The 8 Best Cookware Sets of 2020

Whether you’re moving into your first house, replacing old pots and pans, or simply shopping for a housewarming gift, you can’t go wrong buying a full set of cookware. This ensures you’ll have all the...

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Tell me why I am wrong...

by TomBenson 1 year ago

Today we compare and contrast three ply SS Sauce pans and Stock pots. So as I mentioned before my wife and I are trying to eat at home more and as such we are upgrading/replacing a lot of our c...

Best Pot to Steam Veggies In?

by penrichardson 1 year ago

What would be the best size/shape pot to steam veggies in, for just a couple of people? Would I want a steamer basket or another accessory to do this?

Stockpot claded vs disk bottom?

by krafts 4 years ago

I am about to get a stockpot. I can't decide whether to get claded or disk bottom. Can you please tell me what is the difference specifically for stockpots. Other posts I have seen are generic to c...

Realistic to Brew Beer with Portable Induction Cooktop?

by dougpipersr 1 year ago

I'm training BJCP Beer Judges and Cicerones on brewing beer styles. I'm looking for a consumer grade, large, 1800 watt induction cooktop to brew 5-gallon batches of beer. Generally, this requires a...

Steamer & Insert for Fissler/Atlantis Stockpot Owners

by bloodboy 1 year ago

In my thread below: https://www.chowhound.com/post/set-niece-home-1074060 I mention getting these pieces: Fissler 10.9 stockpot Demeyere Industry 5-Ply 8-qt Stainless Steel Stock Pot 2 De...

Fissler Profi / Gastronomie experience

by JohnLearnsToCook 2 years ago

I've been looking for a larger stockpot lately, and came across a few listing for Fissler Profi (not Original Profi) / Gastronomie pots, which seem unreasonably cheap for Fissler pots. They look l...

What are these cookwares? How do you call these?

by kakichocomi 2 years ago

I want to introduce some cookwares made in Japan in English, but they are difficult to be translated. In Japanese they have different name one by one. I'd like to know each names in English. I'l...

Dutch Oven vs. Stockpot?

by arielleeve 9 years ago

I am currently in the [very gradual] process of replacing all my cheap cookware with high quality, built to last cookware. My next purchase was going to be a dutch oven, but I need some advice rega...

What's your oldest cookware piece?

by Hiracer 2 years ago

I have an 8.3 quart SS stock pot that has been in steady use since about 1990 or 1991. Brand is now extinct. Welded handles Thick walls and OK disk of aluminum on the bottom. I hate it becaus...

Rocky Mtn makes cookware jewelry

by cameronreddy 2 years ago

So I had a Ruffoni 22x22 stockpot that needed new tin. Sent it to Rocky Mtn Retinning. Also picked up a 24cm, 3mm eBay stocker on an impulse (and shockingly low winning bid), and had it sent direct...

All-Clad, TJX, and Brand Value Destruction

by classicist 2 years ago

I've been rebuilding my kitchen item by item and have noticed an interesting trend that I wanted to share with the community. I have noticed over the past six months a significant amount of All-...

Old Farberware Construction

by loves2cook82 2 years ago

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how old Farberware was constructed? I have a 12 qt stockpot that belonged to my late grandmother and have no desire to replace it for sentimental reasons, b...

Williams Sonoma Signature Thermo-Clad™ Stainless-Steel Soup Pot, 4-Qt. vs Mauviel M'Cook Stainless- Steel 3.6-Qt Stewpot

by allbri 2 years ago

Hello, I am new here and just recently purchased a used like new Mauviel M'Cook 9 piece stainless cookware set for what I thought was an incredible deal on Amazon. This set does not come with a sma...

Should I Buy This?

by Iluvcooking 2 years ago

I found this odd unicorn Mauviel stockpot at Marshall’s. It is tinned but has steel handles and a glass lid. Appears to be 1.5mm, about 12” tall and 12” in diameter. The whole thing seems like an o...

Pots/Pans, Demeyere, Spring, Sitram, Mauviel

by thinktwiceandthenthrice 2 years ago

My husband and I have saved enough to buy 6-7 excellent pots/pans and would love recommendations. I've looked at Staub ECI and SS Demeyere Atlantis/5Plus, Mauviel, Spring Brigade Premium, Sitram Ca...

Should Handles on Cookware be rated for it's FULL Capactiy

by mobiledynamics 2 years ago

Sunday I had triple stockers going on...12 making soup, 8 steaming, 15 making stock. I can't recall if it was 80% loaded or MORE but it was pretty full on the 15. Anyhow, went to tip it and whi...

Some interesting price scores

by cameronreddy 2 years ago

So a few of you guys have suggested hitting TJ-Max on occasion to see what they have. Well, I just picked up a few items to bring home and think about… the All Clad Copper core 5.5 Qt roaster with ...

Sigla Cookware

by Merle1 2 years ago

I just purchased a lovely gold decoration Tekniko Silga gold pan with dome lid 13528G. Can you please tell me if there is a manual that I could download or email address on how to cook with this pa...