Ingredient Substitutions

Can you swap applesauce for butter? What should you use if you run out of vinegar? Find out everything you need to know about ingredient substitutions for cooking and baking.

13 Ingredient Swaps for Healthier Cooking

These easy, healthy ingredient swaps are proof that eating healthy doesn't have to be a chore. Even just tweaking little things here and there—like adopting meatless Mondays, weaning yourself off soda...

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Substitute for wine in recipes....?

by xyz 17 years ago

I know that many recipes call for wine in their recipes. I was wondering if there are any good non-alcoholic substitutes for wine while cooking?

Almond Oil Substitute

by cocoagirl 17 years ago

I am making a salad dressing calling for almond oil- the salad has almonds in it as well- I can't find it- what would be a substitute

Zankou Chicken substitute?

by Yvonne 17 years ago

When my bf's visited me here in LA, I always take him to Zankou Chicken and he's become addicted to it. Now he's upset because he can't get his fix up in Oakland. I swear, he talks more about mis...

Substitutes for nuts (for allergy sufferers)?

by FML 17 years ago

My mom is dreadfully allergic to nuts (peanuts, cashews, walnuts, almonds, etc.) but unfortunately, many of the desserts that I like to make include nuts. In some cases, I can omit the nuts withou...

caviar substitute?

by 1,2,3 17 years ago

Does anyway know of brands or types of roe that are of good quality and can be a decent substitute for osetra caviar? I remember coming across a favorable article about domestic(?) roes (not farmed...

Jinhua ham -- any substitutes?

by Gary Soup 17 years ago

The last time we came back from Shanghai I got nailed for having meat in my luggage -- a precious huge slab of Jinhua ham. Thanks to a $50 fine it's a pecadillo I won't commit again, though honest...

Malt cookies- share your best recipe substitutions

by cypressstylepie 17 years ago

My husband wanted me to bake him white chocolate chip cookies last night. We moved over the summer and I don't bake as much as I'd like to. I had thrown out quality cocoa powder that I hadn't tou...

the best substitution for good ramen in japan

by Aki 17 years ago

The Chicken w. Mushroom Yee Noodle in Casserole at Jaya(90 baxter st 212-219-3331) is my substitution when i'm craving for good ramen in japan. I'm from tokyo( one of the biggest ramen city in ja...

More FDA failures: fungal meat substitute Quorn

by david in NOLa 17 years ago

Has anyone tried "Quorn mycoprotein" a new meat substitute made from fungus? An AP story (see link) claims that it's making people sick, tho' the FDA has categorized it as "Generally recognized as...

Sugar substitutes

by Owl 18 years ago

I am trying to cut back on the amount of sugar I use in my diet...though I have a sweet tooth. Have picked up a bottle of Stevia Powder from a health-food store, but the green color and herby tast...

Non-pork/beef substitute for chorizo??

by Tom Steele 18 years ago

Next week, I want to make a paella dish from a recipe that includes chicken, no fish or shellfish, and chorizo. One of my dinner guests doesn't eat pork or beef. (sigh) What sausage can I substitut...

substitute for late-harvest riesling?

by dw 18 years ago

i found a recipe for pear cake that indicates that 1/2 cup of "late-harvest riesling" should be added to the batter... is there a substitute i could use instead?

Whole Milk Substitution

by Tom 18 years ago

Does anyone definitively know if substituting a mixture of non-fat milk and cream for whole milk is acceptable in recipes. The way I calculate it, 1 cup of whole milk has 8 grams of fat and 2 tbsp...

substitute for coconut in curries

by magnolia 18 years ago

I love curries (Thai, Indian) my other half hates coconut. Any suggestions on curries that either don't have coconut in them or substitute ingredients for coconut milk or meat?

Any substitute for boar chops?

by Westy2 18 years ago

Hi everybody, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is a huge difference between pork chops and "boar chops." I can get good pork chops no problem, but wild boar are a mite scarce here...

low-fat mozzarella substitute for pizza?

by JoGunn 18 years ago

Due to digestion problems, my doctor has put me on a low-fat diet which means that among other things I have to stop eating soft cheese (too much fat). But I love pizza, especially homemade, and I'...

thai aree substitute near evanston?

by zim 18 years ago

we've pretty much given up getting thai in the neighborhood - everything seems too americanized, sweet, no heat, not enough herbs. So i was wondering if anyone out there can recommend a substitute...

Hotel/restaurant office substitute

by Ben Appen 18 years ago

I'm working for a start-up financial company with no New York offices, but which occasionally holds meetings in the city with other people without local offices. We've been using a midtown hotel ...

Jamaican Jerk Rub @ D&D - any substitutes?

by danna 18 years ago

Just discovered the Jerk Rub at Dean and DeLuca. It's fantastic on chicken. But at $6 for the small tin, it's costing me more than the chicken. Any one have inside info on where they buy it? Ar...

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