Tenderloin Steak

How to Prepare a Successful Beef Wellington Layer by Layer

Beef Wellington is many things to many people: a showstopper centerpiece for special occasion dining, a rite of passage for an aspiring chef, the most epic gourmet expression of a mushroom-topped hamburger...

Sukarne Beef aka Beef from Mexico - Thoughts?

by AllieM 3 years ago

I stopped in at my local IGA today and they had a special on what they called Sukarne Beef Butt Tenderloin at $6.97 per pound - average weights of 2 - 3 lbs. I came home and Googled Sukarne and fo...

Please help me improve this video playlist related to steak

by MichelleJ_UK 2 years ago

I've been invited to improve the following VidFlow YouTube steak playlist and it would be super helpful if you could help me in editing this playlist. I would love to help but I am a bit stuck... ...

Food Resolutions

by bblonde 3 years ago

Tis the season to start making resolutions. Anyone else make food resolutions? My food-related resolutions for 2017 are as follows Cook on my salt block Cook more fish Make something "famili...

Leftover beef tenderloin. Ideas?

by smr33 12 years ago

I have a lovely 1 1/2 lb. hunk of beautifully roasted beef tenderloin sitting in my fridge leftover from yesterday's final holiday blowout meal. I don't think I've ever had leftover tenderloin, so...

Slow Roasted Beef Tenderloin Cooking Times

by edel1004 3 years ago

Hi! I am preparing Ina's slow roasted beef tenderloin for Christmas, linked here: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/slow-roasted-filet-of-beef-and-basil-parmesan-mayonnaise-recipe.html...

reheating tenderloin

by kesues 10 years ago

Hi - I made a 3 (rare-medium-rare) chateaubriand's last night for a dinner party. There is one left over. How would you recommend reheating while preserving the "rare" state. Thanks

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