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TAGINE - Homecooking Dish of the Month, January 2019

by herby 2 months ago

Happy New Year to our Dish of the Month community and welcome to the January 2019 reporting thread! This month we are cooking TAGINE, a North African stew of spiced meat, fish and/or vegetable...

What's your signature stew?

by bestbitesonly 26 days ago

I need ideas for home made stews for the Winter. I'm using Le Creuset for most of my home soup/stew cooking.

Please Help me save this pot of Posole/Pozole!!

by OliveYou2 2 months ago

Pozole newbie here; Please help me save this pot of soup :( This is my first time making Pozole and I decided to try a meatless version. I was so happy with the results as everything turned out f...

A Question regarding Hawaij Spice Mix

by Rebel46 2 months ago

Have read that Hawaij Spice Mix can be used to make Curry-style dishes and am curious to know what are the closest Curry dishes it can be compared to?

The best wine for Julia's Beef Bourguignon?

by Joyfull 9 years ago

Hello A question for any of you that has made JC's BB. I'm curious as to what wine you used. I made the BB yesterday. First time I've actually followed a step by step recipe like this but wanted...

What to serve with boeuf bourguignon?

by helenheaven 9 years ago

I'm having a 10-person dinner party soon and to save effort, etc, I'm making a basic boueuf bourguignon that I've made before and that I know is failproof. The problem: I have no idea what else to ...

Bouillabaisse in or near Cassis

by LABeam 6 months ago

I would appreciate some suggestions regarding a place where one could enjoy an authentic bouillabaisse in or near Cassis.

Reducing a finished stew

by rodarmor 5 months ago

I made a Jamaican oxtail stew, but the consistence is a little bit watery. If I reduce it on the stove, will it over cook? It was cooked sous vide for 24 hours at 180º.

Shades of Staub vs LC reds, and again oval vs. round

by wanderingfox 6 months ago

I recently got my first Staub DO, an essential 3.75qtz in Cherry. My oh my I love it! Everything I've been cooking since I got it has turned out beautiful, just as the pot. So, I kind convince hubb...

Your preferred pan for stews, chillis & soups?

by CHSeifert 6 months ago

I have read different opinions and still am not quite sure what I think is the best option for my stews, chilli’s and soups. It’s still going to be 90° F/33° C here in Copenhagen, Denmark today...

Williams Sonoma Signature Thermo-Clad™ Stainless-Steel Soup Pot, 4-Qt. vs Mauviel M'Cook Stainless- Steel 3.6-Qt Stewpot

by allbri 11 months ago

Hello, I am new here and just recently purchased a used like new Mauviel M'Cook 9 piece stainless cookware set for what I thought was an incredible deal on Amazon. This set does not come with a sma...

Stew and onions...

by elemcees 11 months ago

Does anybody have any idea when onions get put straight into a stew to braise, why they go papery tough and start to taste off/pickled. Should I always fry the onions? This happens 25% of the time ...

Looking for stew and soup recipes without stock

by mariiia 1 year ago

I cook for my dad who must follow a low sodium diet. In my country of residence there just aren't stock products available that have no added salt; or that are low enough in sodium content. I have ...

My beef stew is blah, how's yours?

by Gretchen 1 year ago

Last winter I made a couple versions of beef stew, neither of which impressed. Julia Child's very traditional recipe, and the Serious Eats one that has you broiling the beef and using gelatin and d...

Freezing chicken curry / stews

by rapscalli 2 years ago

Hi all, Cooked a few chicken dishes (chicken curries and chicken chasseur) and froze them. The chicken breast was in large pieces (approx 1/4 of a breast). When defrosted and warmed the chicken ...

Leg of lamb stew recipe wanted

by Monica 3 years ago

I bought it from Costco and cut it into large chunks with intention of making it into stew. Interestingly, I couldn't find too many lamb stew recipes. I am partial to middle eastern style with lo...

Uses for tomato stock and garlic stock

by Eris1 1 year ago

Confession time: I don't make my own stock. I would go broke if I bought the number of chickens it would require to make chicken stock for every time I use chicken stock! I recently found a gre...

Peconic snails

by Gastronomos 1 year ago

Thank you Erica Marcus. I've been waiting for a long time with others to embrace a local source. http://www.newsday.com/beta/lifestyle/restaurants/peconic-escargot-in-cutchogue-provides-fresh-l...

Doña Gordita | Zona Centro - Ensenada

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Yesterday's drive from the OC to Ensenada stretched from the usual three hours to an exhausting six due to traffic delays. Instead of crossing at Tecate and leisurely eating our way through Valle d...

Sous vide Boeuf Bouguignon help

by lsnmcg 2 years ago

Hi Hounds! I have a 3lb, well marbled beef chuck roast that I am envisioning turning into Boeuf Bouguignon. I want to make it as hands off and fool-proof as possible so I have been playing with...

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