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Maizal in Rosebank Staten Island is God Awful

by Flaco 10 years ago

Was going to cook a steak but Top Tomato had just closed so I ducked in for a tryout. Have to say that the Hungarian bartender was very nice but really the worst margarita I've ever had. She tried ...

Staten Island: Victory Blvd. Kosher

by Bzdhkap 5 years ago

Can anyone "in the know" provide details about the plan for the Victory Blvd kosher shopping block in Staten Island?

DeFonte's opening a location in Staten Island (!)

by comestible 5 years ago

Hi, I live in the area and passed a vacant storefront on Water Street in Stapleton where a sign was placed saying "Coming soon, DeFonte's of Brooklyn." From what I've read of the favorable comment...

Diner Ecstacy Near the Staten Island Landfill

by Jim Leff 21 years ago

I found the most wonderful hash browns tonight, in a great diner right near the Outerbridge Crossing in Staten Island. Use the link below to read about it Link: [BROKEN LINK REMOVED]

Child Friendly Lunch Near Staten Island Ferry

by queenseats 6 years ago

Looking for recommendations for a casual, small child friendly spot for Saturday lunch within walking distance from Staten Island ferry terminal. Would be willing to walk a ways, or take a bus for ...

What happened to Soho Pizza Factory on Staten Island?

by italianices 8 years ago

Last week I stopped by Soho Pizza Factory, located on Richmond Hill Road on Staten Island, in the hopes of grabbing some slices of their terrific square pizza. But the place appeared to be permanen...

SanRasa in Staten Island is gone

by comestible 6 years ago

Passing by the storefront yesterday, noticed construction work inside and a sign for a fast-noodle Asian place. I don't know if they're really gone or are moving elsewhere. No visible notice....

Staten Island - near ferry

by smwaksman 8 years ago

Can anyone suggest a good place for dinner on Staten Island near where the ferry docks?

Good Bread on Staten Island?

by comestible 12 years ago

Hi...can anyone recommend a bakery or deli or point of purchase for good, French or Italian type bread in S.I., preferably the North Shore? Best I've found was sold briefly by the restaurant Vid...

Authentic Nigerian food on Staten Island

by jpiglet 6 years ago

Wazobia Restaurant opened a few months ago across from Tappen Park in Stapleton, a mile south of the ferry terminal along Bay Street. Their sign said 'African and American' food, so I wasn't sure w...

ING NYC Marathon Dinner on Staten Island?

by yongjoo 6 years ago

Staying on Staten Island the night before I run the marathon on Sunday. My wife's from Staten Island, so I'm no stranger to the area. But wondering if anyone had any Italian restaurant suggestions....

Kosher catering [Staten Island]

by Drabin 7 years ago

Hi all! I am probably booking my wedding at the Vanderbilt in Staten Island and they use Dear and Delicious kosher catering (d and d). I am unsure about these caterers because I can't find any revi...

Good Chinese food in Staten Island...anywhere?!

by BonnieB. 7 years ago

My sister -in- law recently moved out to Staten Island and not one good chinese place to be found as of yet. I've looked on the old threads and I haven't found a thing! She is in the Rossville/wood...

Staten Island Kosher Scene

by Bzdhkap 7 years ago

The two newest additions to the Staten Island kosher scene are Scoops Ice Cream and Cafe, and Chopshtix, which just opened yesterday. They are both located near the intersection of Victory Blvd. an...

Staten island Outside?

by rikk 7 years ago

Any nice places to sit outside and have a bite/drink in Staten Island?

Zest on Staten Island

by Forklaw 7 years ago

Anyone been there? Any good? Looking for a nice restaurant on S.I. for a special occassion dinner for my in-laws.

Anything new on Staten Island?

by estarae 7 years ago

Haven't been on SI in 5 months, are there any new restaurants worth checking out?