Homemade Chinese Food Is Easy with These Essential Cooking Tools

If you want to cook Chinese food at home, having the right tools can be a big help. Sure, you'll want a wok, but here are a few more essential Chinese cooking tools. Chinese takeout is as ubiquitous...

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So, I went to the store for a food steamer and left with a bit more.

by NightOwls 8 years ago

I prefer to do a little bit of research before I buy something but they were on sale and I had some coupons. So....yeah, I ended up with a bread maker (Breadman TR2700), a 7 qt 2 tier food steamer ...

Anyone have the Silit steamer pot/insert combo?

by skyline 8 years ago

Just received mine via Amazon (they were less expensive than Natural Lifestyle for this particular Silit item) and sent it back for an exchange because the glass lid didn't seem to sit "flat" and c...

Steamer Appliance

by Windsor 8 years ago

We are designing a kitchen and a friend told us about a friend who had one installed in her kitchen re-do and loves it. Our household as well as her friends are vegetarian. We have pretty muc...

Bamboo Steamer Tutorial?

by Cady 9 years ago

I'm going to be ordering my first steamer, a bamboo one, from Amazon this weekend, along with some other kitchen goodies. Never had one. Heck, never SEEN one except in pictures. Anyone know o...

Bamboo Steamers

by charlie 15 years ago

Hi! I'm thinking about purchasing a bamboo steamer. I was wondering if there is a particular kind that is good or if they are all the same? Also, are they easy to use and clean? What kind of f...

bamboo steamers

by hillsbilly 9 years ago

Hi everyone, Can I stack as many bamboo steamers on top each other as I like? I am wondering if the top layers get as much heat as the bottom. And do flavours mix much? Will everything smell l...

silicone steamer basket in Zojirushi rice cooker?

by jstew30 9 years ago

Hi there, I recently purchased the Zojirushi HBC-10 rice cooker. Since this model does not come with a steamer attachment, I am thinking of trying out my silicone steamer basket inside the cook...

Best Electric Instant Steamer?

by EscapeVelocity 9 years ago

I want to get a steamer for steaming hot dog buns. I see that West Bend, Oster, Sunbeam, all have steamer units. Anybody have experience with these type steamers and recommendations?

Steamers - What do you use? What's the best?

by megmosa 10 years ago

For steaming vegetables, what do you think is the best method? Electric Steamer - Pros: works quickly, can fit asparagus easily, can be set for a certain amount of time. Cons: takes up a lot of...

asian steamer that is compatible with an induction cooktop?

by hh503 10 years ago

We just recently bought an induction cooktop and we are trying to replace our old 28cm 3-tier aluminum steamer that no longer works. Does anyone know if there are such steamers for induction cookt...

Electronic Food Steamer/Reheater on Martha Stewart show

by madonna 10 years ago

I was watching an episode on Martha Stewart and she said that she stopped microwaving her food and instead used this device to reheat her food. It was a rectangular like large machine that looked l...

Countertop Steamers -- non-plastic models available?

by lone diner 10 years ago

After many years of a two-piece steamer pot taking up a burner on my stovetop, I thought I might free up a burner by investing in one of the many countertop steamers that are available. So I dashe...

Steamer Ring?

by Hookcookman 10 years ago

I seek a small round tripod ring to keep a pudding bowl off the bottom surface of a pot during steaming. I have two, bought long ago, so I know they exist. Any suggestions?

best steamer insert for veggies?

by qwerty78 10 years ago

hello all- I'm looking for a stemer that would fit into my 3.5 qt all clad saucepan. any suggestions? would a folding one work? should I spend extra for the all clad one? and are the results an...

Successfully Steam Both Levels in a Steamer?

by boltnut55 10 years ago

We generally use the steamer to make chicken or cubed spareribs mixed with soy sauce and corn starch or fish with soy sauce and oil. Since there's only three of us, we normally just use 1 level. ...

Dual burner pan/steamer

by pkyc0 10 years ago

Anyone know where i can get a pan with high sides so that i can steam something on a serving platter? My dad has one that we use for steaming dungeness crab. It straddles two burners and has a h...

Will steaming a lemon and vinegar disinfect my bamboo steamer?

by SocksManly 10 years ago

What the topic says. I just steamed some chicken wings, and cleaned 'em out well enough with soap, water and a brush.. Now I'm doing another steaming with fresh water, clean pot a lemon and som...

Improvised steamer = ring at the bottom of stainless steel pot

by kotatsu 10 years ago

Searched the cookware thread and couldn't find a similar topic, so looking for some help from your collective wisdom. A visiting relative insisted on making lunch, and used a stainless steel pot (...

Proper use of bamboo steamers?

by Cinnamon 11 years ago

I've used these in various ways before... pic of the type here: http://importfood.com/media/bamboo_steamer.gif But I'm wondering a few things... do you always use this within a pot that can be cov...

Cambodian / Laotian Bamboo rice steamer?

by midcity 11 years ago

A friend recently traveled to Cambodia and Laos and brought back this piece of bamboo cookware for me. She described it as a rice cooker that the local people she worked with would use to cook thei...