The Ultimate Guide to Charcuterie

From humble beginnings often come magnificent ends. Case in point: charcuterie. You might have a vague sense that charcuterie refers to “sausages and things;” you might even be aware of how to pronounce...

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Zuni Foie Gras Terrine results- follow-up

by LizR 13 years ago

Well, we are still alive! After my last post on the 27th we re-sealed the terrine in fat and let it cure for a while (nearly two weeks, which is what Zuni says is the max). Cracked it open Saturday...

Zuni foie gras terrine - did I ruin it?

by LizR 13 years ago

Hi, I happened to come in to posession of a hunk of foie gras. After sauteing some, I decided to make the terrine recipe from the Zuni cookbook. Her final temp was supposed to be 98 degrees, whic...

Cafe Rouge's duck terrine

by Melanie Wong 13 years ago

After a tasting of white burgundies, we dug into a one-pound hunk of bacon-wrapped duck terrine from Cafe Rouge. When I first saw the size of the portion, it seemed way excessive for a mid-afterno...

Meat terrines/pates

by MHann 15 years ago

How many of you prepare baked meat terrines/pates? I find that this is a painstaking, troublesome activity, but I love the result. So we are on the same page I'll provide one of my successful ter...

130 pds of happy organic pork- making terrines and pates

by JudiAU 15 years ago

I recently visited Boston and enjoyed the excellent handmade pates and terrines at The Butcher Shop. In the past, I have always preferred terrines but their pates (crust covered) where also excelle...

Smoked Salmon Terrine at Cyrano's

by CrazyC 15 years ago

Had lunch at Cyrano's on Wednesday, and had my usual Lunch Express platter. We had a smoked salmon terrine-like thing, salad, rotisserie duck with orange sauce and potatoes and apple tart for desse...

Pate/terrine for Turkey Day around downtown

by joypirate 16 years ago

I don't really have time to run to Fromaggio's kitchen for some good pate but I'd like to bring some to the future in-laws for thanksgiving appetizers. Any tips? What's good at Savenors? Or at Del...

Goat cheese terrine

by Aaron D 16 years ago

We have to make a starter dish for a casual get together this Sunday afternoon for about 10 people. We were thinking of a sort of goat cheese terrine, but would like something easily transportable...

Goat Cheese Terrine Recipe Needed

by TR 17 years ago

I want to poach pears (maybe with/in wine) and need a non-complex terrine recipe -- I do not want the flavor of the cheese terrine to overpower the pears. I'm planning on using Montrachet. Any i...

gorgeous rabbit terrine

by Louise 17 years ago

SE Formaggio in the South End has an absolutely divine rabbit terrine in their take out case. It isn't quite lunchtime, but I'm already devouring a bit on baguette. It is really good.

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