50 Ways to Use Sriracha, Just for Starters

There are probably literally infinite ways to use Sriracha in your food, from the expected (topping off pho and spicing up mayonnaise) to the renegade (see: all kinds of gob-smacking Sriracha desserts...

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Sriracha -NYT

by Phaedrus 12 years ago

I didn't know the history. I always thought it came from Thailand. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/20/dining/20united.html

Homemade Sriracha?

by drbouba 12 years ago

I planted a few different hot peppers (cayenne, habanero, jalapeno) and thought I might use one or all of them to make some hot sauces this summer. I'm currently fairly addicted to sriracha. does a...

Sriracha Sauce - other flavors

by brianrhuff 13 years ago

Hey all, I'm a big fan of Sriracha hot sauce and while looking it up on Wikipedia I saw a photo of other flavors (other than the one in the bottle with the green tip.) Does anyone know where I m...

Sriracha in Somerville/Cambridge?

by meaganl 13 years ago

Anyone know where I can buy a squeeze bottle of sriracha in the Somerville/Cambridge area? I thought I'd be able to find it at Market Basket but I didn't see it. Thanks.

Sriracha Sauce near Middlebury, VT?

by Raedia 13 years ago

Just ran out of our bottle of sriracha that we brought when we moved from Boston. No luck at the Middlebury Co-op, Shaws, Hannaford or Mountain Greens in Bristol. Does anyone know where we can get ...

Single Serving Sriracha Packets?

by soypower 14 years ago

I love, no, need to have sriracha on almost everything I eat and now I've heard that there are single serving sriracha packets (like those ketchup and mustard packets). Can anyone confirm or deny ...

Flavored Sriracha Sauce? Where?

by Kudzu1313 14 years ago

Recently a friend and I were discussing our favorite condiment, Sriracha. Also known as "chili crack" in my house. I've only tried the Huy Fong brand (Rooster) which is great. We discovered a Wik...

Sriracha in Toronto

by pizzahunks 14 years ago

I found some time ago a recipe for spicy noodles, and it calls for a tablespoon of sriracha sauce. I know that the red stuff in the rooster bottle in a lot of Asian restaurants is called sriracha s...

Restaurant Food that goes well with Tapatío or Sriracha

by Like-Go-Eat? 16 years ago

Das Ubergeek has mentioned Tapatío Hot Sauce at least twice on this board and that reminds me of a post I have been wanting to make. I live for Hot Sauce and sometimes when eating I think that food...

Sriracha Sauce - Best ? Big sizes ?

by Minister of Kebab 16 years ago

I hereby confess to be totally addicted to the chili/garlic-heaven that is sriracha sauce.... that said my usual brand is in a tiny bottle that doesnt't last more than a few days....ok chowwies -...

D&D Gold Sriracha - WHERE?

by T-Man 16 years ago

My favorite hot sauce as described in the title has disappeared from shelves everywhere. Does anyone know where I can get it or what happened??? Thanks!

Sriracha Sauce tasting funky lately? It may be counterfeit!

by peg 16 years ago

Very interesting story in today's LA Times about treachery and IP thievery in the hot sauce world. Go figure: Link: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-golden18apr18.story Image: http://images...

sriracha hot sauce

by killjoy 16 years ago

Had lunch at a nice Moroccan place in Williamsburg the other day called Oznot's Dish. When I asked for hot sauce for my mezze platter, the waiter came over with sriracha. I happen to love the stuff...

Sriracha Chili Sauce

by Dennis 18 years ago

Hello, Once upon a time, when I would go to a restaurant and asked for a bottle of hot sauce, I was usually offered a choice of one of the following: 1) Tabasco Or: 2) Texas Pete Some r...

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