some recipes. I...


burghgal commented 2 months ago

Thai Curry Sauce

by mgs68 2 months ago

My wife and I are big fans of the Buffalo Wild Wings' Thai Curry Sauce. Besides the obvious chicken wings, what are s...

HeidiCooksSupper commented 2 months ago

Tried and True Recipes from David Thompson's "Thai Food" #2

by qianning 4 years ago

The original thread was reaching the 400 posts mark, time to start #2. Hoping we can all continue to post our su...

Allegra_K commented 2 months ago

Noodle Market is open

by mangotango 2 months ago

New Vietnamese and Thai restaurant open in Arlington center. Anyone try it yet?


Steve L commented 2 months ago

Andy Ricker's Pok Pok LA to close next week

by stevewi 2 months ago

See: Restauranting is a ...


MikeG commented 2 months ago

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