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Did I just stumble upon the best pizza in staten island

by Ziggy41 7 years ago

Nonnas in Great Kills. Great Margherita, Sicilian, and thin Sicilian (dubbed nonnas pie) I think I tried all of the well known ones (Except the one in new dorp whose name escapes me) and this one...

Italian restaurant in Staten Island

by gmatles 7 years ago

Hi all, meeting a friend on Staten Island for dinner. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good Italian restaurant?

Staten Island - Supermarkets - Outages

by Bzdhkap 7 years ago

Anyone know which supermarkets were not affected by power outages? I would like to try to avoid those that might have defrosted, and then refrozen foods. Thanks!

Where are the Staten Islanders?

by comestible 7 years ago

I fully realize we're not the center of the culinary universe out here, but I really wish there were more Chowhounds contributing from Staten Island. I recall a few who used to post frequently.....

Indian Clove in Staten Island relocated, food remains stellar

by jpiglet 7 years ago

My wife and I were dismayed when North Shore stalwart indian Clove apparently closed a few months ago, after several weeks of mysterious disarray. However, during a drive last week we realized they...

Coffee on Staten Island

by MrsT 7 years ago

I just moved to Staten Island and am essentially under house arrest with a newborn and can't get to my favorite coffee roasters in Brooklyn or Manhattan. Are there any places that sell good beans....

What are the decent Chinese places in Staten Island?

by comestible 7 years ago

I find most neighborhood Chinese joints pretty ordinary to poor. But there are many I haven't been to. Are there any places where the veggies are crisp, the sauces not heavy, the wok hey notice...

Need a place to deliver platters of food in Staten Island. Sandwiches and finger food

by BLover33 7 years ago

Anyone familar with a place that can do a platter of sandwiches and food for delivery. I am unfamiliar with the area. Needs to be in Richmond area in Staten Island for a shiva. Any rec's would b...

Looking for decently priced ethnic food (Staten Island/Brooklyn/Queens)

by rvadog 7 years ago

Any type! My wife is on a food kick and is endeavoring to try as many types of food as possible. We'd like to keep the entire bill under $50 (we don't drink alcohol so that's not a factor). ...

Old fashion Chinese restaurant Brooklyn, Staten Island or Long Island

by Hydrin 7 years ago

I am looking for an old fashion Chinese restaurant ( like the dim old ones with neon signs and old vinyl booths), The last one I went to was Richard Yee's on Avenue U in Brooklyn which is now clos...

Need a private room for a surprise party on staten island

by craigsyms 7 years ago

Looking for either a nice bar or restaurant that has a private room. I'd like to have an open bar for about 20-30 people with a pre-fixed menu. Any suggestions?

Meatballs near ferry in Staten Island?

by 141 7 years ago

So, tomorrow we'll be in Staten Island and we'll want a late lunch or early dinner near the ferry. It seems like there should be excellent meatballs right nearby. Any ideas? Thanks!

Blue on Staten Island

by nepocon 7 years ago

So, Blue, the new place from the owners of Beso and Bayou, just opened in the former R.H. Tugs space by Snug Harbor. Anybody been yet? Any suggestions for what to order?

Aged meat in Staten Island

by herzzreh 7 years ago

Does anyone know a source for aged beef in Staten Island? Traveling to Brooklyn is getting tiresome..

Looking for: breakfast in Staten Island

by Scott_R 7 years ago

Will be doing the usual Long Island to [everything else] drive in a bit, and i was thinking of stopping off in Staten Island for breakfast. This'll basically mean a drive along 278 (Verrazano to...

Any Asian markets on Staten Island?

by comestible 7 years ago

Besides the huge one out by the DMV office on the West Shore, I mean...something more centrally located, or at least easier to get to. I'm able to score a few Asian items at Phil-Am Foods in Ros...

Dairy delivery in Staten Island?

by ljnd 7 years ago

Are there any farms or services in Jersey or New York that deliver dairy - milk, eggs, etc. to homes? I am not looking for raw milk delivery - big fan of pasteurization - but I would prefer local, ...

Sri Lankan on Staten Island-time for an update!

by lichow 8 years ago

Hello; we are heading to the mall for returns and sales and I have been meaning to try a Sri Lankan place on SI. The newest post I can find is from 2009.....has anyone been to one recently and ...