What happened to spinach in recent years?

by johnb 4 years ago

I like spinach, and used to buy and prepare it often. It was the dark green, curly, non-baby kind, which stood up well to being cooked and kept its "body" reasonably well (technically called savoy...

Who Has a Great Creamed Spinach Recipe?

by loves2cook82 3 months ago

I was thinking of making creamed spinach to go with my prime rib this Christmas, but it's actually something I've never made before. I went to my go-to site, Serious Eats, to see what Kenji had for...

Cream of Spinach from Almontaser (sic) or Yemen style

by ncghettogourmet 5 years ago

I loved this restaurant in the Cobble Hill area, Brooklyn for many years. It's been closed since the 90's but I still crave their creamed spinach. It was a Yemen restaurant. I plead ignorance to th...

Peter Luger Creamed Spinach Recipe?

by ChineseChou 10 years ago

So, went to Peter Luger for the first time this weekend. While the porterhouse was great, I was really taken by the creamed spinach. Does anyone have an inkling as to how it's made?

Spinach kick

by pumpkinspice 2 years ago

We are on a spinach kick over here and I have a few blocks of spinach in the freezer (also some fresh in the fridge). We have done salads, quiche, lasanga, spinach pies and even slow cooker cur...

Spinach-Artichoke Deep-Dish Pizza

by Jtdusk 2 years ago

This is a very, very yummy recipe for you vegetarians out there. Total Time: 0:40 Prep: 0:15 Level: Easy Yield: 4 servings Ingredients 1 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil 1 (5-oz....

Steakhouse in Nassau on Long Island

by Gastronomos 2 years ago

We dine with friends and family in many different places. I'm usually there just for the company, enjoying a night out and the conversation. I don't frequent steakhouses much myself, and they're n...

Do you recognize this spinach mushroom bake thingy?

by magnoliasouth 2 years ago

I am in search of a recipe that is lost. I've only made it once. Long story short, when I moved to Alaska, while waiting for our furniture, we rented a small furnished house that came with a cookbo...

Reheating Cooked Spinach for Work Lunch?

by Felliott 2 years ago

I have tried to look this up, but the Internet is not providing much in the way of answers. On Sundays I usually prepare lunches for my husband and I for the week. I always include vegetables of...

Veggie recipes for veggie haters

by dixiedragon 2 years ago

Or maybe veggie dislikers is closer. I'm especially looking for recipes that use green veggies that will be good as leftovers and do not include GOBS of cheese. A little cheese is okay. I really...

Leftover spinach "cream" sauce

by GeorgiaMom 2 years ago

Last night I wasn't home & my husband cooked chicken ravioli for himself & our boys. He also made a "spinach cream sauce" that had: butter, 2% milk, garlic, spinach. Needless to say it didn't thick...

Seeking help -- adapting a quiche recipe

by Dorro 2 years ago

Hello and thanks, all who speak up. . . . . . . . I want to make spinach-cheese squares so I can have an on-the-go nourishing snack. Basic recipe is quiche-like EXCEPT that it calls for a cup of ...

How to reproduce Dr. Praeger's Spinach / Sweet Potato Pancakes at home?

by fr1p 6 years ago

Hey there, Hounds. As a recent dad, I've been pretty pleased that my infant son has taken a liking to Dr. Praeger's pancakes. They are fairly healthy, and they are convenient from a nutrition an...

Srtichoke and spinace dip varied to become a salad dressing

by joskel 3 years ago

I am thinking that the ingredients in the traditional spinach/artichoke dip would make a great salad dressing. I can see this with romaine lettuce, cooked and diced Italian sausage, cubed/sliced m...

Slow Cooker Afghan Lamb with Spinach

by amritag 3 years ago

I had sabzi -e-ghoste in an Afghan friend's wedding and wanted to try the dish since then. According to me the subtle spices in the spinach combined with lamb and Basmati rice is a perfect dinner f...

Easy and Delicious Spanakopita Recipe

by Niki Rothman 13 years ago

A few months ago someone posted a question about peoples' secret food obsessions. I wrote about how I routinely brought home to SF, and froze, huge amounts of spanakopitas from a Monterey Lebanese ...

Green color in spinach rinse water???

by Howard_2 3 years ago

I bought some fresh spinach in the supermarket (PLU 4090) and rinsed it to remove any sand. I was surprised to find a mild green tint to the water! That suggests to me that the supermarket (or so...

How to make Spinach with Garlic Oil?

by mahmoudfouda 3 years ago

Ingredients: 1 1/2 pounds baby spinach leaves 2 tablespoons good olive oil 2 tablespoons chopped garlic (6 cloves) 2 teaspoons kosher salt 3/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1 tablesp...

How squeeze dry spinach

by Learning2cook 11 years ago

I am VERY new to cooking. Several recipes I have come across say defrost and squeeze dry spinach. What is the best way to do this? I have been microwaving frozen spinach and then using a million...

What to make out of spinach and broccoli?

by LuluTheMagnificent 3 years ago

Got a huge bag of each at costco. Was going to use them as sides, never did. Need to cook them. Was thinking of pasta. I guess I could freeze them right?