The Chili Garlic Sauce Our Readers Can't Stop Talking About

You can secure the right cookbooks, find the very best recipe and arm yourself with the best kitchen gadgetry around but if you don't have the right ingredients, that dog just won't hunt. Just ask the...

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Sonoma Spice Queen sets up shop in Petaluma

by Andrew H 4 years ago

A great new addition to Petaluma's plethora of producers is Sonoma Spice Queen at 407 C Street. Open for just a month, this spot just south of downtown should be on everyone's short list when comi...

How to use up a bunch of aleppo pepper and 'salemme' pepper

by szw 4 years ago

During a trip to NYC I stopped at kalustyans and bought a bunch of things that seemed interesting to me. I dug out a pack of 3oz of Aleppo Pepper and 1oz of "award winning" salemme pepper. I'm no...

Spice or herb to complement strawberries?

by rworange 13 years ago

Ok, so the glass jar for preserving strawberries works too well and I have a whole lot of strawberries. I either eat them plain, sliced in oatmeal or yogurt and occasionally masccerated in liquo...

Cameroon Pepper

by OnkleWillie 5 years ago

What is Cameroon Pepper? It looks rather like coarse ground black pepper except for a reddish brown color. I used a TBS of it in place of regular black pepper in the recently posted Hakka Soy & P...

Peppercorn like thing tasting ideas

by corneygirl 4 years ago

On a recent trip I picked up some Java long pepper (kind of look like tiny pine cones). Came home and realized I also have Szechuan peppercorns, pink peppercorns and grains of paradise (I realize ...

Bumbu Gado Gado - help!

by CanadaGirl 4 years ago

So I bought this package labelled "Bumbu Gado Gado" on a whim, figuring Google would let me know what to do with it. It did not! Does anyone have any advice on how I can use this?

good rub for beef

by SFLisa 5 years ago

Anyone have a good recipe for a rub or a recommendation for a commercial rub that enhances real beef flavor - not hides it? I used Fatboy steak rub last weekend and it added a pastrami-like flavor ...

What to do with Incredibly Smelly Black Salt?

by crowbar 4 years ago

I bought about 250 grams of black salt recently. I bought it as a flavour enhancer, specifically to use on tofu so it will have an 'eggier' taste - it's a vegan thing. Anyway, opened up the pac...

Curry Powders And Heat

by OlgaInMM 4 years ago

Just found this board and think perhaps I can find an answer here. Is there a way to punch up curry powder by adding other spices to deepen the flavour, without adding more heat? I find that addi...

A mystery seasoning probably Vietnamese. Please help identify...

by smaki 4 years ago

Is this OK to eat and how should it be used? Once open is there a timeline? Still sealed and kept in a cool dry place in the dark since given a year ago. A gift from a world traveler would like to ...

Tajin Mexican Seasoning

by roxieshot 9 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy Tajin in Toronto, the Lime/Chili seasoning from Mexico? Thanks!

spice island brand spices?

by coll 15 years ago

Has anyone seen Spice Island brand spices recently? I know that they (Burns Philp, San Fran) bought out the Tones (aka Durkee) name in the 90s, and now I never see a display for Spice Island anywhe...

Savory Spice vs/ Penzey's

by jnk 5 years ago

Has anyone shopped at both stores and have you noticed any discernible difference. Thanks

Nigella/charnushka seeds.

by suzigirl 7 years ago

Several years ago watching Nigella Lawson did a recipe with potatoes and several seeds including these seeds. Now I cannot find it. Anyone know uses for these seeds? I finally found them and want t...

Vanilla, Nutmeg Spice And Everything Nice On A Zanzibar Farm

by eatingjoy 5 years ago

Interesting story.

What are your favorite spices

by RiJaAr 13 years ago

I was wondering, what are your favorite spices and how do you use them? i have an addiction to herbs and spices, and yet there are so many that i don't really know what to do with

Where to get large McCormick containers

by icorem 5 years ago

Hi all I'm after the 29oz. McCormick containers while visiting to Manhattan (need to schlep these for a friend in Israel ). I don't have a Costco card so where else I can find these around town ?...

Buying spices online

by saraeanderson 13 years ago

I live in an area with a pretty limited selection when it comes to spices, and am wondering where I can find great spices online. I've googled around, but really have no idea what kind of quality ...

Purchasing Exotic Chile Powders Online

Perilagu Khan
by Perilagu Khan 10 years ago

I'm a chilihead and enjoy experimenting with chili recipes. One of the most interesting ways to experiment with chili, IMO, is to use different blends of powdered chile. But in contrast to the shee...

Least expensive place to buy spice tins?

by Jacquilynne 6 years ago

I'm looking to buy about 75 small metal spice tins. I don't need magnetic backings on them, since I intend to stick them to a magnet but they do need to be flat bottomed. My ideal would be 2oz,...

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