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How long should I reheat (leftover) cooked stuffed bell peppers in the oven?

by batmite 6 months ago

I am planning on making a surprise dinner for my partner and I want to make stuffed bell peppers. I know that it take...


hotoynoodle commented 2 months ago

Stuffing/Dressing - Do you add egg?

by AckAck 9 years ago

I've noticed many of the recipes call for an 1-3 eggs in their stuffing recipes, which I have never tried. What do y...


MrFerociousDinosaur commented 3 months ago

Sausage Cornbread Dressing

by StephAnnM 11 months ago

So, my mother has been talking about the kind of dressing her mother made at Thanksgiving (dressing, not stuffing, if...


ReeseLee commented 3 months ago

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The Turkey Boat | Pajaro (Watsonville)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

Though I've been visiting Watsonville my whole life due to family ties, I've never gotten out of the car in Pajaro, t...

Stuffing a suckling pig

by helloketi 11 months ago

Hi! Is it ok to put herbs and flavorings (onion, lemon, garlic) inside the suckling pig two days in advance? Nothing ...


helloketi commented 11 months ago

Can any Stuffing Recipe be made into a Make-Ahead?

by wahine88 6 years ago

DIdn't have "luck" with a specifically Make-Ahead stuffing recipe (even though it was from Cooks Illustrated). In th...


JWL commented 11 months ago

Thanksgiving meal prep

by newchef17 11 months ago

With thanksgiving approaching I’m looking for turkey ideas. Mainly on what to stuff it with, other than traditional s...


Ttrockwood commented 11 months ago

Can you call stuffing cooked separately (outside of the bird) stuffing ?!

by letsindulge 6 years ago

I am fully aware of the lurking "danger" but it's not nearly as delicious if cooked separately IMO. I can see if you ...


snowdoesit commented 2 years ago

Making Stuffing a Day Ahead and Reheating

by Philly Ray 6 years ago

I'm sure this topic has been addressed many times, but I thought I would bring it up again for the benefit of those l...


Semigourmet commented 2 years ago

Roasting a spatchcocked turkey -- approximately how long?

by TorontoJo 9 years ago

Canadian Thanksgiving is only a few days away and I've decided to try spatchcocking my turkey this year. It will be ...


bbgsalsa commented 2 years ago

Pie and stuffing the day before.........?

by kim2310 10 years ago

Can I make my cherry pie and stuffing the day before Thanksgiving, then reheat it on Thanksgiving day? My stuffing h...


sulovegren commented 2 years ago

Vegan Stuffing for Thanksgiving

by nancizim 2 years ago

I would like to buy a vegan stuffing (traditional) rather than make it , as I have one vegan guest. I tried Candle C...


EastWestEast commented 2 years ago

Freezing Thanksgiving Stuffing

by nancizim 2 years ago

I want to get a head start and the stuffing takes the longest. Can I make it this week and freeze it?


Ttrockwood commented 2 years ago

Have you had any trouble with food poisoning from dressing cooked at home in a turkey?

by gfr1111 2 years ago

Despite what the experts say, I have never been as impressed with stuffing/dressing cooked outside the bird as in it....


zackly commented 2 years ago

Your Thanksgiving Dressing/Stuffing?

by marais 6 years ago

We all know that Turkey Day isn't ultimately about the bird: it's about the dressing. (BTW the only difference betwee...


marais commented 2 years ago

Starbucks Holiday Turkey & Stuffing Sandwich

by magic 3 years ago

Just now discovering this, although I think it's been around for several holiday seasons... so I'm told. Quite ta...


magic commented 3 years ago

Don't Mess With My Stuffing: Thanksgiving's Most Hotly Debated Dish - NPR

by eatingjoy 3 years ago

A few recipes are included with the story. I tinker with chestnut stuffing and wild rice stuffing all year long but ...


rasputina commented 3 years ago

apple cider substitute

by Nuray 3 years ago

Hello, Chowhounders, and Happy Thanksgiving! I am making the Stuffing with mushrooms. The recipe calls for a little ...


Nuray commented 3 years ago

How to reheat cornbread stuffing

by richard4505 3 years ago

I made my stuffing day before yesterday and now i need to reheat it with out drying it out how should i do that?


Ttrockwood commented 3 years ago

Chow Apple Sage Dressing

by Canthespam 3 years ago

There are several versions of this on Chow. Some say trim the crust, some don't mentioned it, and the video shows t...


Canthespam commented 3 years ago

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