2020 Cherry Blossom Festival Food & Craft Fair

by fresnobuddhistchurch 7 months ago

The Fresno Betsuin Buddhist Temple invites you to our 2020 Cherry Blossom Festival Food and Craft Fair! It will be a special day of family fun and adventure, featuring a wide variety of handcrafte...

Where can I find a Takoyaki Pan in Edmonton? Or a Sanyo 3-in-1 Electric Multi-Cooker (HPS-MC3)

by SciFiCanuck 9 years ago

My daughter wants these items...she is gaga about Japanese cooking. I have searched high and low...wondering if anyone out there knows who sells these in Edmonton, Alberta??? Lots online in the...

Takoyaki mix, instructions in Japanese

by EWSflash 7 years ago

I bought two 200-gm packages of takoyaki mix, and the instructions are in Japanese. Everything is, except for the part that said it contained 200 grams. Does anybody have any acquaintance with that...

Takoyaki London?

by galeg 8 years ago

Is there anyplace in London where I can get takoyaki-type food? I'm thinking, e.g., of octopus balls, grilled miso black cod, and the like. TIA-- Geo

Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki Stalls at Nihonmachi Street Fest [San Francisco]

by soupçon 6 years ago

I stopped by the Nihonmachi Street Fair today (it continues tomorrow) not expecting to find anything exciting food-wise. I was pleasantly surprised to find, side-by-side, Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki s...

DIY Takoyaki, American appliance-style

Kris in Beijing
by Kris in Beijing 6 years ago

[As a longtime CH'er, I'm still struggling with FOOD QUESTS, but this is a legitimate venture I'm starting.] . Just scored a BabyCakes Cakepop maker at my favourite Thrift Store. I want to...

Need a takoyaki pan in the next 24 hrs

by ac106 6 years ago

Thinking Ebisuya will have one but maybe a restaurant supply in Chinatown?


by youareabunny 7 years ago

Search did not show me much except that, as I expected, most takoyaki that anyone has been served here was frozen. I only had it once, somewhere in Kearny Mesa, and it was definitely frozen. ...

Takoyaki Griddle in Calgary?

by Lucki 7 years ago

Has anyone seen any takoyaki griddles in Calgary? I'm looking for one as a gift and I'm kicking myself for not buying the one I saw in Vancouver last month! Thanks!

Tasty Takoyaki Downtown- Osa Tako Hero!

Sam Salmon
by Sam Salmon 8 years ago

Takoyaki has always been elusive here in Vancouver-popular but hard to find. Happily someone has come to the rescue of Takoyaki aficionados and started a street cart devoted to nothing but. M...


by jsandler 8 years ago

Recently while browsing a Salvation Army store, I came across a Takoyaki maker. Of course, I couldn't resist. I've now used it twice. The first time, I used regular all-purpose flower and the secon...

Anyone seen Takoyaki lately in SF?

by sweet100s 9 years ago

Has anyone seen Takoyaki lately? The version I remember from a summer living in Tokyo was at the Mitsukoshi department store lunch counter. It was a small lunch counter in a corner of the store ...

Takoyanen for takoyaki (octopus balls) - Thurs Ferry Bldg Farmers' Mkt, SF

by hhc 9 years ago

I wanted to try Takoyanen from the Delicia people. They have a stand outside at the Ferry Bldg Farmers' Market on Thurs from 10a-2p. Only thing they sell are the takoyaki (octopus balls) 8 for ...

Takoyaki on Dotonbori

by wallyg 9 years ago

We're heading over to the Osaka Dome for a baseball game while we're in Kyoto, and thought we might try to hit up Dotonbori on the way back. Can anyone recommend the best takoyaki place or places ...

Takoyaki recipe?

by EWSflash 9 years ago

I got a wild hair and bought a takoyaki maker, a little electric one. Amazon was selling it for over $80 and J-List had it for the low $20s so feeling righteous I bought one. Now what? it's kind of...

Gukhwappang and Takoyaki Stand @ H-Mart Irvine

by misseatalot 9 years ago

The Gukhwappang stand at the Irvine H-Mart according to the earliest Yelp posts popped up on the weekends in January. Gukwappang are like the little corn-shaped Delimanjoo cakes that Lee's Sandwic...

where can I buy a Poffertjes/Takoyaki/Ebelskiver pan in Toronto?

by tori_amsterdam 10 years ago

I lived in Amsterdam for a few years but before leaving forgot to pick up a pan to make poffertjes at home in Toronto. Any one know where I can purchase an inexpensive one? If not, a Takoyaki or Eb...

Takoyaki, where are you?

by Lane 15 years ago

If anyone has been to Japan or New York's 9th Street, you must know my feelings if you too have experienced the explosive taste of the Japanese snack food, Takoyaki, or octopus balls. I have mov...

Takoyaki at Shirokiya

by chazuke 10 years ago

Anyone here ever had the takoyaki at Shirokiya? When we were there (food court) last year, we noticed that it was being offered. Because the minimum order was 8 pieces and we weren't really all tha...