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A Question regarding Hawaij Spice Mix

by Rebel46 2 hours ago

Have read that Hawaij Spice Mix can be used to make Curry-style dishes and am curious to know what are the closest Cu...

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Leggs Seasonings?

by zackly 18 days ago I searched this site and didn't see any results. A southern relation of mine who...

Red Pepper (cayenne) vs Red Chili Powder

by daphatgrant 2 months ago

Hello, I've been tiptoeing into cooking Indian dishes, at least what I am able to follow from YouTube. Here's the que...


MikeG commented 2 months ago

Best mail-order spice company?

by Howard-2 14 years ago

I need some spices and I'm thinking of getting them from some mail-order spice company. What experiences have you ha...


NonnieMuss commented 2 months ago

What are long pepper peppercorns (pippali, Piper longum) supposed to smell like?

by Alemonhead 2 months ago

I purchased some online and they smell like perfume or incense; is this normal or did they add fragrance?


Alemonhead commented 2 months ago

Best Spices Online

by PastaCheeks 2 years ago

I'm looking for someplace online where I can purchase higher end spices and spice mixes. My priority is to find a fe...


tsutphin commented 2 months ago

Annatto seed vs powder vs paste

by Fritz 4 months ago

I use to watch PBS Daisy Cooks and she made annatto seed oil for flavor and color in nearly every recipe. Since I've...


BigG commented 3 months ago

What Herb/Spice Do You Most Dislike?

by Perilagu Khan 5 years ago

I'm pretty much a spiceophile. Rare is the spice I do not love. The strongest exception to this rule, however, is Mex...


BigG commented 3 months ago

How to replicate Goya Sazon?

by venividibitchy 8 years ago

I'm looking to replicate Goya Sazon (or Gayon Sazon y culantro y achiote) without all the msg that makes my tongue it...


Bechamel33 commented 3 months ago

Cinchona bark in Toronto?

by Wahooty 9 years ago

Does anybody know where I might find cinchona (either in pieces or powder) locally? I know there are online sources,...


doradel commented 4 months ago

What determines if the heat is felt at the start of the bite vs end of the chew?

by marlinspike 4 months ago

I am starting to move outside of my comfort zone and into curries. I have an issue in that I am getting great flavor ...


saregama commented 4 months ago

Spices by the gram in Paris

by hychka 1 year ago

Last minute panic here. Should we bring spices on our trip to Paris? My wife has maybe a hundred spices in her drawe...


lagatta commented 4 months ago

Cavender's Greek Seasoning

by zackly 5 months ago

Anyone use this product? It's my new favorite seasoned salt. There's alchemy at work here. The whole is greater than ...


Splendid Spatula commented 5 months ago

Pepper Search

by Griff5 5 months ago

I'm looking for a pepper that will add kick to salsa but the heat will not linger on the tongue. Anyone know of such...


Griff5 commented 5 months ago

Old Bay Seasoning vs. Chesapeake Bay Seasoning.

by ggbustin 11 years ago

My marriage is on the line here. My husband, who is from Baltimore, claims Old Bay Seasoning is different from Chesap...


djtanng commented 5 months ago

Corned Beef with no spice packet?

by Hank 12 years ago

I'm going to make corned beef and cabbage (and potatoes, carrots, onions and celery) for the first time tomorrow. I ...


nipahutus commented 6 months ago

Trying to recreate Zahav Z&T cocktail

by doodlenoodle600 7 months ago

I had the Z&T at Zahav earlier this week and would love to recreate it at home. The menu describes the drink as “gin,...


JMF commented 7 months ago

Source for Spices

by dickgrub 8 months ago

A salute to HoundPower! Searching here for a spice vendor, I found a ten year old thread and was thereby led to Worl...


MidwesternerTT commented 8 months ago

Corned Beef & Cabbage HELP!

by OliveYou2 9 months ago

Has anyone tried Tyler Florence's recipe for Corned Beef & Cabbage? This is my first year making it. Due to some diet...


OliveYou2 commented 9 months ago

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