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Carrot cake spices the same as pumpkin spice?

by acookingcamper 1 day ago

I know there's no such thing as carrot cake spice but I wanted to make my own. Is it pretty much identical to pumpkin...

dave_c commented 1 day ago

SPICE CAKE: Dish of the Month November 2017

by L.Nightshade 21 days ago

Welcome to the Home Cooking DOTM reporting thread for November 2017. This month we’ll be making Spice Cake. I’m alrea...


masha commented 1 day ago

Corned Beef with no spice packet?

by Hank 11 years ago

I'm going to make corned beef and cabbage (and potatoes, carrots, onions and celery) for the first time tomorrow. I ...


CookWithHeart commented 5 days ago

Ground Angelica Golpar in Toronto

by mnajji 2 months ago

Hi everyone, Trying to make zeytoon parvardeh (Persian spread). Does anyone know where I can find this stuff in To...

mnajji commented 2 months ago

Help Finding Recipes

by chezron 3 months ago

I am looking for great multi-ethnic vegetable dishes ala Lemonade in the Los Angeles area. They use fresh vegetables ...


valadelphia commented 3 months ago

Can somebody identify this spice?

by jack_580 3 months ago

I have no idea what spice this is from a plate at Grace in Chicago, we have been hunting and hunting to no avail! We ...

C. Hamster commented 3 months ago

Ratanjot (alkanet root) for Indian/tandoor color?

by SuchTaste 4 months ago

As a natural alternative to artificial coloring, is ratanjot a good idea for marinating tandoori chicken? Thinking I'...


SuchTaste commented 4 months ago

Weatherford Spice

by cdn 8 years ago

So Im running out of Weatherford spice...Anyone have an idea of how to make it or found a similar one you can buy in ...


dave possberg commented 4 months ago

An alternative to sumac?

by Little Cupcake 7 years ago

I want to make Food & Wine's recipe for Palestinian Spinach pies. The filling contains spinach, lemon, onion, pepper ...


RavenMaven commented 4 months ago

Different Flavours of Cinnamon?

by Seitan 5 months ago

I recently bought some cinnamon at my local supermarket. It's sold in bulk there, so I usually buy maybe half a pound...

Cheese Boy commented 5 months ago

Best burger meat mixture

by Pwelsh4 4 years ago

Now that summer is around the corner, I want to be outside as much as possible and that means grilling. So whats one ...


bruce1067 commented 5 months ago

Atwater Market for tourist?

by guttube 5 months ago

We have very limited time in Montreal and plan to visit Jean-Talon. Would Atwater be redundant? I wanted to go to La ...


williej commented 5 months ago

Season to Sear

by DTats0311 9 months ago

I made a beautiful Fillet Mignon last night. Seasoned with salt and pepper and once seared, I threw In Garlic, butter...


MolonLabe762 commented 5 months ago

Spices by the gram in Paris

by hychka 7 months ago

Last minute panic here. Should we bring spices on our trip to Paris? My wife has maybe a hundred spices in her drawe...


chicfille commented 6 months ago

Mélange Persillades in Bulk- Where to find in Paris

by CMichaelis 6 months ago

Last fall, my husband and I were in the Basque region. We happened upon a wonderful épicerie in St-Jean-De Port calle...

CMichaelis commented 6 months ago

Finding (and recognizing) Gochujang

by SuzieCK 6 months ago

OK. So I'm tantalized by the possibility of incorporating the Korean condiment Gochujang into my cooking. Problem. I ...


Danybear commented 6 months ago

southern cooks: what is "ground red pepper"?

by toodie jane 9 years ago

Cheese straw recipes call for it--is it paprika? cayenne? huh? Help please and thank you.


DeaWood commented 6 months ago

kalonji black onion seed

by jrabbit2727 8 years ago

Does anyone know where I can get black onion seed in Toronto. Do any large grocery stores have them? Loblaws? Whole F...


greenwoodgerrard commented 7 months ago

Is there a name for the flippable spice jars in professional kitchens?

by drjlm 7 months ago

Hi folks, I'm something of a curry afficionado and trying to set up my home kitchen with all the tools that the pr...


MikeG commented 7 months ago

Tame my Tikka!

by cloudship 7 months ago

I am trying to make a quick Chicken Tikka. Not Tikka Masala, just Chicken Tikka. I have tried several pastes and spic...


Foxeyblue commented 7 months ago

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