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Sub, hero, grinder: Call it what you want. Chowhounds have fierce opinions on where to get the best sandwiches and how to make them at home. Weigh in on the discussion here and get hungry.

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North Shore-style roast beef at Skampa (Cambridge MA)

by BostonBestEats 8 hours ago

NORTH SHORE-STYLE ROAST BEEF: At Skampa Roast Beef & Pizza (Cambridge MA), nice writeup by Marc Hurwitz https://di...

New banh mi shop on Kingsway

by LotusRapper 1 month ago

On the heels of sad news of the (imminent) Tung Hing closure and the recent closure of TK Sub: https://www.chowhou...

grayelf commented 9 days ago

Mushroom and Truffle Oil Panini

by tvan614 10 days ago

I want to make a panini with mushrooms and truffle oil. What is the best way to ensure the mushrooms will have the mo...

Ttrockwood commented 10 days ago

Tried Jersey Mike's Subs today...

by boagman 3 years ago

...and if they're trying to be "Subway! Except, you know...we slice the meat (from ultra-processed loaves) right in ...

Njchicaa commented 17 days ago

Remembering Hoagie's Corner

by cacheinhand 7 years ago

Anyone remeber Hoagie's Corner? What hapen to chain sub shops like HC? I loved the Cheesy British.

kaleokahu commented 18 days ago

Takeout Sandwiches in Toronto

by prima 2 months ago

The old thread doesn't allow the list of establishments to be created. Lately, I've been taking sandwiches from B E...

prima commented 21 days ago

Where can I get a great pastrami sandwich here in Tampa?

by deelite984 4 years ago

My latest attempt was a place called Dominick’s tucked away in the corner of a little strip mall called Bourbon Stree...


drjdiz commented 27 days ago

Tuna Sandwich - Celery Yes or No?

by dave_c 1 month ago

Caught a rerun of "Everybody Loves Raymond" where the dad wanted his tuna salad sandwich with chopped celery... Also ...

breadchick commented 1 month ago

Hungry U Grinders

by spaetzlehead 15 years ago

The Hungry U on Roosevelt Way has been gone for years, but I still crave their fantastic grinders stuffed with meat, ...


Penya5 commented 1 month ago

What do you eat when you don't know what you want?

by rainey 3 years ago

Know that feeling? You're hungry but nothing looks or sounds interesting. What do you go to in that situation?

prima commented 2 months ago

best take-out sandwiches to take on the train?

by prima 4 years ago

What are your favourite sandwiches to take on the train? I'd especially like recs for sandwiches that are still prett...

prima commented 2 months ago

Bona Fide Sandwich Company opening in Hillsborough

by romansperson 2 years ago

So the long-awaited sandwich shop will be opening March 7. Northerners take note:

meatn3 commented 2 months ago

Frenchie To Go-worst sandwich of my long life

by tming 3 months ago

About one week ago I stopped in Frenchie To Go for a coffee and got in a conversation with a visiting chef from NYC w...


doublesuited77 commented 3 months ago

Haida Sandwich & Juice | Mission Viejo - Orange County

by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

Yesterday I was headed to Mission Ranch, the Persian market in Mission Viejo, and spotted Haida in the same shopping ...

Melanie Wong commented 3 months ago

The Perfect Summer Lunch

by ricepad 3 months ago

I think I just had the ideal summer lunch: A BLT with a tomato that was fresh and still warm from the garden, and a p...


dfrostnh commented 3 months ago

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

by knucklesandwich 4 years ago

This came up recently. I say it's not, and and conferring sandwich-hood upon every snack involving bread and protein ...

BiscuitBoy commented 3 months ago

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