Why Chinese Five Spice Powder Puts Pumpkin Spice to Shame

We have barely kicked off fall baking season, but does anyone else feel like we’ve already hit peak pumpkin spice? I’ll always love this cozy pumpkin pie spice blend, but by now PS (even without the...

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Spice Shop in Barri Gotic

by DolceFarNiente 6 years ago

I am in Barcelona this week and remember reading about the oldest spice shop in the city in the Barri Gothic. Can anyone tell me the name of it or where it's located. Thanks

Best Salt Grinders When You Switch Salts a Lot?

by JenBak 6 years ago

Hello! I've recently gotten a few different types of specialty salts and was wondering what everyone uses to grind salt when you only need a little and don't want to empty and clean out your big sa...

Shan brand Dal Curry Mix : DIY?

by ivyinkvine 6 years ago

Does anybody have a rough recipe for this box of spice? I'm hooked on this dal but would love to make the spice mix myself. I can't quite tell what makes it so pleasant, but it just hits the spot f...

Good n' Spicy vs Irritating Spicy

by Steve 6 years ago

I can take very spicy foods. I have never had a problem with the most wicked of Sichuan, Hunan, Thai, Lao, any kind of Indian or Mexican, even tasting raw peppers...... but I have to say that so...

Old El Paso baja fish seasoning

by cloggerlk 7 years ago

Does anyone have the recipe for making this seasoning package?

What is this dish?

by havenmking 6 years ago

About a month ago, I went to China. While there I had this fabulous dish at some hole in the wall in Shenzhen. It was the best meal I had the whole trip and I haven't had a better one since. I'd ve...

Best Store Bought Creole Seasoning

by madeliner 6 years ago

I need some for a recipe and was looking for opinions before I head out to the store. thanks if you can help

Beyond Cinnamon Sugar

by salmonelly 6 years ago

I need some input here. Many of us know the simplicity of making a cinnamon sugar blend. I want to go beyond that and add any or all of the following to a cinnamon sugar blend: nutmeg, allspice, cl...


by jenhen2 10 years ago

I used to go to the Penzeys in Grand Central Market all the time. Went back the other week and it was closed!!! The website implies that they may be opening another NYC location sometime soon. Anyo...

Ethiopian spices. . .

by lookingforaname 6 years ago

Anyone know where I could find bebere or shira powders in philly, or possibly south jersey (where I actually am). I used to find it at the Indian/international spice store on walnut in west philly ...

Night Market Song spice level

by burntwater 6 years ago

Hello I need some info from experienced diners. I was thinking of going to NMS tonight with a friend but I'm a little concerned about the spice levels. Neither one of us are spice shy but we have...

Has anyone heard of the herbs/spices asafetida or epazote?

by Joyce Goldstein 18 years ago

Do you know if either of them has a different (English) name? I live in Brooklyn, New York. Any suggestions of where I could find these? Thanks!

In search of Annatto....

by Amishchow 6 years ago

OK, latest scavenger hunt is to find Annatto seeds. Anyone know an establishment that may carry obscure Mediterranean spices? There is a place on 9th St. just south of Washington St. on the West ...

Making chile powder from dried chiles

by kfordham281 13 years ago

I've got a recipe that calls for cascabel chile powder. I wasn't able to find it, however I was able to get some whole dried cascabel chiles. My question is, how do I make the cascabel chile powd...

Where To Buy Hot Spices And Hot Sauces In Toronto?

by Freewheeler 6 years ago

Greetings, It seems like a bunch of the specialty hot sauce and spice stores in Toronto have closed down or moved far away. Does anyone know any speciality hot spices and sauces stores in To...

Where can I get Black Seed or Nigella Sativa or Kalongi

by ermidagnachew 6 years ago

I want to buy the Saudi Arabian origin black seed. I live in Washington DC. Please give me some ideas.

Please Help - Fresh Ideas for Someone with Herb/Spice Allergies

by cecropia 6 years ago

A family member has had allergic reactions for years without being able to pinpoint the cause... and it's a complicated back story... but it turns out that when he avoids anything in the mint famil...

Urfa peppers

by steveburstein 6 years ago

i am looking for some dried urfa peppers. They are a Turkish pepper with a unique flavor profile.

Ancient spices

by law_doc89 6 years ago

For National Herbs and Spices day! http://ancienthistory.about.com/od/food/tp/Herbs-and-Spices-Used-in-the-Ancient-World.htm?utm_source=exp_nl&utm_medium=email&utm_term=list_ancienthistory&u...

Do you make use of spice blends in your cooking?

by sohonita 6 years ago

I love spices, but I am not very skilled at combining them. Do you buy ready-made spice blends for certain dishes, and if yes, which ones? Or, do you prepare your own spice blends at home?

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