Why Chinese Five Spice Powder Puts Pumpkin Spice to Shame

We have barely kicked off fall baking season, but does anyone else feel like we’ve already hit peak pumpkin spice? I’ll always love this cozy pumpkin pie spice blend, but by now PS (even without the...

Ratio for subbing Ras El Hanout blend for individual spice measurements?

by MSK 24 days ago

I have a Tagine recipe calling for almost all the individual ingredients in Ras El Hanout and want to substitute the blend for the recipe line items. I am trying to figure out the ratio? It seems l...

Best Site for Buying Spices Online

by MissMarleygirl 2 months ago

Instead of exchanging gifts, we exchange themed food and cocktail baskets. I am thinking of a herb/spice/salt/pepper basket this year. What are your favorite places to buy spices online? I have...

Best mail-order spice company?

by Howard-2 16 years ago

I need some spices and I'm thinking of getting them from some mail-order spice company. What experiences have you had--good or bad--with these companies? Any you particularly recommend, or recomm...

Repurposing Ghost Pepper Chips

by pumpkinspice 2 months ago

I have this bag of paqui ghost pepper chips (basically tortilla chips covered in ghost pepper flavour). I LOVE spicy but this is CRAZY hot...I can basically only eat one chip and then I am crying f...

Good brand of Za’atar?

by ninrn 2 months ago

I’m making Za’atar roast chicken for Thanksgiving. Is there an excellent premade brand I can order online, or does the flavor fade fairly quickly? If premade is far less good than homemade, can an...

Protecting Your Spices From Insect Infestation

by gremlinkurst 4 months ago

This usually isn't a problem with USP (United States Procured) cooking ingredients, but controls aren't so stringent in other markets...Billy from Idaho can order paprika for a great price online, ...

Bland Food Recipes

by Bonnieb1 5 months ago

I have some bass that I would like to cook for my husband tonight but he needs to eat bland foods. Fish is a bland food if it 's cooked right. I'm just not sure how to cook it. Are there any spi...

Weatherford Spice

by cdn 11 years ago

So Im running out of Weatherford spice...Anyone have an idea of how to make it or found a similar one you can buy in the store? I heard it was avaliabe in some stores in Ontairo? Is this True? O...

Kentucky Fried Chicken's 11 Herbs and Spices Reverse Engineered

by scrumptiouschef 11 years ago

Ron Douglas shares the ingredients for his version of KFC's 11 herbs and spices recipe — 1 teaspoon ground oregano — 1 teaspoon chili powder — 1 teaspoon ground sage — 1 teaspoon dried basil —...

Quick pickles using leftover pickle juice

by mushroomaffairs 6 months ago

I used a mixture of Trader Joe's and Mt Olive bread and butter pickle juices, there wasn't a lot of it so I added more white vinegar and a bunch of other useless spices before boiling. The existin...

Can you store bulk bought dried spices in plastic sandwich bags in a large plastic container in a cool, dark corner?

by josemartinlopez 7 months ago

Can you store bulk bought dried spices in plastic sandwich bags in a large plastic container in a cool, dark corner? I came across the iHerb online store and saw that one pound of dried spices f...

How to skin dehydrated chiles (and to toast or not)

kleine mocha
by kleine mocha 7 months ago

The only discussion on this I found by searching was four years old, and the contributor may have answered half my question. I have four different kinds of dried chiles (purchased via Amazon) that ...

Old Bay Seasoning vs. Chesapeake Bay Seasoning.

by ggbustin 13 years ago

My marriage is on the line here. My husband, who is from Baltimore, claims Old Bay Seasoning is different from Chesapeake Bay Seasoning. I thought Old Bay was a brand of Chesapeake Seasoning. Who i...

Where to buy vanilla beans in New York Or online?

by davisesq212 1 year ago

The threads on this discussion are very old so I thought I would start a new one. I would like to buy grade b Madagascar vanilla beans in a physical store in NYC or online. I just am making extrac...

Substituting ground cardamom for cardamom pods

by pagal 8 months ago

Hi, In general I never buy ground spices and prefer to grind my own. Recently however, I ordered some green cardamom pods from a store in New York. They were out of cardamom pods and sent me groun...

Spice mixture for chicken

by codmeister 7 months ago

I am looking for some kind of powder or spice mixture that I can shake on (sprinkle on) chicken before I fry it . . . importantly, it must be a mixture that has great flavor to it. I saw a produc...

Cinnamon sticks in recipes

by pagal 8 months ago

Forgive the odd question, but in general when a recipe calls for a 1 inch stick of cinammon is that a 1 inch strip from a cinnamon stick or a 1 inch of the entire stick? I’m leaning toward it being...

"The 13 Spices"?

by BadBob 11 years ago

Hi all - I brought home a package of this interesting looking stuff from an Asian market, but have no idea what to do with it, and have found next to nothing about it online. Anyone familiar with ...

Good spices in small quantities?

by careme_fan 9 months ago

What is a good source for high quality spices in small quantities (= 1/4 cup)? Even the best spices deteriorate after a year or so, and dried herbs even sooner: I cook only for two most of the ...

Different Flavours of Cinnamon?

by Seitan 3 years ago

I recently bought some cinnamon at my local supermarket. It's sold in bulk there, so I usually buy maybe half a pound a couple of times per year. I've been buying my cinnamon there for the past s...