Great Tex-Mex has escaped Texas and swept the country. Find out where to try the best, and get cooking and recipe advice for making Tex-Mex dishes at home.

How to Build the Ultimate Taco Bar

There’s no need to wait until the next Cinco de Mayo (or Tuesdays, for that matter) to get your taco on—but October 4 is National Taco Day, so it’s the perfect time to break out your go-to taco recipe...

Dozens of Historic Mexican Cookbooks Are Now Available Online

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

A year ago we read about Diana Kennedy's 800-mile journey to deliver her cookbook collection to the University of Texas, San Antonio. https://www.chowhound.com/post/diana-kennedy-goodbye-cookbook...

California Mexican vs. Tex Mex?

by franknbeans 13 years ago

This is a bit of a thread jack, but what is the difference between Tex-Mex and California Mexican food? I have got into several arguments with people over the years trying to say that I thought Ca...

What did I buy? “Pork Steak Ready Shoulder Butt”

by shinypenny 2 years ago

I was looking for pork shoulder for pulled pork and found this “Pork Steak Ready Shoulder Butt” so I thought why not. How would most people cook this? It’s 7.33 lbs.

June 2012 COTM, The Homesick Texan: Appetizers; Chiles, Soups, and Stews; Tex Mex Classics

by L.Nightshade 9 years ago

Please use this thread to report on the following chapters from the June Cookbook of the Month: Appetizers, pages 90 - 177 Chilis, Soups, and Stews, pages 122 - 146 Tex Mex Classics, pages 153...

Tex Mex restaurant on Lavaca

by raj1 10 years ago

Does anyone remember the name of a restaurant on Lavaca that used to be in the El Mercado space? I believe they had a satellite restaurant down the street too. This was back in the day. Mid-late 80...


by Querencia 3 years ago

Oh my God, if you haven't ever made migas do it in the next five minutes. I had just come back from the farmers' market with gorgeous green peppers and starving for breakfast and in the mood for sc...

best cookbook on tex-mex/ mexican american ??

by j8715 10 years ago

I'm not even sure I am using the right term. I'm looking for a cookbook on the recognizable dishes in mexican-american cooking, not really looking for in depth regional mexican cooking (right now)...

A burritos on Long Island

by Gastronomos 4 years ago

After some nice taco at Nelly's in Hicksville, now that they focussed on the good stuff and eliminated the bad stuff, I also tried the tacos again at Taco Tuesday on the Nautical Mile in Freeport a...

Avocado substitute

by BroderX 4 years ago

I live in Norway. Right now, one ripe, large avocado will cost me $3,81, which is a bit pricey. But guacamole is just too good. Any substitute ingredients that do the trick? I've seen edamame recip...

Texan food in Downtown San Antonio

by Displaced Hoser 4 years ago

Hi all - I'm going to be at a conference in downtown San Antonio for a few days (at the Gonzalez Convention Center, staying at the Menger) and will not have a car. I would like to find tasty places...

Mena's Tex-Mex - Carrollton

by ibobi 14 years ago

Just wanted to put a good word in for Mena's Tex Mex in Carrollton at the corner of Trinity Mills and Marsh (SE corner). Great service along with wonderful food. Been 3 or 4 times this past year an...

Stereotypic Texan/Austin Menu for Graduation party

by Epchan 4 years ago

Planning my son's HS graduation party. He is going to UT Austin (from Chicago, IL) and I'd like to serve some "typical" Texan/Austin food at his party (at the pool/grill). Expecting about 100 peo...

February 2017 COTM: The Tex-Mex Cookbook --chapters 7 through 11 (reports)

blue room
by blue room 4 years ago

Post here for these chapters, please don't copy any recipes verbatim. Mex-Mex (126-137) Dulces and Desserts (145-151) American Cheese Enchiladas (162-173) Puffy, Crispy, and Crazy (183-189)...

February 2017 COTM: The Tex-Mex Cookbook--Chapters 2 through 6 (reports)

blue room
by blue room 4 years ago

Post reports here, but please don't type recipes verbatim. Old-fashioned Breakfasts (24-37) Chili con Carne (48-61) Early Combination Plates (74-79) Hot Tamales (88-97) West Texas Enchiladas...

February 2017 Cookbook of the Month: The Tex-Mex Cookbook -- Reports

blue room
by blue room 4 years ago

Buenos días to all, this begins our Tex-Mex month. The food is very familiar to most of us (?) but this book is so full of so much else, stories, history, photographs, and even a few language ...

February 2017 COTM: The Tex-Mex Cookbook -- chapters 12 through 14 (reports)

blue room
by blue room 4 years ago

Post your reports here, but please no verbatim recipes. Sizzling Fajitas (217-223) Frozen or On the Rocks? (228-237) From Paris, Texas to Paris, France (250-257) Back to main page: ...

February 2017 Cookbook of the Month: The Tex-Mex Cookbook, by Robb Walsh

blue room
by blue room 4 years ago

Our February book will be "The Tex-Mex Cookbook" by Robb Walsh, subtitled "A History in Recipes and Photos". Here's the author's website: http://robbwalsh.com/ The nominating and voting thr...

Texmex (chile relleno)

by drbouba 5 years ago

Will be in Dallas this weekend for family event, staying about 15 minutes north of downtown. What would be your top choice for tex mex, especially one with great chile rellenos? thanks!

Houston - Best BBq/Tex-Mex Near Lancaster Hotel?

by Rodan 5 years ago

Hello, I'll be in Houston this weekend, staying at The Lancaster Hotel (701 Texas Ave.) I've heard the area variously referred to as "Downtown," "The Theater District," "Near Jones Plaza," etc....

Tex-Mex/Mexican near DFW Airport

by exPat727 5 years ago

I have an overnight layover next month at DFW airport, arriving around 9pm on a Friday night. Is there any place 10-15 mins taxi ride from the airport worth trying? Tex-Mex/Mexican food in Hong K...