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Dancing Deer Baking Co. Sugar Cane Lime Cookie?

by surfer1966 10 years ago

Anybody seen these in town? These are my fav sugar cookie. I use to get my fix at the La Jolla Whole Foods but they haven't had them the last few times I checked.

Where to find guava and sugar cane near Orlando?

by kellaz 10 years ago

I'm visiting Orlando on business from out of town (NY) for a week in early December. Looking to see if guava is sold in the markets, and if so, where would I be able to pick some up? Also as a bon...

Fresh squeezed sugar cane juice on Oahu?

by madoka 10 years ago

One more question for you island experts: Do you know of any place that serves/sells fresh squeezed sugar cane juice on Oahu? Thanks!

Dates and Sugar Cane Juice

by kellaz 10 years ago

Hi all, I'm visiting San Diego in mid-late September and am looking to see if I can get a hold of these two items while I'm over there. Dates: August and September are date season, and I kn...

Miel de caña / sugar cane syrup

fame da lupo
by fame da lupo 10 years ago

Love the berenjenas a la miel here in Spain, but I will be returning home soon. So I'm curious if 'sugar cane syrup' that can be had in the US approximates the miel de caña that you find in Spain....

Sugar cane juice and expanded schedule at New India Bazar (formerly Dana Bazar) Fremont

by David Farris 10 years ago

A few months ago, the grocery store Dana Bazar on Mowry and Blacow in Fremont became New India Bazar, which owns a bunch of grocery stores locally. But chaat counter is still operated by the same ...

Sugarcane - a review from my layover

by bdachow 10 years ago

Sugarcane, by the Midtown Mall, was recommended by some fellow hounds as a nice spot for lunch during my layover in Miami. It was a 15 minute taxi ride from the airport during late morning so that...

Pepsi made with sugar cane

by yeggy 12 years ago

One of my colleagues told me this soft drink was available in the States. Does anyone know if it is also available in Canada as well? Thanks for any info.

Sugar cane skewers

by finefoodie55 10 years ago

Looking for sugar cane skewers( for vietnamese shrimp paste skewers) wondering where I might find them.

Where to Find Vietnamese Grilled Shrimp Paste on Sugar Cane Skewers?

by natalie 10 years ago

Hi, all. I’m looking for a specific Vietnamese dish called “Grilled Shrimp Paste on Sugar Cane Skewers,” or “Banh Hoi Chao Tom Cuon Banh Trang,” but without the diacritical marks. Any recommendati...

Sugar Cane--What do I do with it?

by femmevox 11 years ago

Just was given a two foot long stalk of sugar cane. Don't know anything to do with it except grill shrimp paste on it in the Vietnamese mode. And I'm not going to do that. Other ideas?

Sugarcane Grill or Michael's Genuine for birthday lunch?

by mom2mateo 11 years ago

Ok my fellow chows I have done my homework and read all the posted messages on both Sugarcane Grill and Michael's Genuine. I have been to both. I like both. I cannot make up my mind. Help me decide...

Sugarcane in Montreal

by whatdoisay 11 years ago

Finding this has proved much harder than expected. I've looked through 3 Chinese grocery stores in Chinatown for it and found nothing. Anyone know a place that for sure has it in stock?

Guarapo de Cana - Sugar Cane Juice; Yerba Buena?

by headbroad 14 years ago

I am trying to recreate a mojito I had recently in Miami. They used sugar cane juice. Apparently this is sometimes available fresh at Latin markets. Goya sells it in cans. Does anyone know any ...

Duck Egg at Sugarcane

by nikklos 11 years ago

Had dinner at Sugarcane in Midtown Miami last night. Felt compelled to post about a tapas dish simply called "Duck Egg" that I enjoyed. I wanted to call attention to it because the name is such a...

California Sugarcane Rum here in LA (sorf of)

by Hobsons Choice 11 years ago

Saw this today... St. George Spirits just announced the release of its "Agua Libre" Rum. Made from 100% California sugarcane, pressed fresh at the hangar (of Hangar One vodka fame) on the island...

Where can I find Orange Crush with Sugar Cane (Mexican Orange Crush) in the DC area?

by jojopuppyfish 11 years ago

Where can I find Orange Crush with Sugar Cane (Mexican Orange Crush) in the DC area? I was talking to my boss about this and was hoping to pickup a case for him. Anywhere in the dc area that s...

where can i buy whole sugar cane in kansas

by panfriedsushi 11 years ago

Looking for whole sugarcane to smoke some home made andouille sausage. I have looked at 888 market with no luck. Any thoughts?

Help me decide - Q, Sugarcane or Burger & Beer Joint for tonight?

by jessicam29 11 years ago

I've been dying to try all three. Any advantages to trying one before the others? I know they are all completely different. I would love to hear your feedback!

Seeking Freshly Squeezed Sugarcane Juice in Tampa Bay

by triff 11 years ago

Yesterday I went to a Vietnamese Giant Jade Buddha Festival in the Town 'N Country area of Tampa (bet some other Chowhounders attended!) Hubby and I saw a crowd gathered around a machine that mac...