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Where can I find Japanese "Umi Budo" (Sea Grapes)?

by tokyotower 3 days ago

Do you know of any restaurants or grocery stores in NYC that serves/sells Umi Budo (Japanese sea grape seaweed!) It's...


small h commented 2 days ago

Tokyo sushi bomb throwing

by bdad1 1 month ago

OK-I know this is probably among the most annoying questions one can post on Chowhound but I am looking for sushi rec...


od_sf commented 4 days ago

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Osaka Food Tour: Help me Select Places

by Julien.A 4 days ago

Hello: I need some help to choose some places for a 2 days itinerary in Osaka. No western food, just a discovery of ...

Tokyo - Dinner advice

by carnfek 9 days ago

Hi All, I will be travelling to Tokyo for the first time later in the year, and was hoping to get some advice on p...


kiokujai commented 6 days ago

Hashiguchi & Taichi but don't speak Japanese

by dwaynetrain 1 year ago

I am very excited to have reservations for Sushi Hashiguchi and Sushi Taichi (thanks to concierge). I chose those res...


superlamer commented 9 days ago

[Trip Report] Tokyo March 2018

by kiokujai 1 month ago

Sushi Shin – this was my first meal after landing in Tokyo. I sat at the second round at 8:30 PM. I got there early s...


kiokujai commented 20 days ago

Has Hatsunezushi closed?

by od_sf 22 days ago

From Tabelog's listing for the shop: "We are withholding the posting of this restaurant as we are not able to conf...


Ninisix commented 22 days ago

Medium-priced sushiya for slightly larger groups of non-Japanese speakers

by kkbb 27 days ago

Hi folks! While planning my recent Japan trip, it occurred to me that most of the great sushiya I’ve been to happen t...


kkbb commented 27 days ago

Why do people like Sawada so much?

by Algerena 2 months ago

Greetings everyone; the question I have is about Sawada in Ginza. Both the international community (Instagram, Mi...


Ninisix commented 28 days ago

Suzuki Sushi (and much much more than sushi) - former Sushi Zen owner

by UES Mayor 11 months ago

Had a chance to try this relatively new location at 114 W 47 St. Didn't disappoint!! Sushi bar serves only Omakase ($...


sstout87 commented 1 month ago

First time high end sushi in Tokyo

by rockunited 1 month ago

Hi, Have been reading a lot on these forums and done quite a bit of research but still a bit confused. Would really a...


tanseaway commented 1 month ago

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Sushi Tokyo - Best high end for first time

by rockunited 1 month ago

Hi, Have been reading a lot on these forums and done quite a bit of research but still a bit confused. Would really a...

NYC Omakase Sushi

by BSR84 6 months ago

What's the latest thinking here for best Tokyo-style omakase sushi joints in NYC? I see the other threads but just wa...


JTpearl commented 1 month ago

Harutaka vs Tokami

by Heeney 2 months ago

I currently have the option for both but am only able to do one. Recommendations?


Heeney commented 2 months ago

Sushi NODA

by karasu 3 months ago

Chef Tsunoda used to the second chef at Sushi Iwa in ginza, for those of you who have been there. Then he went to Haw...


Jonathan82 commented 2 months ago

Sushi decision

by xxgirl 2 months ago

Hi everyone, My hotel has recommended Nishiazabu Taku and Kurosaki for my sushi dinner in April. I see that Ta...


OliverB commented 2 months ago

Gimbap & Japchae To-Go @ Asian Market | Marina

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Today I dropped into Asian Market in Marina on the Monterey Peninsula in need of some Korean ingredients. I found the...


Ttrockwood commented 2 months ago

Sushi Takamitsu Uni Only in Summer?

by juddjudd18 2 months ago

Hi all. I'm going to be in Tokyo in April and was looking into booking Sushi Takamitsu through my concierge. However,...


Ninisix commented 2 months ago

Meals in Tokyo

by thwysg 10 months ago

Having a trip with the mister from late Jan to mid Feb 2018. We will only be staying in Tokyo for 5 nights before mov...


thwysg commented 2 months ago

Toshi Ryoriten - Mediocre, run-of-the-mill Japanese food at elevated pricing

by Charles Yu 2 months ago

After being told by a few friends that this neighborhood ' authentic ' Japanese restaurant is run by a seasoned Japan...


Wandering Foodie commented 2 months ago

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