Squid Ink

An All-Black Valentine’s Day Dinner for Those Who Don’t Do Cute

Does red and pink décor make you want to crawl back into bed and hide until Feb. 15th? Would you rather receive a cup of strong black coffee than a sparkly box of heart-shaped chocolates? Does the thought...

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Squid Ink Pasta

by FoodFanNYC 14 years ago

Anyone know of any good Italian restaurants that serve good squid ink pasta?

Squid Ink Pasta

by FoodFan 14 years ago

Anyone know a good Italian restaurant (preferably downtown) that serves squid ink pasta dishes?

daily catch squid ink pasta

by anj 14 years ago

i so wanted to love this dish after reading about it on the board time and time again! i got to the daily catch for the first time ever today and couldn't even finish my appetizer portion of the a...

Where to buy squid ink in/around Palo Alto?

by Aron 14 years ago

Hello Chowpeople, I'm wondering if anyone out there knows where I can buy squid ink (to color fresh pasta black) in the area. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks, Aron

Squid Ink Pasta (SGV/Pasadena)?

by o-tasty 14 years ago

Anywhere to find really yummy squid ink pasta in the SGV or Pasadena (LA okay too) areas? Best I've had is clear across the country at Da Andrea in West Village, NYC. Yum!

squid ink (for pasta)

by Rory 15 years ago

Hi, This has been asked on some other boards but never NY as far as I can tell... Does anyone know where I can find squid ink in NYC? Also, I've made fresh pasta many times, but wanted to try...

Squid Ink Pasta

by stuart 15 years ago

Looking for some help for my GF again... Apparently, squid ink pasta is very popular in Japan, and during her bout of homesickness, my GF is craving squid ink pasta. Do any of you know a good It...

squid ink pasta and achovy paste

by islandmixer 15 years ago

Hello, I need to buy two ingredients. 1. squid ink pasta and 2. anchovy paste. Does anyone know where I can get these in the Los Angeles area? Thanks

where to buy squid ink in toronto?

by j6p 15 years ago

i want to make some squid ink pasta but i'm having trouble finding squid ink

Question about homemade squid ink pasta

by Tom from Durham 16 years ago

Hey folks, I have a hankering to try to make squid ink pasta from scratch. Problem is, my local stores don't have packets of squid ink. They *do* have canned squid in its own ink--Vigo brand, to ...

Squid Ink Pasta

by Lili 16 years ago

Does anyone have a recommendation as to where I can find squid ink pasta? Both a grocery store and a restaurant that serves it?

Squid Ink

by Tenne 16 years ago

Hi anyone know where I could find squid ink?

squid ink

by celeryroot 17 years ago

A few weeks ago someone was looking for squid ink. Has anyone been able to find it in SF??? Thanks

where to buy squid ink in san francisco

by Ralph 17 years ago

Does anyone know where I can get some squid ink to make a paella?? Thanks in advance, ralph

Squid Ink For Cooking

by jh 17 years ago

Any suggestions on the best places to find some (preferably without burning a huge hole in the pocketbook)?

ISO Squid Ink Pasta

by sasscat1 18 years ago

i am looking for a place that serves squid ink pasta, but not just in black pasta form with some other sauce, but pasta that is served with a sauce made out of a base of squid ink. does that make...

where to find squid ink?

by Limster 18 years ago

A few of my friends were planning to make squid ink pasta from scratch. Where can we get squid ink without also getting a ton of squid? Thanks in advance!

What sauce for Squid Ink Pasta?

by James G 18 years ago

I bought some squid ink pasta while in Italy recently, after having had some wonderful dishes with it over there. Now I want to make a dish with it, but wonder if there are particular sauces that ...

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