That paean to the perfectly cooked porterhouse. Share your recommendations for the best steakhouse in your area, or read reports from experienced Chowhounds on where to find the best beef in town.

Fun Facts About 8 of the Country’s Most Historical Steakhouses

Tropical Acres Long before Salt Bae sprinkled seasoning on a slab of meat on YouTube, some majorly influential steakhouses were already...

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MarkJoseph Steakhouse

by George Lynch 21 years ago

Well, the wife and I visited MarkJoseph (one word) last weekend, and I am happy to report we had a great time. IMHO, this is a real contender to be among the top steakhouses in the city. In the ...

uncle jack's steakhouse- worth a try? & Indian food news

by wendy 21 years ago

Just wondering if anyone's been, and what you thought. Also, there's a steak place up the street from Manducatis- any good? I am always curious about meat. And by the way, the chef at Ashoka ...

Lindey's steak house (mpls)

by Orik 20 years ago

I've read quite a few reviews of Lindey's steak house since moving out here. They all mentioned the outdated interior, the terse menu (only 3 items - special sirloin, prime sirloin and chopped sirl...

Steakhouse in Iowa City

by erik 21 years ago

Where is the best place to get a steak in Iowa City now that my favorite (The Lark) has burned down?

Tokyo - BM Steakhouse - Not good

by Andy P. 21 years ago

Friday night, 3 buddies and I went to the BM Steakhouse, in Meguro. What a disappointment! BTW, we comprised of 2 Canadians, and 2 Americans, all beef lovers. One member of our party ordered the...

Malio's steakhouse

by andy huse 21 years ago

Another place i've been meaning to post about is Malio's, which has been around for at least 25 years, and is owned by one of the three Iavarone brothers, who all run good restaurants in the area. ...

Best Chicago Steakhouse

by John Knoesel 22 years ago

I have been doing a lot of traveling to Chicago latley and would like some opinions on this. I am going to Black Ram in Des Plaines next Wedsnesday for dinner with clients that work in Riverwoods. ...

Has anyone tried these new restaurants: "Monte's Steakhouse" or "Blake's"?

by Jim D. 21 years ago

Monte's Steak house is where the old Lincoln Inn used to be in Rockville Centre. It opened in the summer of 2000, I beleive by the same folks that own Dodici in RVC. Anyway, it appears to be attr...

Donohue's Steakhouse?

by Jeremy D. 21 years ago

Sometimes I take the bus down Lexington Avenue to work (when I have 30-40 minutes to kill!). I have noticed a charmingly old fashioned looking restaurant on Lex and about 64th called Donohue's Ste...

steakhouse/continental in midtown

by Katrina 21 years ago

Help! We have in laws coming to town who are used to very fine restaurants and are in NY often. It's our turn to treat--looking for steak/continental, midtown, quiet, nice atmosphere and not outr...

Breakfast and Steakhouse suggestions in Portland,Ore pls

by dukedee 21 years ago

A trip to Portland in November would be greatly enhanced with some Recommendation for breakfast and a top of the line non-chain steakhouse.Is it Ringside or nothing? thanx.

Sebastians: The Steakhouse in Morristown

by Jason Perlow 21 years ago

Rachel and I celebrated our 5th anniversary on Sunday, and we were beat tired from 8 hours of work in the Bronx on Saturday doing computer consulting, so we decided to stay local and go out and get...

Steak House/Butcher?

by Jeremy Osner 21 years ago

I always had an idea that La Portena in Jackson Heights was a butcher shop as well as a restaurant, but I had never actually checked it out. Last night I did buy a steak there to cook at home, and ...

Montana Steakhouse & Grill

by ruthk 21 years ago

my boyfriend and I are going to try a steakhouse on the upper west side called Montana (93rd/columbus). has anyone tried it yet? please let us know what you thought of the food and service. thanks!

Peter Luger Steakhouse

by Aaron 21 years ago

I went to Lugers for the first time last night and I think it is as good as its reputation. We started with an o.k. green salad and then we had the porterhouse for 2, German potatoes and creamed s...

Steakhouses in Washington - help me pick one! (more)

by Eli 21 years ago

I'm part of a group of 7 old college buddies (we all went to Johns Hopkins, in Baltimore, in the mid-'90s) who meet annually for a ritual we call Mens' Night. We're scattered - I'm in England, som...


by gj 21 years ago

i am taking my folks out to dinner on sat night for father's day. i'm looking for a steakhouse that is delicious, yet somewhat reasonably priced. and, one that has a good fish option for mom. any s...

Bobby Van's Steakhouse in DC?

by GMON 21 years ago

Anyone been to this place recently and, if so, what did you think? In particular, how does it compare to other high-end DC steak places (Mortons, Ruths Chris, Sam and Harry's, Smith and Wallensky,...

West 63rd Street Steakhouse

by Ric Zoon 21 years ago

Any experiences with this steakhouse? Going there this week and was looking for a heads-up Thanks! rz

Theater District Steakhouse Needed

by Dave Feldman 22 years ago

Help! It has been more than ten years since I've eaten a steak in the theater district. I've got friends who are coming in from out of town who are on Zone'y Atkins'y diet and are taking me out t...

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