Deli King of Linden, ( or someplace near Springfield) NJ

by AdinaA 7 years ago

My host in Westfield, N.J. wants to obtain platters from a kosher place (for a group). He suggested Deli King of Linden/ Catering Signature Creations, but also that there are probably other places ...

Drinks/dessert around Union,Springfield,Millburn?

by riverman18 8 years ago

Hey all, looking for a comfortable spot to catch up with an old friend. Casual, reasonably priced, and not screamingly loud - we have lots to talk about. Something with a funkier vibe than an Apple...

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Tokyo Hibachi in Springfield, NJ

by noya 10 years ago

Anyone know anything about this new restaurant? Googled but nothing came up...thanks!

A Seabra Foods in Springfield?

by diva360 10 years ago

It looks like a new grocery store is opening on Morris Ave. in Springfield in the old Food King location. Does anyone know when it's opening? Does anyone know if it is owned by the Seabras family...

Royal Wok, Springfield

by meagan 10 years ago

Has anyone eaten at the Royal Wok in Springfield? Any thoughts? We picked up some hot & sour soup there the other day and thought it was great. Anybody else? Meagan ----- Royal Wok 709 Mountai...

Open the Sesame in Springfield

by jasmine 10 years ago

Anyone been? It got a decent review in last week's Star Ledger. Thanks.

Stew Leonard's Wine Shop opening in Springfield N.J.

by jnk 11 years ago

I know the great deals that they have in their grocery stores so is there anything special about their wine shops or are they about the same as the rest of the chains in N.J. Thanks for any info.

Hinari Sushi in Springfield, NJ

by wench31 14 years ago

Has anybody been to Hinari Sushi in Springfield? I was driving by and saw the restaurant and was wondering how it was. Thanks!

Open The Sesame Springfield NJ

by shabbystorm 12 years ago

Passed by this today. Has anyone been here that can provide insight. Would have stopped but not enough time today. Open The Sesame 201 Morris Ave Springfield NJ http://www.openthesesamenj.c...

Cathay 22 in Springfield

by jasmine 13 years ago

Thinking of going there - I went years ago and it wa very good then seemed to go downhill. Anyone been recently?

Kosher Delivery- Springfield NJ

by miration 13 years ago

I'm traveling to a wedding in NJ next weekend- we are staying at the Holiday Inn in Springfield. We're arriving a couple hours before Shabbat and I'd like to arrange for some place to deliver a sha...

Springfield, NJ area restaurant suggestions

by EpicuriousOenopheliac 13 years ago

I'm looking for a nice mid-range restaurant or upscale bar or wine bar to go to in the Springfield, NJ area. Would also be open to neighboring towns.

Advice about Springfield or vicinity?

by parkslopemama 14 years ago

A friend just moved to Springfield, and I want to take her to a nice restaurant in the area (or possibly buy her a gift certificate). She is fairly conservative -- likes American food, Italian, F...

Springfield area BYOB's

by mbw1024 14 years ago

Hi. We will be heading to the Wine Library in Springfield on Saturday for some wine shopping and we'd like have dinner at a BYOB in the general area, following our spree :) Any cuisine works for u...

Great kosher in Springfield, N.J.

by rruben1 15 years ago

I have now been to The Avenue Deli & Grill on Morris Avenue, in downtown Springfield, N.J. about 10 times. I believe his felafel to be the best in NJ (a nice little condiments bar sits across from ...

Springfield NJ..Restaurant suggestions

by gudeatz 14 years ago

Dinner this weekend...No preference as to price or type of restaurant...

Buona Gente in Springfield, NJ - Any Reviews?

by FoodFetish 14 years ago

Only recently did I realize a new place in "downtown" Springfield: "Buona Gente". It could have been there for a while, but I think they only opened earlier this year. I don't even remember what wa...

lunch in Springfield NJ area ?

by Marilyn 14 years ago

Looking for a place for lunch in the Springfield area. I looked back at old posts but I'm not sure if some of the restaurants are still there. Anything New ?? Whats your favorite ?

Springfield NJ or surrounding environs?

by PollyG 16 years ago

We're looking for a light but chowish meal next Saturday night (Sept 10) prior to attending a wedding in Springfield NJ. Any suggestions? The wedding starts at 8:30, so we'll be eating early in o...