Ingredient Substitutions

Can you swap applesauce for butter? What should you use if you run out of vinegar? Find out everything you need to know about ingredient substitutions for cooking and baking.

An A-Z Ingredient Substitute Guide for When You're Out of Everything

If you're looking for an ingredient substitute, we've got an (almost) complete A-Z list right here for you. Whether you're out of eggs, flour, yeast, or butter—or need an alternative to fresh herbs...

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substitute for coconut in curries

by magnolia 18 years ago

I love curries (Thai, Indian) my other half hates coconut. Any suggestions on curries that either don't have coconut in them or substitute ingredients for coconut milk or meat?

Any substitute for boar chops?

by Westy2 18 years ago

Hi everybody, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is a huge difference between pork chops and "boar chops." I can get good pork chops no problem, but wild boar are a mite scarce here...

low-fat mozzarella substitute for pizza?

by JoGunn 18 years ago

Due to digestion problems, my doctor has put me on a low-fat diet which means that among other things I have to stop eating soft cheese (too much fat). But I love pizza, especially homemade, and I'...

thai aree substitute near evanston?

by zim 18 years ago

we've pretty much given up getting thai in the neighborhood - everything seems too americanized, sweet, no heat, not enough herbs. So i was wondering if anyone out there can recommend a substitute...

Hotel/restaurant office substitute

by Ben Appen 18 years ago

I'm working for a start-up financial company with no New York offices, but which occasionally holds meetings in the city with other people without local offices. We've been using a midtown hotel ...

Jamaican Jerk Rub @ D&D - any substitutes?

by danna 18 years ago

Just discovered the Jerk Rub at Dean and DeLuca. It's fantastic on chicken. But at $6 for the small tin, it's costing me more than the chicken. Any one have inside info on where they buy it? Ar...

substitute for celeriac

by magnolia 18 years ago

We are making a 'gratin' this weekend which calls for celeriac, potatoes and porcini mushrooms. call me a philistine, but to me celeriac is a 'non-food' - i.e. it has very little flavor, and I hate...

substitution for cream and sour cream

by Lynda B. 18 years ago

for thanksgiving dinner I am making a yummy pumpkin cake with a pear and ginger filling for dessert. The recipe for the filling calls for cream and sour cream. Since I have some food allergies I ...

substituting honey for sugar

by lacy 18 years ago

i have a guest coming to thanksgiving dinner who doesn't eat refined sugar. i was planning, as a desert, on making a pumpkin ricotta bake, something similar to a cheesecake. the recipe calls for on...

Substitute for proscuitto?

by Jennifer J 18 years ago

Hi. I love proscuitto, but my companion does not eat any pork. Is there anything (gourmet turkey ham, possibly) that comes close to the real thing? Thanks!

Twin Cities: A Day by Day substitute?

by KevMar 19 years ago

I recently moved back to the Twin Cities after a couple years in chowhound purgatory. Say what you want about the food around here - I'm darn happy to be back! For many years, my favorite breakfa...

Substitute for Bonomo's

by Dena 20 years ago

Okay, it's not an exact match, but pretty darn close. Someone suggested going to a website called hometownfavorites.com and checking out the candy called French Chew. I did and ordered vanilla an...

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