Taco Bell

Yo quiero Taco Bell. Discuss the fast-food chain here: Topics include local openings and closings, controversies in the news, and favorite (or least favorite) things to eat at Taco Bell.

The Taco Bell Archives: A Guide to Discontinued Menu Items, Both Beloved and Unsettling

Taco Bell has discontinued menu items before; just last month, we said farewell to potatoes, Nachos Supreme, and Loaded Grillers. Now Mexican Pizza is on the chopping block. Ergo, it's time to revisit...

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Taco Bell Doritos Taco

by jhopp217 9 years ago

I know there are probably a million posts on this one, but I'll add another. I will say right off the bat, that I have been to Taco Bell about five times in my life and think it is borderline ined...

Celebrate !!! No more 'pink slime' at McDonalds, Burger King or Taco Bell

by rworange 9 years ago

I am too through with those chains, especially McDonald's. I actually have cut way down on Mcdonald's since learning the buns have a chemical used in yoga mats. i haven't bought a burger or san...

A Taco Bell taco meat filling lawsuit?

by Firegoat 10 years ago

I read this on Gawker.com this morning where they mentioned that Taco Bell is being sued for calling it's taco meat beef. http://gizmodo.com/5742413/this-is-what-really-hides-in-taco-bells-beef ...

Taco bell hot sauce!!

by foodman11 10 years ago

I love taco bell hot sauce unfortunately they know this and don't put out their hot sauce on the counter anymore for customers to take, they give it to you with your order if you ask for it. Any...

Taco Bell Fruitista Freeze

by Riatta 10 years ago

Anyone have a copycat recipe for the strawberry freeze and strawberry sauce that goes on top? Thanks!

Taco Bell - New Quad Steak Burrito - Any Reports?

by Servorg 10 years ago

Just wondered if anyone had tried this and what they thought? Thankgoodness it has reduced fat sour cream! ;-D> http://www.tacobell.com/menuitem/Quad-Steak-Burrito

Stoner special at Taco Bell??

by Midlife 10 years ago

I've been seeing Taco Bell TV commercials for a buritto filled with beef, melted cheese-ish stuff and a Flamin' Hot Fritos. I can't imagine anything that could sound worse but just possibly fill a...

Taco Bell Chicken Flatbread-Square Gordita?

by bbqboy 10 years ago

I tried one of these. Not bad-2 kinds of cheese, but nothing else. It could have used the green sauce, but I was at a location that charges 35 cents so I deferred. The flatbread itself seemed lik...

Taco Bell Cantina Tacos

by nightsky 10 years ago

I have to admit the carnitas is pretty good. Two soft corn tortillas filled with nicely seasoned pork/cilantro, and comes with a wedge of lime. Chicken was ok too. I wish they'd decouple from KFC...

Taco Bell - Cantina Taco's (moved from Ontario board)

by vaiguy777 10 years ago

I was just was in Niagara Falls New York. Taco Bell has these new Cantina Taco's. I tried the Pork...and I must admit they were damn good. 2 real corn tortillas, tons of cilantro and a wedge of ...

Taco Bell Chili Cheese Burrito in NOVA/DC/Bmore area?

by lacunacoil 10 years ago

Apparently the chili cheese locator website is down (http://www.chilicheese.org/). Could someone point me to a TB that has the chilito before I attempt to make my own?

Help!! Taco Bell Chili Cheese Burrito in the L.A. area?!

by milllie 10 years ago

I just moved to L.A. from San Francisco, and I'm looking for a Taco Bell location that carries the Chili Cheese Burrito. The website chilicheese.org seems to be shut down. Does anybody know of any...

Bell Beefers Available at Taco Bell in Covina

by SoCal Foodie 10 years ago

FYI for Bell Beefer fans: The Taco Bell in El Monte on Peck Road no longer makes Bell Beefers under their new ownership, but they did inform me that the Taco Bell in Covina on Citrus still makes th...

[London] Taco Bell

by drmcmasters 10 years ago

Taco Bell has reentered the UK market, this week opening a store in the Lakeside Shopping Centre in Thurrock, Essex. Here's their website: http://tacobelluk.co.uk/

taco bell tortada

by bigjeff 11 years ago

saw signs for this, very funny! jumping on the sandwich/wrap craze but why don't they just call it a torta instead of using the word tortada? or is it like a tostada but . . . . wrapped? so weird. ...

Taco Bell Bell Beefer with cheese no mas!

by Burger Boy 11 years ago

Sad to report that the Taco Bell on Peck Rd. north of Valley Blvd a few blocks has new owners and they took the Bell Beefer away, it was not on the menu but they had it on the secret menu. I would...

La Casita Azteca...yes, it smells like Taco Bell

by corriveauamc 12 years ago

I've known for a while that you really shouldn't expect to find great Mexican food anywhere in Western MA or New England for that matter. Usually I go to La Veracruzana in Noho because it's easy...

Taco Bell quality

by wyatt3290 12 years ago

when I was a kid Taco Bell was the best (at least for what I knew at the time). I won't eat there now unless there is nothing else around (or open). Just wondering when the quality went away. Del T...

Free Tacos at Taco Bell

by TomSwift 11 years ago

If you go to www.tacobell.com you can print a coupon good for a free taco fresco. They're limiting the promotion to 1 million tacos and coupon is god for 7 days after printing. I don't know how ...