Ingredient Substitutions

Can you swap applesauce for butter? What should you use if you run out of vinegar? Find out everything you need to know about ingredient substitutions for cooking and baking.

An A-Z Ingredient Substitute Guide for When You're Out of Everything

If you're looking for an ingredient substitute, we've got an (almost) complete A-Z list right here for you. Whether you're out of eggs, flour, yeast, or butter—or need an alternative to fresh herbs...

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Killer wine

by fthivierge 10 months ago

I make James Bond martini what can I replace the killer wine with?


by raberbm 10 months ago

Has anyone out there ever made kimchi, using "store-bought" sauerkraut?

Substitute for Feta?

by steph995 10 months ago

Hi, looking for suggestions for replacing the Feta in this ATK bean dip recipe. Just don't like any goats cheese. Thanks in advance! Sun-Dried Tomato and Feta White Bean Dip 1 (15-ounce) ca...

Bokar coffee discontinued What's your substitute?

by law_doc89 8 years ago

I have been drinking this for decades, having been introduced to it by my mother who's own mother drank it. Imagine my chagrin upon finding it gone. I always bought in bulk, so I missed the annou...

Perfect crab cake substitute

by law_doc89 11 months ago

Discovered a dinner guest allergic to iodine when serving crab cakes. So whipped up this substitute that worked better than I could have hoped using cubes of heart of palm as crab substitute. 1...

Thai Cooking

by codmeister 12 months ago

In my Thai cooking I obviously use coconut milk quite often. I have found that Chaokoh is a very good brand and have trust in its quality. Today while buying coconut milk I noticed Chaokoh had so...

coconut milk substituted with regular milk

by sylvan 9 years ago

when making chicken curry and the recipe calls for coconut milk, can I substitute regular milk? I'm not concerned with being "authentic" thanks

Baking advice please

by karen180 12 months ago

I need to bake a holiday coffeecake in a few days. Can I substitute cranberries, rather than blueberries, in a basic “ blueberry crumb coffee cake”?

Haku Smoked Shoyu, on a whim

by msmarm 12 months ago

Ah, Amazon. Ah, surfing for creative beginnings. On a whim, I bought Haku Smoked Shoyu, "cold-smoked using Mizunara hard wood, giving an incredibly bold and smoky flavor".... haven't taken the plas...

Different green edibles that are not in the mustard family?

by GrammyKH 1 year ago

I just found out I have a food allergy to the Mustard Family Brassicas. I have been eating Kale, Broccoli, Arugula, etc., thinking it was healthy for me. Come to find out it has been causing inflam...

Substitute for fresh mint in Turkish soup

by sophia519 1 year ago

I was watching Milk Street and want to make the Turkish red lentil soup shown on the program. Recipe calls for garnishing with fresh mint. Since I don’t care for fresh mint, I thought I’d substitut...

Fat free half'n'half as substitute for cream

by CLSPARKS1950 1 year ago

So I had this wonderful double crust pot pie recipe from Jenny Can Cook. She of course cuts out the fat and I of course tried to put it back in as I had no whole milk, so I used 1% and some fat fr...

Powdered milk vs. protein powder

by codmeister 1 year ago

I am trying to stop using expensive protein powder that claims to deliver 20 grams of protein per serving. It's just too expensive. I want to replace it with powdered milk. Can anyone help me wi...

What's your foolproof way to make a creamy sauce?

by CookingWithEwa 1 year ago

Hi guys, I am looking forward to hearing from you about foolproof ways to make a creamy sauce without using dairy products. All tips and tricks welcome!

Ground marigold... substitutes and other hacks?

by drdawn 14 years ago

Bought a book on Georgian cooking (the country, not the state). Many recipes call for ground marigold, which will require hunting down. In the meantime, are there any good proxies I could use? Is ...

How to replicate Goya Sazon?

by venividibitchy 10 years ago

I'm looking to replicate Goya Sazon (or Gayon Sazon y culantro y achiote) without all the msg that makes my tongue itch. Does anyone have a good recipe? Can Adobo be substituted for it? Fo...

Pls help! Wheat Starch Substitute

by alwayshungry7 1 year ago

Hi everyone! I'm trying to make shrimp dumplings and the recipe calls for 50g of wheat starch and 50g of tapioca starch. My small town doesn't have an Asian food store and I searched every grocery ...

Substitute hot coffee with espresso powder and boiling water?

by sallyt 1 year ago

hi - I'm making a chocolate cake recipe that calls for 1/2 cup hot coffee, but I'd prefer to use espresso powder - how much would I mix into 1/2 cup of boiling water? Thanks!

Coconut Substitute?

by monkeyboots 6 years ago

Hi, I have been wracking my brain trying to think of something that would have a similar texture to coconut to use in Seven Layer Bars for weirdos who hate coconut (no offense if you fall into thi...