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Help getting reservations at top sushi restaurants in Tokyo?

by Belkisw 1 month ago

I am in the midst of planning our belated honeymoon to Japan in the spring and desperately trying to get bookings at ...

od_sf commented 16 hours ago

Sushi Takamitsu Uni Only in Summer?

by juddjudd18 2 days ago

Hi all. I'm going to be in Tokyo in April and was looking into booking Sushi Takamitsu through my concierge. However,...


Ninisix commented 1 day ago

Uogashi w/Nakajima - Hell Yeah!

by Yaxpac 2 months ago

Made a last minute decision to go to Uogashi on Xmas glad that we did. We sat in front of chef Nakajima an...


JTpearl commented 5 days ago

Non-disgusting uses for imitation crab?

by carophil11 19 days ago

I got a package of imitation crab (I know, gag) to make crab rangoons a while back, and froze the rest of it (AKA 90%...

varelse commented 6 days ago

NYC Omakase Sushi

by BSR84 4 months ago

What's the latest thinking here for best Tokyo-style omakase sushi joints in NYC? I see the other threads but just wa...


VaPaula commented 7 days ago

Toshi Ryoriten - Mediocre, run-of-the-mill Japanese food at elevated pricing

by Charles Yu 10 days ago

After being told by a few friends that this neighborhood ' authentic ' Japanese restaurant is run by a seasoned Japan...

alienxx45 commented 9 days ago

Sushi NODA

by karasu 22 days ago

Chef Tsunoda used to the second chef at Sushi Iwa in ginza, for those of you who have been there. Then he went to Haw...

od_sf commented 10 days ago

Need help finding a sushiya near Shimbashi station

by od_sf 15 days ago

Hello, I'm visiting Tokyo again soon for another sushi extravaganza, and will be flying home on a Sunday afternoon...

od_sf commented 14 days ago

San Diego Sushi Bar with wild caught fish

by chezron 5 months ago

Went to our usual sushi bar last night and was disturbed to find that almost ALL of the fish was farm-raised. I will ...


SeaEagle commented 16 days ago

Sushi Shin

by kiokujai 17 days ago

Hey guys! I have a dinner reservation at Sushi Shin next month and was offered a 20k and 25k JPY option. According to...


kiokujai commented 16 days ago

Room Temp Sushi Rice Storage- Non Alarmist Advice Sought re:Food Safety [moved from Home Cooking]

by opinionatedchef 5 years ago

I often purchase prepared white sushi rice at my local Whole Foods.I used to store it in the frig, but lately I have ...


SeaEagle commented 19 days ago

Tsunoda-san has left Iwa

by angler 7 months ago

We've been going to Iwa annually for several years. We've been looking forward to our upcoming trip in September, bu...


JTpearl commented 26 days ago

ICHI Sushi [SF] - La Lengua Chronicles Part 28

by Dave MP 5 years ago

Date Dined: 12/17/12 I had heard from several people that Ichi is a good spot for sushi, but since I'm not a huge ...

Cynsa commented 27 days ago

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Why did Saito Sushi close? Is he still around?

by medicine 29 days ago

I just returned to Los Angeles on a trip after being away for years. Why did Saito Sushi close and is he ok? As a sus...

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Assessment of my list of sushi restaurants for Tokyo

by Belkisw 1 month ago

Hi all, having read many chowhound posts and done research on where we can realistically get bookings, have whittled ...

Negitoro don vs toro sushi

by opqpop 5 years ago

Is the toro in negitoro don the same quality as what you'd find for toro sushi (nigiri)? Is it even toro, or just reg...


iPat commented 1 month ago

Sushi Satake (すし佐竹)

by leduarte 1 month ago

Good Morning, Can anyone tell me about their experience at Satake? I understand that he uses two different types ...


leduarte commented 1 month ago

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