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Find the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream, and more in Texas. We also have tags for many of the individual cities in the state, which you can browse here.

Roadtrip between Austin and Shreveport on Hwy 79

by SAnativegirl 10 years ago

Its our first time along 79 from Austin to Shreveport, any good places to eat in the evening?


stareye commented 1 month ago

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Anniversary dinner in Houston

by vanessa7 2 months ago

I am making last minute plans for an anniversary staycation next weekend and I am trying to decide where to make a di...

Authentic Cantonese BBQ pork Chau mein

by kennyrayandersen 4 months ago

I lived in Hong Kong for two years. Lived in Seattle and then LA. I know good Chinese food. In Seattle and LA you can...


medlar commented 3 months ago

[DFW] place to by ti or banana leaves?

by Brian 14 years ago

Does anyone know of a store where I can buy ti leaves or banana leaves? Ti leaves are large green leaves that are usu...


unstephenk commented 3 months ago

Michelin 3-Star chef opens fab restos in Lockhill Selma

by Debra Stuart 5 months ago

I wanted to alert all SA foodies to an extremely good new chef-owned restaurant in Lockhill-Selma called Spoon Eatery...


shanagain commented 4 months ago

Lubbock recs?

by MVNYC 12 years ago

Hi I will be in Lubbock this weekend and am looking for recs on Sunday night. What place stands out as the best pl...

Perilagu Khan

Perilagu Khan commented 5 months ago

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Best Hunan in San Antonio

by Mike In Concan 6 months ago

No more enchiladas...looking for a great place for Hunan

Home, and what to hoard as a Texpat?

by shanagain 3 years ago

So we may be leaving Texas. I was born in Abilene, lived in Round Rock when it was still its own little town, grew up...


shanagain commented 7 months ago

Dining with kids in Houston

by wallyg 8 months ago

Headed to Houston for a week with two four year olds, and still adjusting to the cramped traveling style of being par...


wallyg commented 7 months ago

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West Texas report from NYC tourist

by JackS 8 months ago

I recently got back home from my first trip to Texas! The focus of the trip was Big Bend National Park and Marfa, al...

Dickie Davis's "Sweet & Hot"

by gabear50 5 years ago

Does anyone know anything about this incredible relish? Or about a lady named "Dickie Davis" from Menard, Texas? A ...


carolinestarry commented 8 months ago

Lantana Seasoning?

by mschow 11 years ago

I used to live in Texas and purchased some seasoning I used all the time. After I left Texas, I managed to get a loc...


jasonkottx commented 12 months ago

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Sheep meat in Austin-San Antonio?

Joe MacBu
by Joe MacBu 12 months ago

Are there any butchers between Austin and San Antonio who have mutton (older sheep >2 years old)? To clarify, not loo...

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Croissant dough sheets

by honeysock 12 months ago

I'm looking for a frozen croissant dough sheet while I get my bakery up and running. I've tried one out of California...

Hotel Room Cooking Hacks

by Bella1999 1 year ago

Thanks to Hurricane Harvey the Horrible, we will be living in a hotel room for almost 2 months at the least. My Inst...


saregama commented 1 year ago

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Restaurants Near Residence Inn Downtown

by labdog 1 year ago

Nice restaurants near Residence Inn Downtown on East 4th, Austin

Boones Texas Shake

by Rusty Routt 14 years ago

Does anyone out there know where I can get some more Boones Texas Shake?????? I knew boone from the Oil field, and u...


tazzmann67 commented 1 year ago

Dinner suggestions in Hill Country (NE San Antonio)

by Jpower 2 years ago

Hi San Antonio, I'm going to be staying at the JW Marriott North East of San Antonio for a conference in a couple of...


gladysgibbs commented 1 year ago